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Read the Book "Truth Without Delusion"

Read the Book "Truth Without Delusion"



Truth without Delusion: Renewed Enlightenment for Humanity
Published by YoungOne Naturopath Clinic, Sydney, Australia
First Published in Australia 2010
Copyright © 2009 by Hyoung Jeon
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.
National Library of Australia.
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Jeon, Young.
Truth without Delusion: Renewed Enlightenment for Humanity.
ISBN 978-1-921673-30-6

Spiritual life
 Authors legal Name: Hyoung Jeon, used in publication: Young Jeon

Meditation Teacher name: YoungOne



A mind cleansing technique that leads to self enlightenment based on a logical, scientific and Universe view of the world.

The belief and living practice from self-found knowledge derived from true enlightenment.


Three Ways to Enlightenment: Mind of Purity, Faith and Humility



Study and Teaching of Master YoungOne


The one who can go over one’s own ego self completely is the bravest person in the entire world and the whole world of the past, present and future will kneel down to you. God and All the Saints and Teachers will appear and whisper to you so you shall know all the secrets of the world.

Do read this book if you dare to eat the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. No, I am not a snake or devil but an angel, but you decide my friend, because there are no such things.

The Mind Cleansing Study 

It is the time for us to come out of this glorified form of animal life living

Breaking out from Old Stone Age Concept of Spiritualities

You don’t have to be a chosen one to be an enlightened person, You can also be an Enlightened person

Free yourself from guilt

God does not make any judgments. It is we who on behalf of God, make judgments

This book is dedicated to all religions, spiritual teachings and seekers of the truth. It will help people from all walks of life find a shorter path to God.

Here is a quick and true way to Enlightenment. The search for Nirvana ends here.

How do you know God exists? The real answer is here in this book.

 God is only the one being of this Universe that is “All the matter in the Universe is the mind of one God-self”.

We are in the dream of God. You cannot escape being God because you are in the realm of God.

Pure Energy = Universe = Divine = Creator = God = Buddha = Allah = Truth = Heaven = Nirvana = You = I

Have you been looking for the God’s Heaven? You are living in it right now!


Why Do I need to read this book?

You will read this book if you have been searching for permanent peace and health.

You will read this book if you have been searching for the answer to age old questions,
“Why am I here and who am I?”

You will read this book if you have been searching to find true freedom.

You will read this book if you have been searching for easy and true enlightenment.

You will read this book if you have been searching to live forever.

You will read this book if you have been searching to know what your mind looks like.

You will read this book if you have been searching for heaven and how to get there while you are still alive.

You will read this book if you have been searching to know what God really is.

You will read this book if you have been searching for the answer “How do you know God exists?”


