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Internet Meditation

Internet Meditation

Internet Meditation Classes

 Internet Meditation is done through Skype. It is an interactive classes, which is run by our guides.

Each class will last for an hour. It will be split into two sections; first half hour is spent on the meditation techniques, and member issues and experiences. The second half of the session is spent on the meditation.

You are welcome to join any sessions in any time zones available to you and as many sessions as you can whilst you are a paid member.

The YoungOne meditation method is divided into three stages:

Mind cleansing stage: Cleansing your mind of your accumulated emotions in the memories to date.

This stage is to cleanse your mind and eliminate your judgment.
It starts by erasing your personal emotions using defuse technique that is hiding in your memories within your sub-conscious mind. With this cleansed mind, you will further improve by eliminating your judgments (eliminating your conceptual mind or belief system) so that you will become non judgmental.

Body cleansing stage: Cleansing your ancestral mind.
Once your mind has been purified, we will focus on cleansing your thickest part of mind that is your physical body.
This stage is to cleanse your body by purifying your cell's DNA structure to its original blueprint so that you have cleansed and purified your body (body is ancestral mind).

Awakening stage: Crossing the Event Horizon.    
You will be completely cleansed after two stages of cleansing your mind and body, and then we will guide you to the world of pure energy (crossing the Event Horizon, crossing the line of heaven or achieving enlightenment).
The final stage of our meditation will all be up to the individual's effort, some will reach heaven very quickly within a few months and others will take up to a year to attain enlightenment.

Further details of the stages will be forwarded to you with a starter pack including mind cleansing stage help sheet when you subscribe.

Click on the Internet Meditation Timetable tab on the right and nominate a suitable time for you.

To join, please complete the payment of subscription by clicking the Payment button (please make sure to put the correct name and email address to contact you).

We will contact you soon to organize time for introduction and start one on one class (at least 3 private sessions are required before joining the group).

Please make inquiries to if you have any questions.

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