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Words from Heaven

Words from Heaven

From The Book "Truth Without Delusion"

Chapter 1 The Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness

According to all the Saints and Teachers from East and West throughout the centuries in our history of humanity, we are thought to be born with all the rights and ability to live life free, plentifully and happy.
However, unfortunately, the majority of people are living life in the opposite way. Many people would love to spend some time in their life trying to figure out the reason why.
Why can’t I get what I want? What kind of secret or force is behind and controlling us?
What must I do to get true happiness?
Everyone keeps one’s own world inside of their mind, which is formed by family upbringing, education, morals of society and the most importantly the information or experience accumulated through living in five senses world. Everyone reaches one’s own level of understanding about this world and believes this is my only justified world. And also expect everyone has the same view about the world.
In the world of what you believe, you do not have the answers about where you come from, meaning of life and most importantly who am I. Because the information you have accumulated in this world is not enough to tell you what is truth.
The truth is so close to us, but we don’t realise easily and are wondering why. The simple answer is because we have lost the connection with our Real-Self within. We only have very weak connections with our Real-Self and something is blocking us from seeing our Real-Self.
Many people know and feel the right way to live but are unable to follow the right way.
It seems that we don't have enough power within ourselves to move in the right direction.
Everyone knows one truth without exception that we are all following the law of physics in this world of birth, life and death.
Nothing will exist outside of this law of physics and there are no exceptions.
All creations in the Universe follow this basic principle of the law of physics that is repeating cycles of birth, living life and death that always have a beginning and an end.
You and I are born and will someday, die. Even the Earth, the Sun and our Galaxy will someday disappear. Everything has a definite beginning and an end.
But, the eternal and infinite Universe has no beginning and end, the true Universe is pure emptiness that brings out everything and reclaims it back in due course.
All the inorganic and organic life forms included in this world manifested from the only single source, and that is pure energy.
All of our fortunes and misfortunes, death and life precisely uphold this law of physics in the Universe and our Real-Self in the subconscious understands this law completely.
Our Real-Self knows all the secrets and history of the Universe, as does our body, which also has complete records of all the ancestral history of experiences.
A verse from the Christian Bible says, “You are the holy temple of God”. My interpretation of this is literally, “You are the living Museum of God’s holy life on display”.
Our body is the manifestation of an infinitesimally small part of an almost infinitely wide spectrum of vibrations of the Universe. This infinitesimally small part of manifestation is appearing through our five senses as the body. Therefore, what you see is not our entire Real-Self.
Our body, the individual spirit should have the ability to transcend time and space to know, all the history of the universe which immeasurable and countless, far distances, happenings of past, present and future and all matter and every place in this Universe. However, we don’t perceive and realise this easily, for some reason. It’s as if there is a blockage somewhere in our mind.
The reason for the blockage is because of the existence of Our Conceptual Mind. This is the collection of our life living thoughts that are derived from experiences of what I call ‘the five senses world’. And these are interfering or disrupting the connection to our Real-Self, like background noise, which obscures vision to see and feel our Real-Self. Therefore, lack of influence from Real-Self to our life makes us lose the way of life in truth.
Literally, millions of your life living experiences and thoughts are generating countless sparks of impulses and these impulses sound like thought noises when they are all pooled together.
This background thought noise level is too high for modern people. Each thought noise also carries emotional energy, which, in the logical life of your Real-Self is interfered with emotional bias. All emotions put together in your thought patterns are what we call individual personality.
Many of our profound five senses experiences are recorded into our body cell’s DNA as vibrations.
Our body is an expression of our deep subconscious mind, and this subconscious mind is from our Real-Self, which is the origin of all things in this world. It is the most powerful and eternal pure energy.
As we all know, all creations, including our body in this Universe are formed of atoms, comprising electrons, neutrons and protons. These three basic elements are positively and negatively charged energy in vibration, all in balance.
Forever vibrating in perfect balance, these three elements are the building blocks of the Universe and are the mind of God or the mind energy, as a physicist Albert Einstein tried to describe.
The body and mind are formed with multitudes of so many vibrating energies manifested from the energy of eternal Real-Self that is the Pure Energy.
Some vibration is so high in frequency that it would not register to our five senses but some are so low that they will register to our five senses as matter or body so that we can now feel and see.
In other words, the body is the expression of your mind energy. Therefore, most of our experiences in our life are recorded into our body cell’s DNA like computer information recording. This will remain with you and will be inherited through to your descendants forever as the ongoing living museum of God's holy life on display.
All life living experiences (information) are coming through our five senses to our brain for processing and stored in our subconscious mind.
We are not aware or cannot see our subconscious mind, but all of our life living experiences are there since our birth alongside our ancestor’s life living experiences together, to run our life.
In other words, our life is living through our subconscious mind and all of our life commands are coming from our subconscious mind.
Our thoughts and actions are determined mainly through these five senses from information input, but too much and too fast information input, without proper processing will accumulate and act like floating noises in our mind and these noises will make our mind mucky and confused.
And this mucky mind will make us lose and obscure our Real-Self that will lead us into a lost and confused way of life as a result.
This mucky mind-self will form a strong part of ego mind in our subconsciousness.
Therefore, everyone wants freedom and happiness but their life is going opposite to what they want, because they are led by that noisy and mucky subconscious mind.
And these strong sparks or noises of so many thoughts are pooled tightly together to become your notion, concept or survival mechanism, I call it a ”lump of mind”, and this is my definition of the conceptual mind.