Beginning of Knowledge


Acknowledgments. 10

A message to Young folks. 11

Introduction. 13

1. The Secret of Happiness. 19

2. Lost Sentient Being. 27

3. Technology Without Spirituality. 31

4. Rise and Fall of Civilisation. 36

5. Five Main Reasons for Human Suffering. 40

     (1) Ignorance About the True Nature of Reality. 41

     (2) Aversion to One’s Inner Voice. 42

     (3) Losing Yourself to Your Own Ego. 43

     (4) Attachment - Holding On To the Energy of Suffering. 46

     (5) Fear of Death through the Process of Dying. 47

6. What God Looks Like?. 51

     What is Ego?. 55

7. What Does My Mind Look Like?. 59

8. What and Where is My Spirit?. 61

9. Where Do I Come From?. 66

10. Why Am I Here?. 67

11. Who am I?. 69

12. Where Am I Going?. 73

13. What is the Structure of Our Mind?. 76

14. What is Stress?. 81

15. What is Inside of Our Subconscious Mind?. 87

16. What is Original Sin?. 92

17. Where are Hell and Heaven?. 95

18. What is Enlightenment and How to Get There?. 98

     How to Get There?. 105

     A simple way to understand what enlightenment is: 107

     There is no such thing as inside and outside. 108

19. Finding the Fountain of Youth. 109

20. True Resurrection. 112

21. God is True Darkness. 114

22. God is True White Light 116

23. Holy Trinity, the Engine of Creation. 118

24. What are Evolution and Creation?. 126

     Answering the Call of Atheism.. 129

25. What is Cancer and How to Cure it?. 133

     Origin of Cancer in terms of modern medicine. 133

     My findings of the origin of Cancer and treatment: 135

26. Suicide- is it Worth it?. 143

27. Secrets of Ghosts and Haunted Houses. 146

28. At Which Point Does a Foetus Receive the Spirit?. 156

29. Reincarnation and Karma - the Most Followed Belief 158

     In the beginning. 158

     The way I used be. 158

     Found. 159

     You got confused. 160

     Now, let’s think about you as the Ocean. 162

     What is reincarnating?. 164

     Conclusion. 165

     My plea. 168

30. Truth without Delusion. 170

     Our Identity is in Crisis, 170

     Secret of God’s Life, the True Concept of Universe. 172

     Body of God (Pure energy) 173

     Mind of God (Universe of matter) 173

     What about Reincarnation and Karma?. 174

     Karma. 175

     Our fate. 176

     What is Heaven and why do we bother?. 178

31. Progress of Human Spirituality. 180

     Stage 1: Primitive stage of spirituality. 180

     Stage 2: New Age spirituality or Cosmic humanism. 181

     Stage 3: Age of True enlightenment. 182

32. Are we alone?. 184

33. The Planet Earth is Heaven. 187

34. A Message From Heaven. 190

     The Conversation with Collective Consciousness. 190

     The Awakening of True Intelligence. 193

35. Our Mind Cleansing Study to Achieve Enlightenment 197

     Most Important Thing to Remember! 197

     Overview of Mind Cleansing Technique. 197

     Details of Mind A stage Mind Cleansing. 201

     Tips and Hints About Mind Cleansing Study. 206

     Why Must We Destroy Happy Emotions Too?. 207

     How to Burn Your Ego Mind Effectively. 208

     The Core of Mind Cleansing Technique in Sequence. 212

     Why We Must Eliminate Ourselves Before Meditation. 213

36. About Master YoungOne. 215

37. Waking Up From the Dream.. 218

38. Collection of My Letters. 222

39. Words from Heaven. 229

     Summary of the Secret Answered. 236

40. True Freedom.. 241

41. Philosophy for Humanity. 243


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For their invaluable assistance in the completion of this book, I am indebted to all my friends, who helped me all the way to the end. My unending gratitude goes to everyone who helped me out with the single purpose in mind: to advance of the spirituality of humanity - which they have found. My unending appreciation also goes out to my wife and teacher who led me to the way of salvation and the new world. Without her, I would not have come this far. I am eternally grateful to many of my teachers who sent me the impulse energies of knowledge from Heaven: Ramakrishna, Jesus of Nazareth, Vivekananda and Jiddu Krishnamurti, and from this world, a nameless old man and all the masters who taught me. With these saints teaching I was able to complete a mind cleansing technique for modern people and times.

Most of all, I am eternally grateful for the creator who made this Universe and lets me exist as an individual being. Thanks to the life, what a wonderful life!


A message to Young folks

 I found that many young people do not want to know about spirituality. I asked young people the reason: “why don’t you like religions or spirituality?”

Many of you said,

“I hate the word God or Jesus”,

“Not interested because it doesn’t make any sense”,

“Too far-fetched and unrealistic”,

“I was forced to go to church by my parents, but they are no different compared to people who are not going to church, it didn’t seem much different, they still fought and divorced, and also I heard about many church people doing naughty things”,

“It’s a delusion!”

“How do you know God even exists? Show me evidence, and then I will believe it”,

“I tried, but I didn’t feel any change in me, so I feel it was a waste of time”,

“I can get good feelings from Amphetamines or Marijuana, I don’t need them, I just want to live out life as it is”,

“Religion, spirituality, what is that? What’s it for? Honestly, tell me what is God?”

It seems many young people have some kind of stigma attached to religion or spirituality.

Many of you seem to dislike the word God.

I feel the intense objection about spirituality from young people because of the way the world is. It is we who are responsible for the way young people think about the current world.

All young people are born with a highly developed 21st century brain but our current world is not catering for their needs. It is hard work for young people to change the world as they ideally want it to be. It is such a shame what we have to show to these young people - our current world. All young people can see is intense ego-self life living with no meaning and no proper spirituality. They do not understand why we are living in the world, as it is. There is just no hope for many young people who don’t fit into the current spiritual teachings.

Many young people are in need of more love and care. We understand what they need but are unable to help them because we are just as lost as they are.

We have to remember young people’s brain capacity is better than adults in many ways. Overall, we are not exemplary models to them. Many young folks are very frustrated. The way we act and live does not show anything to be proud of, because we can’t answer their simple questions such as, “How do you know God exists?”,” What is God?” in clear terms so they understand.

The pure energy, Universe, Creator, Divine, God, Buddha, Allah and Heaven have exactly the same meaning. Each of these terms describes the true world. It describes who you are. It describes the meaning of life.

I use the word God, here for only one reason, because it is a short word. Instead of saying Pure Energy, I say God because it is easy to describe pure energy in a shorter term that is all.

So if you see I use the word God then you should automatically see it as the Pure Energy then you have no problem. Remember, this book is not meant be anti-religion, this book is only meant be the book of truth in a logical and scientific way without delusion, so it has nothing to do with “anti”.

