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We have two Introductions and one book for you to read on the left. 

  • YoungOne Meditation Introduction for Extra Sensory world.   
  • YoungOne Meditation Introduction for PSI Mind.   
  • Read the book "Truth Without Delusion"

Life Path of YoungOne Meditation


Complementing Buddhism And Christianity




Three Precepts for peaceful evolution:

Humility, Non-Judgment and Non-Attachment.




 Four Noble Truths of Buddhism in Scientific Terms


1.   Universal Suffering of Human Beings:

 Life is a suffering without knowing the cause of suffering.



2.   The Root of Suffering is Emotional Energy Addiction:

Emotional energy addiction manifests as clinging onto everything (Attachment), and craving for new things (Need to change due to adaptation of same emotional energy which loses its effectiveness of masking the fear of the world; fear exists due to not knowing the true nature of reality that is who I am and why I am here, the purpose of life).


3.   Cessation (Nirvana):

It is possible for suffering to cease and this state of mind is called Nirvana. To attain the Nirvana state, you must attain the ability to enter the Void of Pure emptiness (Sunyata state of the mind). Quick ways to enter this state of mind is through the mind cleansing study.



4.   The Noble Eightfold Path of living:
The solutions for ending of the suffering.



The Noble Eightfold Path:


1.     Right knowledge: Understand Causality and Structure of the Mind

Realise every action of life causes Karma (Cause and Effect; Causality). The Karma or causality is the law of the Universe. Everything exists in Karma. The life of God does not exist without the karma. We are living in the sea of Karma 24 hours and 7 days. We only recognise the bad karma when it happens to us without realising the good karmas are all around us. Therefore be mindful about the Karma in short, middle and long term. The foundation of good karma is to live in our above 3 precepts. The origin of bad karma is at your deep sub-consciousness which is none other than tension of your guilt either that you have created in your current life or inherited from your ancestors.

2500 Years ago Buddha did not speak about what the mind is but we do know now what mind is. Therefore, we can concentrate on mind cleansing to achieve enlightenment state in reasonable time for everyone in the fast moving world. You do not need to be isolated away from your family and society.




2.     Right attitude: Resolve the Blockage of the mind

Realise the strong set of minds (Lump of mind) such as trauma, anger, resentment and greed that blocks your path to peaceful life, which is hidden in your deep mind (sub-consciousness) which becomes your attitude. These lumps of mind or emotional issues are the blockages to entering the Void of the pure emptiness. The strong mind cleansing with four steps of forgiveness process will help to solve the issues.


  3.     Right speech: Talk harmlessly 

Your ego mind which is addicted to emotional energy wants to generate emotional energy by talking with others with emotional issues of judgments. Therefore, watch what comes out of your mouth. The judgments generate emotional energy with conflict from not knowing the true nature of reality. The emotional energies either positive or negative are all addictive and pollute the body.


  4.     Right action: Sanctity of the life

Take responsibility for your action and Uphold the sanctity of life. Do not kill any life unnecessarily. Think about if you are the other party who is trying to escape death. Everything in this world is alive, whether animate or inanimate objects. They are all life of God and has right to live and stay as it is.


  5.     Right livelihood: Avoidance of Harmful Job

Avoid the job that causes harm to oneself and others in short and long term. Try best to do no harm in any case.


  6.     Right effort:

Try your best living in life of consistency and honesty to execute 3 precepts until you die.


  7.     Right mindfulness: Observing

Always watch your ego mind in line with 3 precepts. Your ego mind which addicted with emotional energy craves to be in saturation of emotional energy, so it will get emotional energy and satisfied, but your body will be in pain (due to spasm: tightening) and wants to eliminate the emotional energy, so you will need to dump old used emotional energy to someone else. Then your mind will be in need of another load of new type of emotional energy after dumping because of craving of new types of emotional energy. 


  8.     Right meditation: Mind Cleansing

Always daily clean your mind and body and enter the void.

We are cleansing the Emotional Energy which causes you to become blind and deaf by emotional bias. The emotional energy also saturates your body organs and making them not functioning properly, thus causes the chronic diseases. The emotional energy is stored in your body and your ego mind continuously generates emotional energy to saturate the body. The reason why the ego mind does this is trying to mask the FEAR and emotional energy is automatically generated as an error message of your brain function. It is in error because your brain cannot give you the proper answer about the world with limited knowledge in your brain, which you are continuously entering through the 5 senses input as questions. The emotional energy is act like temporary anti-anxiety medicine, which makes your sensitivity to dull or insensitive to all the inputs.

Therefore the fear and emotion go together, the fear generates emotion and emotion masks fear so worldly life is bearable, but you are in the deadlock of pain and suffering and living in ignorance until you die.



Buddhists do not believe in a Creator God, However, you should understand and realise the existence of Master consciousness of our own universe that we are the part or individual element of the collective consciousness of the Universe.

This is easily realised when you deeply enter the Sunyata, the void of pure emptiness which the Buddha awakened with, that you can feel the consciousness of the pure energy. The pure state of energy the darkness is not just empty. It is full or infinite of thoughts of consciousness itself (the master consciousness or collective consciousness).


Mind Cleansing:

By cleansing your emotional energy will give you clarity of the worldly living and the health of all organs. The clarity is that you are a part of the collective consciousness of a Universe. Therefore, you will be able to live the good life in this world without fear.

We all have a primordial survival instinct as an animal self which gives primordial fear, however, we human beings are intelligent enough to overcome the primordial fear with logic of knowledge and this is what enlightenment study is all about. However, you need to clean up the clouding emotional energy to be that way.

Jesus once said” You have eyes but you cannot see, you have ears but you cannot hear”

Did Jesus and Buddha know about emotional energy pollution? Yes, absolutely, although they may have explained it to the people of those eras as much as what they can understand. Yes, absolutely they knew about the polluting nature of emotional energy. I may now call it emotional energy, but in 500 years’ time they will call it differently for the people who can understand more logically.

However, the mind cleansing will be the key to all the clarity for the true enlightenment.

The Three Precepts of YoungOne Meditation:


1… Humility

It is the state of No pride. Accepting all as it is. You are the lowest in the whole world. To truly attain humility, you must abandon everything in this world and of course you must overcome the fear of death. This is also the state of complete openness of mind.


2… Non-Judgment.

You cannot judge when you have no pride. As long as pride exists, you must judge or compare the situation in life to decide whether fight or flight. The judgment is a part of primordial survival instinct, which manifests differently today in our society as human relationship. However, you will make endless errors (emotional energy) in your process function in your brain when you judge, due to not enough information (reason for life existence or secret of the Universe) being available to make assured decision. Therefore, you cannot make polluting emotional energy when you are in humility without pride.

The state of Non-judgment is only making a choice or selection without generating emotional energy.


3… Non-Attachment.

The pure essence of Buddhism is simply, “Non-Attachment”. Buddha discovered the reason for the human suffering is attachment. There are so many reasons for the attachment in this world. Our Universe exists as an attachment or you can call it love. It is the effect of attraction in which all things in universe tried to do that to survive. Therefore, these phenomena of clinging people call love when it is good for survival and call it attachment when it is against their survival. Therefore, the clinging of attachment or love is a natural phenomenon in our world. In human life, not enough attachment will not sustain life, which will cause death and too much attachment will also cause suffering and painful death. Therefore, the Buddha’s idea of middle way makes a lot of sense for the people who do not understand this fact of science.




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