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Extra Sensory World
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Extra Sensory World
YoungOne Meditation Introduction
 (Extra Sensory World)
Please read this introduction with a peaceful and open mind just as if you are meditating.
There is a lot of information inside.

Please read this introduction more than once until you fully comprehend the material.

You will find something that could change your entire life.

This YoungOne Meditation Introduction is freely distributed without any charge.
You may use this introduction freely only as a whole without altering anything.
All contents herein are Copyrighted © 2011 YoungOne Meditation Centre

Introduction to the YoungOne Meditation
Mind Cleansing Study

What do we do?
We are a group of people who hold a logical and scientific view of our world and teach how to cleanse the mind to live a peaceful and healthy life in this stressful society by attaining the True Vision without any conventional spiritual concepts or dogmas.
Why do we need to cleanse the mind?
We need to cleanse the impure emotional energy from our mind that clouds our True Vision.


What is our True Vision?
The True Vision is the answer to our original searching, as all life forms seek the same,
Such as, Who am I? Why am I here? What is life?
Every human being has Primordial Fear or Insecurity deep within.
It all comes from not knowing the True Vision.
It also makes us cling on to only a material life using five senses with a very narrow mind and short sighted about this world.
Because of not knowing the True Vision, people live in pain and suffering and also hurt or even kill each other as individuals or groups such as tribes or countries.


What benefits will I get from this Mind Cleansing Study?
You will be transformed to live in the state of a peaceful mind with near perfect health without any physical or mental suffering.
Many forms of chronic disease will heal naturally.
You will truly understand what peace and happiness are by removing primordial fear or insecurity with the gradual discovery of your true identity in this life.
You will be easily freed from the three worries of modern people:  Money, Relationships and Health.


What is Money?
Money is an only energy exchange or bartering tool, instead of carrying a bag of wheat to swap for something you need, now you have a certificate from the society that guarantees the value,
But people forget this and build attachments over money and think that money is something that can be speculative or acquired for nothing without proper energy exchange.
Think of money as only a form of an energy exchange tool, no more or no less.
Clinging too much for money will cause you to lose most valuable things in the world, Relationship and Health, which you cannot buy with money.


What is a Relationship?
True love is 100% selfless, pure or unconditional but no one can do that. Because few people are pure and selfless, it is an only matter of how much true love you have in your heart.
If you have more than 51% of true love, then you have the tendency to be true love otherwise, it is only a relationship that is based on egoistic needs.
True heart cannot be bought with money.
Chasing too many material desires brought on by temptation causes us to forget who we are and turn us all into similar stress personalities with high pride.
People who have high pride and stress personalities with their own egoistic needs are making themselves clash with their loved ones.


What is Health?
Health is the reflection of the state of your deep mind.
All the chronic diseases in the world are caused by one’s distorted subconscious mind.
If you carry many scars in your mind, your body will reflect these precisely by raising harmful background emotional energy radiation level in your mind and body, which causes all the organs to not function properly by restricting the energy flow.
All the chronic diseases are the direct manifestation of your deep subconscious mind which you cannot see inside, but you built it through living your entire life.


The most common way to lose your health and end up in pain and suffering for life that leads to a painful death:
Too much attachment to Money or a Job creates a stress driven personality with strong pride that causes neglect and to lose Relationships.
People living with scars in their mind that are caused by conflicts and disappointment of relationships will in turn cause ill health such as heart, diabetic or cancer, etc.
Many people try to regain health belatedly by spending all the money they have earned.
The ill health becomes terminal unless you address and process the scars in your mind.
These scars are the factory of emotional energy, which continuously generates and fuels the cause of diseases.
All of these issues in your life will make you think, “Is there anything better than worldly material things that I am chasing?”
Many people will think about this later on in their lives after experiencing all the hurt and disappointments.
However, some young people also think about these issues after they have observed others around them.
Life is a whole lot of disappointment for many who do not know what life is for.
Many people will just live on with despair without any hope of finding the answer.
Some choose to seek the answer or some even terminate their own life when they cannot contain their deep disappointment anymore.