I hope this book will speak to a broad range of people of all walks of life. There is nothing wrong with religions that teach about truth, except that they don’t know how to get there. That is the problem. That is why they cannot show you the clear way and a clear answer. So I ask you young people, forgive us, the older generation, for the way the world is and read on because your 21st century brain can be more encompassing and has more tolerance than ours.


 The purpose of this book is to clarify and break the current deadlock and the stumbling block of spirituality and to show you the true reality of this world without mythical, illogical and unscientific delusions, and most importantly, to help you understand how to achieve enlightenment.

I assure you by the time you finish reading this book, you will understand the whole secret of the world we are living in without old myths and unscientific delusions, which have trapped us for the thousands of years in a lost wilderness of spirituality. I do not have any formal education or hold any degrees in the field of quantum physics, metaphysics and I have no religious training, and neither have I a lifetime dedication to spirituality.

I was an extremely selfish man with pure dedication to a self-steering life, living in a stubborn way and living with guilt feeling brought on by religious teaching in my early childhood. Perhaps I am describing modern city people just like you, who know what is right and wrong but must go on regardless. I am just an ordinary bloke like you but have had enough strife in my life, having been there and done that with my heart broken too many times, completely disappointed. So I decided to find the purpose of life with full dedication of my remaining life energy.

I spent and lost my life in self-taught electronics in my early days but in my late 30s, I was in the field of Natural Therapy, where I always wanted to be in the first place. Like any other job I had, I was highly dedicated. For the last nearly 30 years, I have mainly concentrated on finding the causes of Cancer and other chronic diseases. The “why” was the main focal point of research for me, and eventually I found what causes Cancer, but I couldn’t do anything about it because the Cancer is the disease of the deep seated subconscious mind.

Cancer is an incurable disease, unless I can change the deep core of the person’s personality. Years went by, and then one day one of my friends told me at the medical school that meditation could change a person’s personality. I had had the same thought for a long time but all my attempts with ordinary, or conventional meditation did not produce any noticeable effects.

I gave up searching for the most effective meditation but in 2002 my wife introduced me to a meditation group. They were using a method, which had the potential to change one’s personality and so my pursuit continued in that direction for a few years until I had perfected the mind cleansing technique to cure cancer.

During the development of my meditation technique, so many deep metaphysical experiences happened to me that I could no longer ignore my conscience that I am keeping these secrets only to myself. Out there in the world, people are living in pain and suffering because of not knowing these.

I found so many deep secrets of the world, and one of the most striking realisations was that the whole world was living in the lost wilderness of spirituality. We are living in the modern world of superior material technology, and yet our spirituality is still in the wilderness of the Stone Age or shall I say it is still in infancy. I realised these material technologies can be quite dangerous in the hands of spiritually lost people who are controlled by ego self-centred mind.

What we lack is the general public enlightenment that is in need desperately today for the people who are with unending greediness thinks superior arms' technology, a nuclear or biological weapons is the way to survive with lots of material wealth to support it. I was in deep thought for a long time about what to do. It was no longer only just for the Cancer patients. The whole world can benefit, the world needs to know and learn this simple technique to be enlightened.
What would happen if I told this secret to the world? Would they ridicule and persecute me? Or would they accept it with open arms? I found that the world couldn’t take this truth. They are not ready yet.

There was an old common belief in Eastern culture I still remember. It had been told by many old masters,

“It is not the will of God for everyone to know the secret of the Heaven. God will punish who dares to reveal the secret to people”

Of course many people I know told me the same.

At a young age, I was always curious and asked why God would do that. Do you mean God would not want to see people living in peace and happiness? It sounded like another Adam and Eve story that God forbade them to eat a certain fruit because that fruit will improve their eyesight and get to know the secret of God, which will threaten the authority of God. I always thought, “Why would God even create such a forbidden fruit in the first place and let us fall into temptation?” To me the existence of the fruit was the problem.

The devil or snake is innocent. What would happen is inevitable, because of the existence of forbidden fruit. It is not the fault of Eve or the Snake, it is the fault of God, who made the fruit in the first place. And I used to draw my own conclusion, that either God was not such an omnipotent being after all or there was a hidden agenda that God or followers don’t want to reveal to us. Maybe nobody knows why.

That used be my conclusion when I was young. I had no problem believing God’s ability when I was looking at the night sky, saw wonders of magnificent creation of the world - only the hidden purpose was the problem. For that matter, I do know some group or sect of religious people who have been keeping this secret for almost a thousand years and guarded with their life because, perhaps, they were fearful of God’s punishment.

I was having a long thought about this with a conflict within my mind. One night Heaven whispered to me with the soft energy of impulse in my deep meditation, telling me I have to do this regardless of my ego self thought. It made me decide and commit fully. I had the brightest smile in my entire life. I have sacrificed so much for this since then. What I am revealing here in this book is well ahead of its time, but it is my heavenly duty to do so.

