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Information About Our Path
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Information About Our Path

 Information About Our Path

For Every Student,
We do not separate a student from family, friends and society. Only temporary avoidance of unnecessary talking with people is required while undertaking the mind cleansing study to prevent topping up while emptying. Our path stands for the true love of family, friends and people of the world. We are here to serve the well-being of humanity.
Your individuality is a holy living museum of Gods’ life. Therefore, no-one will ignore your individuality.
Diversity is the life of God. Your non-emotional, logical and scientific thoughts are respected.
This world is the world of God. There is no other world of your fantasy that exists. We encourage everyone to live better and healthier lives in this world.
No-one is above you. We are all equal in the oneness of God. We do not force anyone's obedience unless it is necessary for the humility exercise.
Our path is simple and effective and starts with simple logic to be able to understand the complexity of the Universe easily.
You have no-one but yourself to blame for being lost in ego emotion of pain and suffering. Identifying the issues and forgiving yourself is our path.
We are always open for non-emotional suggestion from outside to minimise misunderstanding of our path to the world.
No-one is rejected or expelled from our path unless a person is interfering with the other student's path.
No flirting is allowed under any circumstances. Flirting is the emotional energy generation and highly destructive to our path. A genuine case is encouraged with the full blessing of the centre only after the study is finished.

About our Guide,
A true teacher does not want to be called ‘Master’ and only to be recognised as a guide. The word Master is only accepted as a meaning of a person who mastered life, which means a person who found the true identity.
A true teacher does not want to be worshipped under any circumstances except for the humility exercise.
A true teacher is not pretentious and does not hide short coming or faults and accepts criticism from others and is not afraid to be criticised. The teacher is only a human-being.
A true teacher encourages the merits of every student as a respect of individuality without any hint of jealousy.
A true teacher is only merely a stepping stone or bridge for the progress in spirituality of students. Therefore, the true teacher expects students to be evolved better than the teacher who taught them.
A true teacher protects and encompasses the mistakes of students with logical reasons. A true teacher does not blame the mistake on the students.
A true teacher is always waiting for the students to come back from wandering. It is an attachment called love.
A true teacher will always guide students on a safe path and does not put students in any danger. It is not rushed unless there is a logical and necessary reason.
A true teacher does not try to take advantage of the pain and suffering of a student but only guide to identifying the reasons of pain and suffering, and eliminate it with mind cleansing study.
You are welcome to be our member and get support as long as you wish. You are also welcome to leave us in peace and free will at any time. No one here will block you coming or hold you leaving,
We have non-interference and non-attachment policy, we will not pursue you if you decide not to continue our path.
May the Pure Energy be with you and guide you with love
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