Who am I and What is the purpose of life?
The purpose of life is not complex or difficult to understand.
The truth is quite simple, but many people do not want to believe it because it is too simple.
Your habitually complex mind desires to discover something absolutely wonderful and a complex answer to fulfil your ego mind of greed and grandeur.
Partly, due to, we have been living in deluded ideas for so many thousands of years in closed mind of five senses world only clinging to the material world for survival.
This is natural, and no one is at fault. It is only just passing a stage of our evolution.
You are a part of the Universe and serve a function of the Universe. That is to live the life of the Universe.
Your life generates plenty of knowledge from your unique life experiences.
Every life form in this world generates knowledge from unique individual life living experiences, which becomes part of the collective knowledge base of the Universe.
You are an instrument of the Universe to generate life by living.
In other words, you are a true actor or an actress of the Universe.
However, you do not know that you are an actor. A true actor does not know that he is acting.


The Purpose of your life is to live a life of cell
The whole world is built on the steps of master consciousness.
Your body is built of many trillions of body cells. Look at a single cell of your body under a microscope. There is another Universe, which exists within a cell.
Each single cell in your body is an individual universe that holds trillions of particles or life forms within. These particles or life forms do not know why they exist, but they do form part of the whole cell, whether each individual particle carries out an important function or not.
They do not know the purpose of life at an individual particle level due to not having enough intelligence.
However, the whole cell clearly has its own master consciousness over all of the particles, which forms the cell.
Likewise, every cell in your body is also built up and forms a master consciousness that is you who are watching this introduction right now.
However, your body cells do not know why they exist due to the low level of intelligence. They are only meant to serve the function of a cell such as a heart cell, a bone cell or a brain cell, etc.
Many people imagine the existence of parallel universe or other dimensional world, because in our arrogance, we are thinking that we are at the ultimate level of master consciousness.
Like in old times, we used to think the whole universe revolved around us.
Human beings are not at all the greatest or the only sentient life form that exists in the Universe.
The steps of master consciousness do not stop at human beings at all. It is illogical to think that it stops at the human beings.
It also goes up another step that is our current Universe and that is our master consciousness.
The purpose of your life is to function as an individual human being and be the part of this living and breathing Universe.
We are permanently connected as one with our master universal consciousness through the ninth sense area.
We are like a brain cell of the Universe, regardless of how important we are.
All of your true knowledge and intelligence which are derived from your experiences are connected with master consciousness of our Universe through this ninth sense realm.
Therefore, our master consciousness can be used us as a resource whenever if requires.
However, it should not be only one way. We should also have the right to access this collective knowledge of the Universe as well whenever if we desire.
However, the ignorance of human being denies this connection with cover of dark emotional energy and suffers as a result of this insecurity.
The origin of insecurity or primordial fear of unknown is from not having the true vision.


What is the world of senses?
(Extra Sensory World)
The world of five senses is very important for most people. These are vision, audio, smell, taste and touch.
These five senses give you the ability to survive in the material world for food, clothing and shelter.
These are the basic needs for a body to survive. Therefore, we cling on to these five senses of material world and tend to ignore the other extra senses.
As we evolved further with more sophistication of mind, we feel more disappointed about this five senses only world and search for another emotional world of imagination, but we cannot find any.
Reason is that you are blocked in with the view of only five senses world.
Every human being has a reasonable amount of central nerve system sensitivity to live in the extra sensory world, but the busy life of living in a five senses world tightly closes down on our extra sensory capability.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you can live in this world with full extra sensory sensing capability?
This means that you would be able to see and feel all the life around you without time and space restrictions, including our master consciousness of the Universe.