Because the world will eventually come to this truth someday if we survived, someone will have to start from somewhere, and that someone might as well be me and somewhere is here and now. So here I am.

 Read this book if you dare to eat the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. No, I am not the snake or devil but an angel.

You decide my friend, because there are no such things.

This book is not intended to show our negative side at the beginning, rather I am trying to point out the mere facts and the solutions about what we must do for the survival of the human race. I do not wish to pass judgments of what is wrong or right. What I am trying to do is to point out, using a logical and scientific way, my conclusions and make clear what is going on in the reality of this world.

I always say this to people…

“God does not make judgments, it is we who on behalf of God make judgments”.

I have tried to avoid using complicated terms and technical theories as much as I can, so we can all enjoy reading this book of truth without being distracted, have a headache or lose interest due to too many references. Instead you will find what is written here is Logical and Scientific in nature naturally.

I don’t think I have the ability in English 100%, simply because English is not my native language. And yet it became my first language by just living in beautiful Australia for more than 33 years. I am simply trying to touch your heart. That is your Real-Self and not your egoistic judgmental self. Therefore, if you find any errors in my writing you will just have to simply forgive me and read on.
Despite many having offered to edit and polish, I have made no attempt to ask someone else to edit or rewrite to polish up what I have written except proof reading to correct grammatical errors. The book would lose its true intention or energy if I did that, which to me is more important. You receive my exact feelings as you read: that is as much as this book can bring my feelings to you.

You may also notice many sentences of same meaning are repeated everywhere in this book. I don’t make apologies for that if somehow I can make one more person to understand what I am trying to say by repeating.

The whole book is based on my journey to Heaven. That is what I saw and understood when I crossed the Event Horizon and went down very deep to the point: where my own conscious mind was replaced with God’s collective consciousness. As I said before, I don’t have any formal education or knowledge in the field of spirituality. What I have written in this book, the entire contents have come from Heaven.

I am only a man who is interpreting what I saw and understood to the best of my ability as precise as I can be, in an ego selfless way. I was barely present when I was writing this book because someone or some being got hold of me and used me to write this book. I often discovered I went into the almost total trance state and the time flowed like water until I woke up and discovered many pages had been written.

It was an unexpected shock and horrible for me to realise the whole world was in the mess of spirituality that so many theories of myth, legend and delusion of true and false were all mixed up in the soup of current religion and spiritual teachings. I have to be very careful when I talk to people who are in this field of spirituality.

I easily offended a person who was in the field of spiritual teaching for their entire life because I was unwittingly suggesting that they had been living in delusion for their entire life. And I also have noticed the intense resistance from the field of already established spirituality, about my teachings. But, I cannot hold this truth to myself any longer. People need to know. I am only trying to write the whole book in a pure logical and scientific way.

All religions and spiritual teachings are right, only the problem is, how do I get there? How soon can I get there?

Can I ever get there at all, for true peace and happiness?

Can I ever get to see the signs or the light of God before I depart from this world? That was the problem.

Many people I have met knew what I taught and said this was a completely new and unique way of approaching true, reality without delusions, hence the title of this book, “Truth without Delusion”.

This book is designed to be casual if you like or very intense with deep meanings as deep as to the end of knowledge.

It is to the end of knowledge because knowing who you are is the ultimate knowledge that finally ends your search and becomes your resting place.

Try to remember, the truth is so simple, it is so simple that people can’t believe it because their ego says it can’t be true because it is too simple (too little in quantity of expectation by ego demand).

One has to realise that at least once in a lifetime one must look for, or try to find where we come from, why we are here and where we are going, without delusions.

I have the deepest compassion for people who are suffering for no reason and live their life meaninglessly without knowing who they really are. Loss of our identity is the main reason why we are suffering in this world.

Knowing truth is great power that empowers your life and gives you true happiness in infinite depth. It is also my finding that the more you are educated or in the possession of more knowledge, the more closed your mind is.

I would not have published this book if this book wasn’t leading you to the true enlightenment. Otherwise it would be another theory book of delusion which you have seen so many in recent years. The mind cleansing technique which I describe here works. It is the purist form of technique to cleanse your mind to the enlightenment, no delusions of any kind are allowed for the way to the enlightenment. And yet it is affordable to everyone without any diversions of huge life time sacrifice. One example of the living evidence is myself.

I was a person who was lost in this material world in suffering but found a way out and formed the quickest way to enlightenment and am trying to share with everyone for ultimate peace and happiness. This mind cleansing technique should be the foundation of all the spirituality, because it will prepare your soul for whatever spiritual journey you want to take by eliminating all the thought noises in your mind to discover your true self.

It does not matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or even for Atheist whatever spirituality you have. So my friends, open your mind, put your differences aside and just read on. You will discover what I am really talking about.