This lump of mind is like another life form inside of us, which tries to sustain itself by radiating or giving off more sparks. The sparks become unending greediness and desire with short-sightedness, which is typical of ego-self characteristics.
All the saints and teachers have taught it in different ways since humanity has existed but at the core of these teachings directly or indirectly, whether they knew or not, was to remove or cleanse the false conceptual mind from our subconscious mind that is formed by the five senses life living.
Our Real-Self is unchanging and pure, but our conscious, subconscious mind and the body are soaked with a multitude of bad energy of emotions caused by living with impure conceptual mind. Our vision and understanding of ourselves will become clearer naturally if we reduce the multitudes of conceptual thought energies in us. This state, we call Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is not attained by reading, hearing, memorising or understanding. Enlightenment is not attained by reading or studying the Holy Scriptures, the Bible or Sutras, nor is it attained by memorising and reciting mantras thousands of times. None of these really help to attain enlightenment.
The practice of ordinary Meditations such as relaxations, Yoga, Chakra practice, Chi circulation, Abstinence, Penance or Prayer will help you to attain enlightenment but not easily. There is no need for any academic degrees or diplomas of philosophical knowledge.
The more you have accumulated knowledge the more effort you have to make to erase this strong conceptual mind. The main reasons why we don't have many enlightened human beings on this planet is because we used to believe that enlightenment is only for the chosen people who must have the clean mind at birth and devote their entire life to attain it. We simply didn't understand the structure of our mind, because of the old entrenched concepts of illogical and unscientific based belief that is enforced by major religions.
To attain enlightenment you must process two important stages that are, to eliminate the conceptual mind that generates noises as your lump of mind and to eliminate the noises coming from the DNA of every cell in your body. These are the noises of your ancestor’s lives.
In other words, you are clearing out the noises that are interfering and confusing to your Real-Self’s signal pathways.
Because we have a highly sophisticated thought structure in nature, detailed, logical, scientific and systematic methods are the only quick way to cleanse the conceptual mind noises in ourselves.
Only after this cleansing process can you uncover the Real-Self and start experiencing Heaven's way. This is what we call Crossing the Event Horizon, which is the initial stage of Enlightenment.
This is not a religion, myth or a bag of tricks, it is only pure logic and science.
It is the result of concerted effort of many scientists and saints of the early 20th century and the wishes of the majority of people on this planet to find a better way of life.
There is no existence of a separate Supreme Being to judge and punish your life. Rather, you are the one causing your own disappointment and unhappiness because of your thoughts and actions that are generated by the conceptual mind made noises from your lump of mind. And this conceptual mind always interferes with your right signal path to the Real-Self.
We must understand that there is a larger scale of unseen energies at work than what you see and feel.
You will be deeply grateful for everything around you and cherish every moment of your life in happiness when you discover and become true mind. Your life will be smooth and relaxed, without scarcity.
Nothing will make you disappointed by failure, and you will not be ruled over by anything.
The way of life in true mind is not only always free and happy but also has the good energy to influence others too.
Therefore, enlightenment will bring charity, neighbourly love and acts of compassion naturally, which will become a natural part of your life.
Jesus said, “Do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing" That is pure unconditional love without expecting anything in return. There is no ego involved there because the ego will always want something in return.
Whatever you do, do it without any feeling of actually doing it on purpose.
If you observe people around you, whether they realise or not, you will find the person who has less greed and no attachment, will attain more freedom, happiness and good health with longer life expectancy. Prosperity and abundance are not just having more money and material: it is the abundance of true happiness in your life and prosperity as an enlightened being.
All life in this world tries to maintain its survival and this survival effort will influence other lives in small or large ways. The non-human life forms in this planet will only take what they need, but the human life is not coinciding with the natural way of life. The selfish human lifestyles in this planet caused many untold devastations to other life forms because the population is growing with technology that has only looked after the self-interest of human life, thus far.
The lifestyle that is not the way of life in truth will always meet resistance and create conflict in subconscious mind individually and collectively.
And in view of that, the way of your life in truth perfectly fits with the laws of physics in this Universe and that is also how it is in the enlightened person’s life naturally.
Many old Chinese sages knew that people who do live their lives in line with the laws of Universe will prosper otherwise they will eventually perish by their own actions (Karma).
The lifestyle of enlightened people is always smooth, happy and very helpful to the world but the enlightened person is not aware of anything special because it is the always natural way of life for him.
All the good teachers throughout the history of humanity taught the way to enlightenment hence making sure that the Real-Self is in command of the person’s life. The core of that teaching was to reduce the strong conceptual mind, which is created by the intense five senses living.
Many people are looking for ways to achieve perfect health. The reason people are getting ill is because their mind and body are not in harmony with their Real-Self by maintaining a strong lump of mind. Your mind and body should always be in harmony. Therefore, you cannot achieve health without a healthy and clean mind. People these days rely heavily on modern medicine to achieve health without much success.
The origin of all illnesses comes from your deep mind. Therefore, you cannot heal your illness without first properly healing your mind.
People who have attained enlightenment do not get ill easily because the way of life in truth does not generate any harmful emotions. They have strong, pure, bright and clean energy within, which illuminates and heats up all the dark, cold corners inside of them, making healing easier.
Each life, like a snowflake is precious and unique, and never the same. It only lives once. Enlightenment is more urgent now than ever before. It is the only way for people to live in this world with true happiness. It is the only way this Heavenly planet will survive.
Enlightenment is no longer only for the chosen people.
It is not a mythical old legend.
It is real in Pure Science and Logic.