You will calmly be able to see the end of human evolution for yourself, and this influence will help other human beings on this planent to evolve forward to get rid of all the famines and wars, and to live in peace and harmony with proper application of technology.
For human beings to attain and live in the extra sensory world all you needed to do is remove the band of emotional energy in the sixth sense area, which is tightly shielding us like a dark veil and preventing us seeing any further.
The emotional energy is generated by living in insecurity with conflict.  This emotional energy is held within our memories.
Therefore, we need to cleanse our memories and belief system which is thousands of years old.
Hence, we call it Mind Cleansing Study.



Five Senses Realm:
We have survived and evolved with mainly Five Senses to live in this material world and obviously that was enough to survive until today.
These five senses are Vision, Audio, Smell, Taste and Touch.
The vision and audio senses are meant to detect electromagnetic waves.
Visible light is no different to any mobile phone or radio waves, only has much higher vibrations to detect shapes, brightness and distance.
The audible sound is in a very low range of the frequency spectrum to detect distance, direction and noise.
However, both vision and sound do not detect the whole spectrum of frequencies. They only detect extremely narrow ranges. So this does not tell you the whole story.
Smell and taste are meant to detect chemical reactions to protect and guide in what we eat and breath, but they do not detect the whole range of chemical reactions, but only give you a very small sample of information.
The sense of touch also only gives you rough information on pressure and temperature.
Of course, it is no use taking in too much information that we cannot process, due to not having enough processing power of the human brain.
As you can see, our five senses only give us, rough or simple samples of information about what is surrounding us, that is all. It never gives you the whole story.
In view of these facts, I could almost say we are practically blind. Because we can only sense 2% of what is around us.
Five senses are important for immediate survival thus ignoring the realm of other senses and thus making us lose our true vision.
As a result, today human beings on Earth have developed excellent material technology, but now it is time to find our true vision, otherwise human being's life is becoming aimless or meaningless.
Finding true vision is finding the correct path of evolution or the true journey of the human life.


 Sixth Sense Realm:
A human being’s central nerve system has enough sensitivity to live in the extra sensory realm.
However, we generate far too much dark emotional energy, which pollutes the sixth sense area, which makes us blind to see and live beyond the fifth sense.
All the emotional energy generated by human beings are concentrated in this Sixth sense realm, and it is distance-related, such as move away from a haunted place or keep a distance from a bad energy radiating person.
This realm is often regarded as an intuition or gut feeling area.
Most of the human mind created hallucinations, such as the ghost phenomenon is based in this realm, which often is heavily polluted with dark emotional energy and can be manifested in one’s mind as visions or sounds.
The supernatural visions and voices are the representation of your confused surface mind. Your deep subconscious mind is manifesting distorted 6 senses emotional energy under certain circumstances.
Whatever the person’s belief and desire will be manifested in the mind of a sensitive person and will play out in many different ways.
Without understanding the true nature and interaction of energy makes this kind of experience shocking and frightening for the people who only live in a five senses world, thus the flurry of creating deluded ideas of mysticism or occultism.
Many religions and spiritualists are confused with this and hence have created a distorted view of the world in the past.
You will be blocked from seeing true vision or attaining true enlightenment, as long as you have this sixth sense realm corrupted with the dark emotional energy, that has been caused by insecurity.
The origin of insecurity or primordial fear is hiding in your deep subconscious mind and created by not knowing the truth of; who am I, why am I here, what is life, where did I come from, where am I going?
The reason why your mind is generating emotional energy is from the information-processing error in your brain. That is the friction of mind caused by not enough information being available to have an absolute answer, this will cause varying degrees of anxiety for each person.
Some people were born into this world with gifted ability to see into the sixth realm despite living in darkness. We call it a spiritual person, clairvoyant or medium.


Seventh Sense Realm:

This realm has no time and space definition. It is a distance unrelated realm.
The time and space do not exist from seventh realm up.
For example, some people can receive information from a long distance, such as you feel something is happening to your loved ones from far away.
A mother can see or feel what is happening to her child half way around the world, or you can feel the existence of other beings on another planet. It is totally distance unrelated realm.