1. The Secret of Happiness

 According to all the Saints and Teachers from East and West throughout the centuries in our history of humanity, we are thought to be born with all the rights and ability to live life free, plentifully and happy.

However, unfortunately, the majority of people are living life in the opposite way. Many people would love to spend some time in their life trying to figure out the reason why.

Why can’t I get what I want? What kind of secret or force is behind and controlling us?

What must I do to get true happiness?

Everyone keeps one’s own world inside of their mind, which is formed by family upbringing, education, morals of society and the most importantly the information or experience accumulated through living in five senses world. Everyone reaches one’s own level of understanding about this world and believes this is my only justified world. And also expect everyone has the same view about the world.

In the world of what you believe, you do not have the answers about where you come from, meaning of life and most importantly who am I. Because the information you have accumulated in this world is not enough to tell you what is truth.

The truth is so close to us, but we don’t realise easily and are wondering why. The simple answer is because we have lost the connection with our Real-Self within. We only have very weak connections with our Real-Self and something is blocking us from seeing our Real-Self.
Many people know and feel the right way to live but are unable to follow the right way.
It seems that we don't have enough power within ourselves to move in the right direction.

Everyone knows one truth without exception that we are all following the law of physics in this world of birth, life and death.

Nothing will exist outside of this law of physics and there are no exceptions.

All creations in the Universe follow this basic principle of the law of physics that is repeating cycles of birth, living life and death that always have a beginning and an end.

You and I are born and will someday, die. Even the Earth, the Sun and our Galaxy will someday disappear. Everything has a definite beginning and an end.

But, the eternal and infinite Universe has no beginning and end, the true Universe is pure emptiness that brings out everything and reclaims it back in due course.
All the inorganic and organic life forms included in this world manifested from the only single source, and that is pure energy.

All of our fortunes and misfortunes, death and life precisely uphold this law of physics in the Universe and our Real-Self in the subconscious understands this law completely.

Our Real-Self knows all the secrets and history of the Universe, as does our body, which also has complete records of all the ancestral history of experiences.

A verse from the Christian Bible says, “You are the holy temple of God”. My interpretation of this is literally, “You are the living Museum of God’s holy life on display”.

Our body is the manifestation of an infinitesimally small part of an almost infinitely wide spectrum of vibrations of the Universe. This infinitesimally small part of manifestation is appearing through our five senses as the body. Therefore, what you see is not our entire Real-Self.

Our body, the individual spirit should have the ability to transcend time and space to know, all the history of the universe which immeasurable and countless, far distances, happenings of past, present and future and all matter and every place in this Universe. However, we don’t perceive and realise this easily, for some reason. It’s as if there is a blockage somewhere in our mind.

The reason for the blockage is because of the existence of Our Conceptual Mind. This is the collection of our life living thoughts that are derived from experiences of what I call ‘the five senses world’. And these are interfering or disrupting the connection to our Real-Self, like background noise, which obscures vision to see and feel our Real-Self. Therefore, lack of influence from Real-Self to our life makes us lose the way of life in truth.

Literally, millions of your life living experiences and thoughts are generating countless sparks of impulses and these impulses sound like thought noises when they are all pooled together.

This background thought noise level is too high for modern people. Each thought noise also carries emotional energy, which, in the logical life of your Real-Self is interfered with emotional bias. All emotions put together in your thought patterns are what we call individual personality.

Many of our profound five senses experiences are recorded into our body cell’s DNA as vibrations.

Our body is an expression of our deep subconscious mind, and this subconscious mind is from our Real-Self, which is the origin of all things in this world. It is the most powerful and eternal pure energy.

As we all know, all creations, including our body in this Universe are formed of atoms, comprising electrons, neutrons and protons. These three basic elements are positively and negatively charged energy in vibration, all in balance.

Forever vibrating in perfect balance, these three elements are the building blocks of the Universe and are the mind of God or the mind energy, as a physicist Albert Einstein tried to describe.

The body and mind are formed with multitudes of so many vibrating energies manifested from the energy of eternal Real-Self that is the Pure Energy.

 Some vibration is so high in frequency that it would not register to our five senses but some are so low that they will register to our five senses as matter or body so that we can now feel and see.

In other words, the body is the expression of your mind energy. Therefore, most of our experiences in our life are recorded into our body cell’s DNA like computer information recording. This will remain with you and will be inherited through to your descendants forever as the ongoing living museum of God's holy life on display.

All life living experiences (information) are coming through our five senses to our brain for processing and stored in our subconscious mind.

We are not aware or cannot see our subconscious mind, but all of our life living experiences are there since our birth alongside our ancestor’s life living experiences together, to run our life.
In other words, our life is living through our subconscious mind and all of our life commands are coming from our subconscious mind.
Our thoughts and actions are determined mainly through these five senses from information input, but too much and too fast information input, without proper processing will accumulate and act like floating noises in our mind and these noises will make our mind mucky and confused.

