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Extra Sensory World
My EGO The PSI Mind
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My EGO The PSI Mind

YoungOne Meditation Introduction
 To Achieve Peace and Good Health


Be in the Horizontal Power System of Evolved Human Being

PSI Mind (the Primordial Survival Instinct Mind)
Please read this introduction with a peaceful and open mind just as if you are meditating. There is a lot of information inside.
Please read this introduction more than once until you fully comprehend the material.
You will find something that could change your entire life.
This YoungOne Meditation Introduction is freely distributed without any charge.
You may use this introduction freely only as a whole without altering anything.
All contents herein are Copyrighted © 2013 YoungOne Meditation Centre


How to achieve Peace and good Health?

Living in a permanent peaceful mind causes a healthy body. Achieving a deep peaceful mind is the most important thing to do. You should not live your life just making money to fulfil your material requirements.
On the other hand, diet and exercise is also important for your health but without a peaceful mind you cannot attain a healthy body. The most important tool to live your life in peace and good health is having a deep permanent peaceful Mind.
Many people ask “Why can’t I change myself easily? What is wrong with me? What must I change to change myself? How do I change myself?” the answer to these questions solely depends on the state of your mind, so read on.
What is the Mind?

There are many theories and books available for the explanation of what the mind is.
For our purpose of mind cleansing, we will explain our own ways of what the mind is.
There are two types of mind as far as our mind cleansing study is concerned.
The first type of mind is the accumulation of all the memories and experiences since your birth until today, which is collected, sorted and stored in your brain (The database for how to live in this world).
The second type of mind is your ancestral mind which you are born with. This gives you your looks and behaviours as your combined ancestral personality.
The ancestral mind is stored in the DNA of every cell nucleus in your body. We call this birth personality.
Most importantly, your ancestral mind will heavily influence how you perceive and react to all of your life memories.
Many people think they have forgotten many of the memories that have accumulated throughout their life.
On the contrary, you never forget any of your memories.
All of your memories are the refined survival instruction or education for you to survive in this world and can never be lost.
You cannot remember many, because most of these memories have become the fabric of your sub-consciousness without any emotions. The memories you seem to remember are the ones that are saturated with emotional energy, or what we call the memories with an emotional energy flag.
Before we go on any further,
It is not really you, right at this moment, you are clearly aware of the surroundings with all five senses working and reading this introduction and clearly aware of yourself.
Then you may say, “What are you saying? I know who I am, and I know what I am doing right now"
Then I will ask you, “Are you really sure?”
Well, yes of course it is you, but only a very small part of you.
Awareness of yourself in the present moment is what we call consciousness, and this is only a very small part of you.
Perhaps, I will say it is about 1% (some say 10%).
The rest of 99% is your sub-consciousness.
Some scientists say that we are only using 10% of our brain, but that is based on not really understanding what our subconsciousness is.
Unfortunately, you cannot see what is in your subconsciousness.
There is a barrier between consciousness and subconsciousness in your mind, which prevents you from seeing the contents of your subconsciousness.
Everything is happening inside of your subconsciousness and your conscious part only exists to serve five senses input.
In other words, your 1% of consciousness is the representation of five senses world. All of your feelings, desires, results and commands are coming from your subconscious mind.
In the early days of introducing personal computers, many people thought the display monitor was the computer.
In fact, it was only a visual display unit. The main computer was in a black box somewhere down below the desk that did all the work.
Almost always, there is a difference between your consciousness and subconsciousness, such as, when you say, “I need money” but your subconsciousness will say, “Not having the money is the normal state for me” (In fact, your deep child state of mind is not interested in making money)
For example, if you are a smoker and decide to quit smoking, but in few hours, your body or subconscious part that is addicted, will call out for smoking in full force. You won’t be able to resist.
Your subconsciousness would have said, “You made me a smoker with so many years of smoking. My whole subconsciousness (deep mind and body) is transformed into a smoker, you dare not change that in an instant"
Therefore, your subconsciousness is the real you, which makes all the decisions for your life.
Therefore, from now on, when we say mind, it means we are only talking about our sub-conscious part of mind because it is 99% of our mind.
With this in mind, please read on and discover what we can do for you.

PSI Mind = Primordial Survival Instinct Mind (Basic Survival Instinct of Child).