The Secret of Happiness is for everyone on this planet to attain Enlightenment by simply eliminating the False Conceptual Mind and move towards a better future, thus making this planet a true Heaven. That is what the Universe originally intended.
                                                                                    YoungOne 2005


The Grand Unifying Formula of the Universe

0 = 1, 1 = 0

Tangible (1) and Intangible (0) are same, Mind and Body are always as one, Matter and mind are not different, and mind is not different to all forms of matter. Only view of human defines what is seen and unseen, but all is vibrating pure energy.

X + x = 1, 1 + 1 = 1

It is always one, no matter how many numbers of objects(X) are added together, it appears as many but only one in reality.


0 = 1 = 0

We came from the nothingness (0) and live dream of nothingness (1) and return to nothingness (0).


0 = (x + x = 1) = 0

We came from nothingness, live dream of nothingness and appear as many but only one being of existence that will go back to nothingness.

There is only one being of existence in entire Universe.

Pure Energy = Universe = Creator = God = Buddha = Allah = Divine


Efficiency of God 

 Life is always nicely short, sweet and simple for the people who are close to God.

Life is always infinitely long, brutal, cruel, bitter and complicated for the people who are lost in ego emotion.

YoungOne 2011

God I am

You are evolved to feel instant separation when you hear the word GOD.
It is Stone Age concept still resides in our DNA.
Wake up Earthling!
Now is the time to wake up and understand that you are God-self.
God is finite expanding Universe that is in the stage of out-breathing.
All is God. Nothing is not God in this world.
You cannot escape God, because you are in the dream of God.
God is only here for life, and you are the life of God.

YoungOne 2011


I can understand one can kill different species for the food which is the order of Universe.
However, I am completely failed to understand how a human being can kill another human being with such high intelligence, technology and have full knowledge on what they are doing individually and collectively,
and no one is responsible.
We must move forward quickly in this stage of
our evolution and overtake this nightmare, or human beings are lost on this planet and doomed.

YoungOne 2011


Mind of creator is always 

Highest, Lowest, Widest, Deepest

Encompasses, Accommodates and Forgives

Absolutely everything in this world



Love is only thing holds this Universe together 

Truth is Love!



May the Pure energy be with you and guide you with love!




After the rain
Many puddles of water are everywhere on the street
In that pool of water

I saw a reflection of the Moon

And I saw another Moon in another puddle of water

There were so many Moons in every puddles of water

But there is only one Moon
YoungOne 2007




Do not look for Heaven in the highest place you will never find Heaven in there

You will only find white light of delusions

Heaven resides in the lowest place where nobody would look for

Because Heaven has mind that is the lowest to the point of nothingness

Heaven is absolute humility, you can only enter with mind of humility

That is the place without seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching of five senses

It is the place that transcends our entire five senses world

You can see with eyes closed

You can hear without ears     

You can smell without nose   

You can taste without tongue and you can feel without touching


It is the place of without time and space
It is the place of without light, sound or other feelings

It is the place of everything is absolutely still and unbroken

It is the place of all knowing

It is the place where you came from and will return to

It is the place you have absolute peace, love and happiness

It is the place of no place

That is your home

It is natural to be longing to go back home
You are always traveling and looking for new places hoping to find glimpse of your real home

Do not look for your home elsewhere

Your real home is within your mind

YoungOne 2009



Our Prayer
 Oneness who art in our deepest mind,
 Hallowed be our individual names,
Heaven exists always here in our mind.
We journey this holy life in evolution,
The day will come to complete this journey as an individual
and return to Oneness.
Let us always live at now and share without greed,
and we forgive ourselves being lost in ego emotions
and being in strong mind of the ancestor.
Let us not be pulled into making strong ego emotions
but deliver ourselves from slavery of ego emotions.
The purity of mind without delusion is the true freedom

 and peace forever. Amen.

Our Prayer is revised version for Lord's Prayer of Catholic.
by YoungOne 2010


The knowledge is not the power, it is only the conflict,

The true knowledge is you become the act of life that is knowledge itself naturally

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