And this mucky mind will make us lose and obscure our Real-Self that will lead us into a lost and confused way of life as a result.

This mucky mind-self will form a strong part of ego mind in our subconsciousness.

Therefore, everyone wants freedom and happiness but their life is going opposite to what they want, because they are led by that noisy and mucky subconscious mind.

And these strong sparks or noises of so many thoughts are pooled tightly together to become your notion, concept or survival mechanism, I call it a ”lump of mind”, and this is my definition of the conceptual mind.

This lump of mind is like another life form inside of us, which tries to sustain itself by radiating or giving off more sparks. The sparks become unending greediness and desire with short-sightedness, which is typical of ego-self characteristics.

All the saints and teachers have taught it in different ways since humanity has existed but at the core of these teachings directly or indirectly, whether they knew or not, was to remove or cleanse the false conceptual mind from our subconscious mind that is formed by the five senses life living.

Our Real-Self is unchanging and pure, but our conscious, subconscious mind and the body are soaked with a multitude of bad energy of emotions caused by living with impure conceptual mind. Our vision and understanding of ourselves will become clearer naturally if we reduce the multitudes of conceptual thought energies in us. This state, we call Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not attained by reading, hearing, memorising or understanding. Enlightenment is not attained by reading or studying the Holy Scriptures, the Bible or Sutras, nor is it attained by memorising and reciting mantras thousands of times. None of these really help to attain enlightenment.

The practice of ordinary Meditations such as relaxations, Yoga, Chakra practice, Chi circulation, Abstinence, Penance or Prayer will help you to attain enlightenment but not easily. There is no need for any academic degrees or diplomas of philosophical knowledge.
The more you have accumulated knowledge the more effort you have to make to erase this strong conceptual mind. The main reasons why we don't have many enlightened human beings on this planet is because we used to believe that enlightenment is only for the chosen people who must have the clean mind at birth and devote their entire life to attain it. We simply didn't understand the structure of our mind, because of the old entrenched concepts of illogical and unscientific based belief that is enforced by major religions.

To attain enlightenment you must process two important stages that are, to eliminate the conceptual mind that generates noises as your lump of mind and to eliminate the noises coming from the DNA of every cell in your body. These are the noises of your ancestor’s lives.

In other words, you are clearing out the noises that are interfering and confusing to your Real-Self’s signal pathways.

Because we have a highly sophisticated thought structure in nature, detailed, logical, scientific and systematic methods are the only quick way to cleanse the conceptual mind noises in ourselves.

Only after this cleansing process can you uncover the Real-Self and start experiencing Heaven's way. This is what we call Crossing the Event Horizon, which is the initial stage of Enlightenment.

This is not a religion, myth or a bag of tricks, it is only pure logic and science.

It is the result of concerted effort of many scientists and saints of the early 20th century and the wishes of the majority of people on this planet to find a better way of life.
There is no existence of a separate Supreme Being to judge and punish your life. Rather, you are the one causing your own disappointment and unhappiness because of your thoughts and actions that are generated by the conceptual mind made noises from your lump of mind. And this conceptual mind always interferes with your right signal path to the Real-Self.

We must understand that there is a larger scale of unseen energies at work than what you see and feel.
You will be deeply grateful for everything around you and cherish every moment of your life in happiness when you discover and become true mind. Your life will be smooth and relaxed, without scarcity.

Nothing will make you disappointed by failure, and you will not be ruled over by anything.

The way of life in true mind is not only always free and happy but also has the good energy to influence others too.

Therefore, enlightenment will bring charity, neighbourly love and acts of compassion naturally, which will become a natural part of your life.

Jesus said, “Do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing" That is pure unconditional love without expecting anything in return. There is no ego involved there because the ego will always want something in return.

Whatever you do, do it without any feeling of actually doing it on purpose.

If you observe people around you, whether they realise or not, you will find the person who has less greed and no attachment, will attain more freedom, happiness and good health with longer life expectancy. Prosperity and abundance are not just having more money and material: it is the abundance of true happiness in your life and prosperity as an enlightened being.

All life in this world tries to maintain its survival and this survival effort will influence other lives in small or large ways. The non-human life forms in this planet will only take what they need, but the human life is not coinciding with the natural way of life. The selfish human lifestyles in this planet caused many untold devastations to other life forms because the population is growing with technology that has only looked after the self-interest of human life, thus far.
The lifestyle that is not the way of life in truth will always meet resistance and create conflict in subconscious mind individually and collectively.
And in view of that, the way of your life in truth perfectly fits with the laws of physics in this Universe and that is also how it is in the enlightened person’s life naturally.

Many old Chinese sages knew that people who do live their lives in line with the laws of Universe will prosper otherwise they will eventually perish by their own actions (Karma).