Eighth Sense Realm:
The fifth, sixth and seventh sense realms are for the individual identities.
However, eighth and ninth sense realms together are for the singular consciousness of the Universe.
This is called One Greater Consciousness.
In other words, it is the next level of master consciousness above us.
Many people call this God.
Many saints, sages and enlightened people knew about this realm for the thousands of years but could not describe it clearly in black and white.
You can pass through the event horizon and see the true vision in this eighth sense realm when you have cleansed of sixth and seventh sense realm.
The event horizon is the clear dividing line between seventh and eighth realm, which is the dividing enlightenment line between your individual identity and the master consciousness.
When your senses expand you will cross the Event Horizon, and it has a distinctive feeling when you are just passing through this line.
For some people, by rare chance, or certain dedication to a pure lifestyle and for once in their life they can accidentally cross this line.
You may have heard many delusional stories of such experiences if they have not fully cleansed the emotional energy in the sixth sense realm.
Your mind will manifest and show you whatever the ideas you are attached to, such as seeing the Pearly Gate, Golden Stairs, Angels, Demons, meeting God in person or Saints, etc.
Many people claimed that they saw or experienced crossing the event horizon, but it is difficult to know with certainty, because of the impure mind of the sixth sense realm, it can create many delusions.
Combining eighth and ninth senses together some call it Astral plane, Heaven or Nirvana, and it is the information base or library of the Universe (the Collective Knowledge).
There is consciousness wherever there is an information base, because information is there to be used and nothing is created without a purpose.
Many saints, sages or teachers knew about the Collective Singular Consciousness of Universe for many thousands of years, but just telling this to unsophisticated people of those times would have been a futile effort or even inviting the religious prosecution.
They had to adjust and delineate a reasonable story, theory or philosophy for the people to understand better for those times. And it was mostly based on mysticism.
However, unfortunately, those old ideas are still carried down to the modern people with highly logical and sophisticated minds thus causing spiritual confusion, doubts and rejection.




How do we evolve our spirituality?

We have lived without the true vision, instead we have lived with a lot of confusion over our so called spirituality.
We had so many horrendous wars and disasters in our history, and we are now threatening with even more powerful means of inflicting harm to each other.
Our spirituality must move on or our civilisation would disappear back to the Stone Age and start all over again repeating the same history.
The word Spirituality concerns me a little, because it describes mainly sixth sense intuition that is vague and prone to mysticism.
This area is full of emotional energy, which gives rise to all kinds of delusion.
I would like to call our way The Reality Study for modern people who are living in the era of Quantum Physics.
It is explaining all the realities of this world properly in logical and scientific ways, so that you can replace current ideas of spirituality and understand the reality before starting your journey.
Today, we have a lot more of old Spirituality than Reality, but this will gradually change over time.
Evidently, we are evolving. We are at least allowed to talk about it without the religious condemnation and punishment.

As you see in this picture,
The band of dark emotional energy pollution in the area of sixth sense blinds you from seeing the true vision.
All you have to do is cleanse your sixth sense area. That is to change the colour to clear or transparent for you to see right through beyond the sixth sense realm.
Your normal life living without knowing the True Vision constantly generates the dark emotional energy, and you are always exchanging this dark energy with others.
The dark emotional energy pollution is hiding inside your mind.
Therefore, you need to cleanse your mind with suitable mind cleansing technique.
There are so many mind cleansing techniques in the world, but many are based on mysticism, unscientific and illogical ideas thus taking forever to achieve the true vision if ever.
No one would do this if it takes more than a year of their life time. It has to be quick in this busy world for everyone.
To make our mind cleansing most effective and quick without manifesting any delusional ideas in the mind, you will need a technique that understands the exact structure of your mind to cleanse the sixth sense area pollution properly.