When you are born, you only have PSI and you have no other information about how to live in this world.
You are fully dependent on your carer who is usually your mother.
PSI expresses desire by crying out and demands the attention from your carer to get fed when you are hungry, or other necessary requirements.
In time, your five senses start to recognise the world around you and start to learn and experiment by accumulating your survival instructions in the fore brain area which was small and empty at birth.
You are fully dependent on PSI since your birth, because all of your life is run or operated by PSI and the PSI gradually evolves with the information you have gathered with experiences which forms the whole self-mind (WSM).
PSI is like the captain of the ship and it is the only authority directly in charge of your body by the design. In other words, PSI is the lowest primitive part of your mind before the physical body and its functions that has direct control of you.
You are dependent on PSI since your life was started, PSI evolves by gathering and experiencing the five senses information and establishes a belief system (survival mechanism) of who I am at the age of about 7-10 which your inner child state is established.
This child state of mind is the one carries your life with flow of time with the survival mechanism (all the habits or belief systems). And became who you are today by accumulating life experiences.
Establishing the stable and high self-esteem of child state largely depends on the caregiver or parent who sets the environment for children to grow with love and care. But, not many people have perfect parents or caregiver, therefore, the child forms the of survival mechanism which is an adaptation of the environment and this survival mechanism will last a lifetime with a little or no change.
In other words, Your PSI was in charge of running your life all this time, but it has a tendency to be emotional, extremely selfish and has a narrow vision with strong attachments due to insecurity.
Many people as they get older or have had enough events in their life and are left with all the broken hearted feelings and scars in their mind, or they dislike themselves due to too many failures and many of them have chronic mental or physical problems.
The pain and suffering of life become the fuel and initiating point of self development that begins searching.
They all want to change their life for the better, but do not know what state of mind is better, what to change and how to change.


WSM = Whole Self Mind.

The definition of your whole self-mind is literally your whole self that is including your PSI mind and its top layers which accumulated over your entire life until today.
It is the consensus of your entire mind and body.
It has a tendency and an ability to be logically reasoning and scientific with a wide vision.
It has an ability to see itself from the third party point of view (Impartialness).
It is the whole-self mind that expresses who you are in general, because it represents all of the education and knowledge with your experiences.
It is the data or information base to give you the big picture.
At birth, PSI was the only one in charge of your survival and well-being, but your Whole Self Mind slowly accumulated and experienced the world and becomes a huge data or information base that is 100 times larger than your PSI itself and has enough information to know the world and gives vital recommendations to PSI.
WSM itself is a very large pool of information and can think itself.
In fact, it is the information base for the PSI to steer life correctly for a peaceful life.  
Many people can recognise these extreme ends or duality of the mind.

Ego is your primordial survival instinct (PSI) and whole self-mind (WSM) together in your body.
Your body absolutely depends on your mind and your mind is absolutely depending on your body.
Your ego exists because you have a body in this physical world.
Ego means your individuality in this world.
Many people feel that there is an existence of duality in their mind, as if there is two minds within your body.
That is when your PSI and WSM are not in a harmonious relationship and causing conflict.
You will clearly notice the conflict when WSM gives the most logical and ideal recommendation to PSI but very often PSI will not go by the recommendations and doing something else totally irrational and suffer with the consequence.
The feeling of duality in your mind will disappear when your PSI and WSM are in harmony when there is no more conflict.
What has happened to me?
The ideal way to live your life is, your PSI should listen to your WSM inputs which will give you a variety of reasons with a logic base on the total knowledge processed which is stored in your brain.
So the whole self-mind is in fact running your life harmoniously with PSI holding the steering for life.
However, many people often found that is not the case.
Somehow, PSI has not lived or operated your life properly. Doesn’t PSI stand for the Primordial Survival Instinct?
The PSI should look after your well-being, but many people found that their PSI wasn’t doing the job that is supposed to do, which is look after the body’s well-being.
The PSI has been in charge of the overall function of your body since your birth, therefore you naturally trust and depend on it for your entire life.
Many people typically wake up to find that they were deceived or neglected by PSI.
It is like the first officer and the rest of the shipmates are giving vital recommendations to the captain about the course of life using logic and reasoning, but the captain is not listening and is drunk and playing up with women for many years or almost whole life.
The results of neglecting the whole-self are, many broken hearts and injured minds  from traumatic memories. Also a highly charged emotional state of mind in pain and suffering or many chronic physical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.
In a way, your PSI has become a so called bad ego and the WSM is the good part of your mind or good ego as far as your general well-being is concerned.
Your WSM has all the knowledge of the world and experiences. It tends to be more logical and scientific with the big picture in mind despite being affected by PSI generated emotional energy.
The PSI is saturating your whole self too much with emotional energy and is lost completely, otherwise, many people would naturally wake up to this realisation that their life is in trouble and would have a desire to change.
People with a desire to change, have been woken up and realise that something is not right in their life, this is because WSM can think itself, like knowing the path and walking the path are very different.
So you want to change your life to be peaceful and healthy. The precise reason is your Healthy mind is a Healthy body.
Your PSI should have steered your life towards achieving peace and health but it failed.
Instead, it is lost and causing terrible pain and suffering for itself and others.

What is the problem with my PSI (Bad Ego)?