The lifestyle of enlightened people is always smooth, happy and very helpful to the world but the enlightened person is not aware of anything special because it is the always natural way of life for him.

All the good teachers throughout the history of humanity taught the way to enlightenment hence making sure that the Real-Self is in command of the person’s life. The core of that teaching was to reduce the strong conceptual mind, which is created by the intense five senses living.

Many people are looking for ways to achieve perfect health. The reason people are getting ill is because their mind and body are not in harmony with their Real-Self by maintaining a strong lump of mind. Your mind and body should always be in harmony. Therefore, you cannot achieve health without a healthy and clean mind. People these days rely heavily on modern medicine to achieve health without much success.

The origin of all illnesses comes from your deep mind. Therefore, you cannot heal your illness without first properly healing your mind.

People who have attained enlightenment do not get ill easily because the way of life in truth does not generate any harmful emotions. They have strong, pure, bright and clean energy within, which illuminates and heats up all the dark, cold corners inside of them, making healing easier.

Each life, like a snowflake is precious and unique, and never the same. It only lives once. Enlightenment is more urgent now than ever before. It is the only way for people to live in this world with true happiness. It is the only way this Heavenly planet will survive.

Enlightenment is no longer only for the chosen people.
It is not a mythical old legend.
It is real in Pure Science and Logic.

The Secret of Happiness is for everyone on this planet to attain Enlightenment by simply eliminating the False Conceptual Mind and move towards a better future, thus making this planet a true Heaven. That is what the Universe originally intended.

2. Lost Sentient Being

Present world.

Are we really lost?

The history of humanity reveals so many traits of lost sentient being activities. In spite of that we proudly define ourselves as sentient beings. What is the meaning of “sentient being?”

My definition of a sentient being is one having a life that establishes intelligent behaviour patterns of self-awareness such that mind and body are as one with Universe.

Are dogs or cats sentient beings? Who decides this?

I like to point out, we human beings who read this book right now, are the same species. We communicate and acknowledge one another’s existence at a similar level. Mind you, we don’t exactly recognise one another at an equal level. Rather, we use other human being’s quality of existence as a comparison to our own lifestyle and thus have confirmation of our own existence. Other beings I have mentioned, such as dogs, cats or any other life forms don’t have this strange trait of describing themselves as sentient beings.

But, this is only our point of view. Other species, who are aware of their own existence will not call themselves sentient beings, rather they consider themselves as just co-existing life forms and have a pure relationship with their surrounding environment.

I sometimes feel Dogs’ or Cats’ thoughts. They are so in tuned with nature, it makes me feel ashamed to be a Human being because of their purity of being transparent to the Universe as one.

This means they naturally recognise they are one with Universe without a second thought.

They just follow natural instinct: they just eat when they are hungry, and they sleep when they are tired and are playful when they need to be amused and many are just so unconditionally faithful to their friends who give them a little love and care. Whatever they do they do not raise conflict within their minds, therefore, do not generate bad emotional energy. They love their natural environment silently, softly, with no greed attached. Even when some of them become aggressive in nature, they are only mirroring their environment, usually created by greedy human activities, which causes stress.

However, when a lion makes a kill and eats the prey the lion does not have a guilty conscience, believing that he has sinned. Even if a lion killed you and ate you, the lion would not have a guilty conscience, like “I have just killed a human being”.

Well, some will say it is because they do not have an intelligent mind: that is why they are not sentient beings.

Can human beings with full intelligence live in purity like them at all?

Of course we can, we should be able to do better than them. Aren’t we the sentient beings? Humans have far more intelligence and sophistication of mind than Dogs or Cats. Of course we can exercise far more purity and compassion, we just need to be awakened and realise where we are.

Have we progressed with clarity in mind?

What is progress? Why do we have to progress or grow always? Can we just live and enjoy what we have achieved so far? And can we also stop and look around and clean up all the mess we have made?

Why do we have to make economic progress always?

Some have said that I don’t understand economics. Before I consider and discuss economics in detail, what I am just pointing out is the system and life style we have developed and are using so far.

Can we just slow down a little, look around, and find where we are now?

We have developed a lot of technology that is racing far ahead of our spirituality. Some have said that technology without spirituality is suicide. How right it is… there were many civilisations before us that went the same way to self-destruction naturally.

Our current civilisation may go the same way.

How do I determine this? It is not difficult to see what we are doing to our environment and making it worse while continually debating the truth of current calamities that we are facing.

Our egoistic social structure is not doing enough to protect our future survival for future generations.

What are the typical characteristics of ego? The characteristics of ego include narrow vision. That is, I don’t care or don’t want to know that our very own planet is dying, the foundation of life is eroding, disappearing. I just worry about my business and my investment. Is this not typical narrow vision?

How about greediness the greed that never ends?