What is the Mind?
There are many theories and books available for the explanation of what the mind is.
For our purpose of mind cleansing, we will explain our own ways what the mind is.
There are two types of the mind as far as our mind cleansing study is concerned.
The first type of mind is the accumulation of all the memories and experiences since your birth until today, which is collected, sorted and stored in your brain (The database for how to live in this world).
The second type of the mind is your ancestral mind which you are born with. This gives you your looks and behaviours as your combined ancestral personality.
The ancestral mind is stored in the DNA of every cell nucleus in your body. We call this birth personality.
Most importantly, your ancestral mind will heavily influence how you perceive and react to all of your life memories.
Many people think they have forgotten many of the memories that accumulated throughout their life.
On the contrary, you never forget any of your memories.
All of your memories are the refined survival instruction or education for you to survive in this world and can never be lost.
You cannot remember many, because most of these memories have become the fabric of your sub-consciousness without any emotions.
The memories you seem to remember are the ones that are saturated with emotional energy, or what we call the memories with an emotional energy flag.
Before we go on any further. Do you realize?
That right at this moment, you are clearly aware of the surroundings with all five senses working and reading this introduction and clearly aware of yourself, are not really you.
Then you may say, “What are you saying? I know who I am, and I know what I am doing right now"
Then I will ask you, “Are you really sure?”
Well, yes of course it is you, but only a very small part of you.
Awareness of yourself in the present moment is what we call consciousness, and this is only a very small part of you.
Perhaps, I will say it is about 1% (some say 10%).
The rest of 99% is your sub-consciousness.
Some scientists say that we are only using 10% of our brain, but that is based on without really understanding what our subconsciousness is.
Unfortunately, you cannot see what is in your subconsciousness.
There is a barrier between consciousness and subconsciousness in your mind, which prevents you from seeing the contents of your subconsciousness.
Everything is happening inside of your subconsciousness and your conscious part only exists to serve five senses input.
In other words, your 1% of consciousness is the representation of five senses world. All of your feelings, desires, results and commands are coming from your subconscious mind.
In the early days of introducing personal computers, many people thought the display monitor was the computer.
In fact, it was only a visual display unit.
The main computer was in a black box somewhere down below the desk that did all the work.
Almost always, there is a difference between your consciousness and subconsciousness, such as, when you say, “I need money” but your subconsciousness will say, “Not having the money is the normal state for me”
For example, if you are a smoker and decide to quit smoking, but in few hours, your body or subconscious part that is addicted, will call out for smoking in full force. You won’t be able to resist.

Your subconsciousness would have said, “You made me a smoker with so many years of smoking. My whole subconsciousness (deep mind and body) is transformed into a smoker, you dare not change that in an instant"
Therefore, your subconsciousness is the real you, which makes all the decision for your life.


How do we change our subconsciousness?
As you can see, no matter how desperately you want to change your life, it is not easy because you have to change your subconsciousness that is your deep mind and body.
Your subconsciousness is like concrete. It is very hard to move or change, because you built it with feeding five senses information for all your life.
You will need to take out all the addictive lifestyle that you put in throughout your life, and replace it with new lifestyle habits with constant effort to change, and it may take the rest of your life.
As you can see, human beings are naturally very addictive and have strong attachments. And having too many attachments can cause many problems.
Having too many attachments will create a lump of emotional energy that is alive in you (Devil). It will control and enslave you for the purpose of only feeding emotional energy until your death.
Human beings on this planet are slaves to emotional energy, and this is the current stage of our evolution.
Hopefully, we will be passing through this stage soon.
You can go and try personal development, other self-help courses or many kinds of meditation to change yourself.
It could help you, but they all have the same problem. It cannot change you to the core profoundly, because you were unable to change your subconsciousness.
So the question remains, how can we change our subconsciousness, since we cannot see what’s inside?
Perhaps, there is a way.
That is if you know the structure of the subconsciousness.