Your PSI has three problems.
The first problem is, your PSI is stubborn and does not want to change. PSI is willing to die in fighting if you force to change.
The second problem is, the birth personality. You are born with a certain personality and this personality is from your ancestors, which heavily influences your life like a strong habit.
Perhaps, this is very closely related to your PSI. The trait or tendency of your PSI is this inherited birth personality. We call it Ancestral Mind.
Third and the real problem is, your PSI has an emotional energy addiction and cannot free itself from the addiction.
All of your life is geared up for generating emotional energy to feed your addiction.
In other words, you are constantly looking for drama or disguised child tantrum in your life. Your PSI is no longer interested in your well-being anymore because of its addiction to emotional energy.
All it wants is to use you to generate more emotional energy to feed its addiction, regardless of your well-being.
The PSI part of your mind keeps on saturating your body with emotional energy and causes all the organs in your body to work a lot less efficiently, such as liver, kidney, pancreas, thyroid and heart and many others which cause many chronic diseases.
Many diseases are caused by emotional energy saturation of your body and many people are suffering with emotional energy pain.
The PSI is basically simple in nature like the mind of a child, but it is incredibly stubborn and very hard to change.
It is also very sensitive and misunderstood easily and always is in fear which is caused by not knowing who you really are.
The PSI is the last part of your mind to change if you are successful in transforming yourself to peace, happiness and health.
It is no use telling any serious drug user, that your addiction will eventually kill you due to ever increasing dosage of drugs due to your body adapting. They all know the fact that one day they will end up overdosing themselves and die from drug overdose, but they cannot do anything due to the strong power of drug addiction.
The emotional energy addiction has exactly the same power. There is no difference in my opinion.
Most of city people or so called modernised people with stress have an emotional energy addiction and it manifests as many different forms. Such as, constantly looking for new things, new woman or
new man for emotional drama, smoking, alcoholism, gambling and drugs, etc. The greed is another form of emotional energy addiction with fear which is causing the misery of mankind.
I found this a long ago. This is what we have to do to transform your stubborn PSI ego.
You need to cleanse the emotional energy in your mind and body to free your ego from emotional energy addiction. Only then your PSI will have a clear head and listen to your way to transform.
Therefore, our strategy is to talk to your PSI and get consensus, then force the mind cleansing.
We need to use a little bit of force in the beginning, because I learned that there is no use just talking to them due to the strong addictive power of emotional energy.
This is what our mind cleansing study does to you. It will change your PSI mind gently, subtly and gradually with the force of memory cleansing. In this way, your PSI will gradually change and at the same time, it is educated on how to look after your body’s well being properly with less fear.
In our path, the well-being of our body is the most important part. It may sound contrary to other paths, but we clearly know that the body’s health is the direct reflection of your sub-conscious mind.
Therefore, you are a good person if your body is healthy with a glowing radiance of aura.

In Conclusion.
Our Mind Cleansing Study will cleanse your mind and body from emotional energy addiction.
Talking to our bad ego that is our lost PSI mind with love, compassion and care, and at the same time force is used to remove emotional energy by means of memory cleansing technique.
During the path of our mind cleansing study, your PSI mind will learn what the best way to live in this world is.
Once your PSI mind is freed from emotional energy addiction, you will eventually confront and see the reality of what has happened in the past with remorse and acknowledgement and realise how to live this world in the best way. The most evolved forms of living in this world as a human being is to get away from a vertical power system of living which originate from animal instinct of survival of the fittest into the horizontal power system of “Non-Judgement, Non-Attachment and Humility”.
Someone asked “What about the love and compassion?”
The true love and compassion will come naturally when you can live in this world with the above three ways.
Benefit of Our Mind Cleansing Study.
Our mind cleansing study was designed to help cancer patients in the beginning. However, it is now available for everyone who wants to change their life.
It is also the most powerful tool for attaining enlightenment state who wants to experience astral travel or crossing into the Nirvana daily.
Many students in our centre not only change their way of life, but also achieve the experience of being one with the master consciousness daily through astral projection.
We simply call it “Crossing the Event Horizon”. It is an experience that your individual consciousness is merging with God’s consciousness.
It is the state which is very difficult to explain with limited human expression. You must experience it yourself to know what it is.
The purpose of this exercise is to get connected with God’s knowledge to know the secret of the world and to know who you are.
Knowing who you really are will change your life from the core and can live in this world without insecurity and live peacefully with glowing health.
Many students in our path were cured of many forms of chronic disease or inherited conditions.
The whole process is very simple and easy if you truly want to join our path with determination.
It will only take about 6-12 months of study from home with regular attendance of weekly classes.
Anyone can do it!!!
Why not try if this can change your life permanently in a short time?


All things in the Universe the stars, sun, moon and earth are as One and transparent. Only the Human beings deny being transparent, and this is because the Ego mind covers itself in darkness and is lost and suffering. The Earth itself has also been darkened by this dark energy of emotion.
All we have to do is cleanse our ego mind of dark energy by burning off into the Sun. We will become transparent, at one with the Universe, truly happy, and the Earth will also be saved.
We are one with the Universe that is our true origin and life.
A mind cleansing technique that leads to self-enlightenment based on a logical, scientific and the Universe view of the world.
The belief and living practice from self-found knowledge derived from true enlightenment.
End of Introduction, thank you for reading,
The book “Truth Without Delusion” written by Master YoungOne is available.
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