Structure of Subconscious Mind
It is almost impossible to access your subconsciousness due to the existence of a barrier that isolates you from your subconscious mind.
However, the foundation of your subconsciousness is none other than the living memories of your life.
All the memories since your birth until today are the materials for your subconsciousness.
You sleep every night and when you are asleep, you are subconsciously sorting out all the information, which came into your working memory area today. This is done with REM sleep.
Erasing all the unnecessary information and only picking and storing the memories that are useful in your life and this is the building block of your subconscious mind.
Each memory is stored in your brain as a colour picture and within these pictures is contained emotional energy, micro possession and links with other memories, etc.
Your birth personality or ancestral mind in your cell DNA heavily influences how you are going to perceive and use the life memories in your brain.
In view of these facts,
The subconsciousness is our real self, which runs our life.
There is a possibility that we can reshape our subconsciousness by cleansing memories, because the material of our subconscious mind is all our life experience memories.
Therefore, we can access and reshape our subconscious mind directly by cleansing or purifying our memories.
Many of the diseases in our life are caused by the distortion of our subconscious mind, because ultimately, the deepest subconscious mind is all our internal organs, bones and skins.
Your body is only an accumulation of heavily condensed mind energy of evolution, and it is only the dense energy of your subconscious mind, which is directly showing in the 5 senses world.
Therefore, there is no such thing as a mind and body. We are just a continuous vibration from light to heavy condensation of energy. All the matters in the Universe are the mind of God.
Look at your body in the mirror, that body showing in the mirror is your mind, if you ever wondered what your mind looked like.


How do you do Mind Cleansing?
We at YoungOne meditation centre practice the Mind Cleansing Study which seeks for the gradual and yet quick transformation of your subconscious mind.
Through our mind cleansing study, your subconscious mind will be,
Firstly, purified of all the emotional energies.
Secondly, it will help you find all the hidden issues in your life, and they will be processed in 4 steps of the master consciousness point of view.
Thirdly, your ancestral mind will be purified, which means all of your DNA in all the cells will be cleansed and realigned.
As a result, you will be returned to the most natural state of a human being without any mental and physical problems.
There are many types of mind cleansing techniques in the world.
The most common ones are the practice of mind suppression, but it doesn’t solve all the deep issues.
Some of them have a technique that comforts one’s mind but again these don’t solve all the deep issues.
Some do have a practice of total self-elimination of oneself, which is really only subduing one’s ego mind without addressing the deep issues.
You cannot eliminate yourself completely because the body is also part of your mind, and you cannot eliminate your body without physically killing yourself.
We are not a perfect being. Therefore, there is no such thing as total elimination of one’s ego mind.
Our process is like mathematics, the more energy you put in, the quicker you will get the results.
Obeying all directions, most of the students studying from home will typically finish the course within six months or within a year at the most.
All students will attain the ability to cross the Event Horizon for Astral projection or to live in the realm of master consciousness at any time, every day.
You can keep yourself clean and healthy by maintaining daily cleansing of the dark energy pollution.
You will be able to live in the fullest of your life while you are in this once only heaven of the Universe.
Respectfully, the choice is yours.
You may stay with what you are holding or let go of it, and try to see the end of beautiful human evolution.
I promise you nothing but only to show you the truth of pure energy.


All things in the Universe the stars, sun, moon and earth are as One and transparent.

Only the Human beings deny being transparent, and this is because the Ego mind covers itself in darkness and is lost and suffering.

The Earth itself has also been darkened by this dark energy of emotion.
All we have to do is cleanse our ego mind of dark energy by burning off into the Sun.

We will become transparent, at one with the Universe, truly happy, and the Earth will also be saved.
We are one with the Universe that is our true origin and life.
A mind cleansing technique that leads to self-enlightenment based on a logical, scientific and the Universe view of the world.
The belief and living practice from self-found knowledge derived from true enlightenment.


End of Introduction, thank you for reading,

The book “Truth Without Delusion” written by Master YoungOne is available.
Please visit purchase section of this website

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