There is one very important thing that people living in this “five senses world” don’t realise: the secret of the energy at work. Unseen and hidden, yet it works infinitely more powerfully than what they can see.

Our mother Earth is in pain and is angry. Our beloved planet (?) is slowly being poisoned by our bad energy.

The energy of human collective consciousness in this planet is dark, and it is slowly poisoning our Earth.

We are only living in the five-sense world.  We are only concerned about what we see: the polluted environment and other signs. Even then, many people seem not too worried.

However, the people’s bad energy is the one area people cannot see, and it is more important than carbon gas emissions and global warming.

I often see the program on TV about a meteorite that may hit the Earth and our civilisation would be finished in one stroke of bad luck.

Or, a Super Volcano erupts, and blankets the Earth with gas and ash, thus bringing another ice age or runaway green house effect upon us, to end our civilisation.

Some people or some governments are actually preparing for how to survive those harsh times and trying to do something about it just in case it really happens, like what happened during the cold war such as making shelters and other contingency plans out of fear of nuclear attack and mutual destruction.

However, is that the best you can do? How long would you be able to survive? Even if you have survived would you prefer the world where everything is destroyed, and we have practically gone back to the Stone Age?

The ideas of “I don’t care about others as long as I survive alone” would be distinctively showing off an egoistic mentality that is rabid in our planet.

We must clearly understand the disasters such as meteorites, tsunamis and super volcanoes as things happening not based on bad luck. We have a tendency to put all bad luck and accidents into one basket and call them random acts of God, because we can’t be bothered to find the real causes. But it is strictly and purely based on the laws of physics in this Universe. It is the intricate connections of energy at work.

Have you ever heard someone saying, “Like attracts like”?

Indeed, we do have those laws of attraction happening on a large scale.

Rather than someone telling me that I don’t understand economics of the world or the science of the world’s environment, instead, what about having some understanding of the unseen laws of Universe, such as law of collective attraction and causality. I think these are far more important issues than world economics and environmental science. Those theories are only dealing with see-able things but not the un-see-able things such as the laws of physics in total energy and causality on a larger scale that involves our entire solar system and beyond.


3. Technology Without Spirituality


We must not continue the way we are going. That is continuously darkening our Earth. Not only just our physical environment but also the minds of people based on egoistic life. It is generating bad energy because it causes people in pain and suffering, which darkens our Earth.

I am describing the collective consciousness of our planet Earth.

The Consciousness of Our Planet Earth (COPE) is mainly determined by human activity.

We are the COPE and the COPE is not coping very well at all currently, because, our material technology advanced far ahead of our spirituality. We are dealing with the quantum physics of subatomic particles. Computer technology is almost reaching the molecular level precision of silicon fabrication technology, and we are beginning to clone and manipulate DNA levels of life forms and so on.

But where is our spirituality?  

Again I will also say, “Technology without spirituality is suicide”.

The reason for this is simply that the whole world is run by the collective consciousness of ego.

You may not think so, but unfortunately, the whole world is affected in this way.

I don’t have to bring out so many countless examples of our previous and current human history to support my view.

Our current level of technology is largely pushed forward by war.

The two world wars helped our technology advance across many areas of our current civilisation.

This may be viewed as both good and bad but war itself is inexcusable because it is the worst form of super ego on display and also demonstrates - the total failure of collective consciousness.

What is ego?

(Read more detail explanations about Ego in the Chapter 6)

Without going through complicated theory behind one of our famous German psychiatrists, the ego is your individuality (I myself) in life. The ego exists because you have a body. The ego is born from you having a body.

The ego is your basic survival instinct for food, clothing, shelter and sex in order to survive from the elements of nature. This basic survival instinct is far more than just survival these days. It has become a competitive spirit to do, own, and pretend to be better than others in order to enjoy life in every area of the material world, only.

The life of ego tends to steer your life into narrowly focusing towards owning things, which will cause you to develop a narrow vision and almost endless greed that can never be satisfied with what is gained, because other challenges are upon on the horizon.

I am not trying to say people of the whole world are absolutely bent on egoistic life styles.

There are many people I have met who have pure and unselfish minds. They know when to stop and enjoy life with what they have. I know one company who has manufactured locks for nearly 100 years with the same number of people and the same business income structure, more or less, and just stayed at the same successful level.

This imbalance between materialism and spirituality is getting worse by careening to the bad side ever faster.

There will be a greater chance or probability to self-destruct when the collective consciousness of this planet is further off balance to the ego-self-interest side.

We may decide to go to war more often with all the wonderfully sophisticated weapon technologies, aiding global warming, and making toxic environments while we are continuously debating. Or, there may be a global pandemic of a new kind of pathogen etc. There are unending lists of dangers of self-extinction that are all related to an egoistic lifestyle with the drive for money and technology void of spiritual guidance.

What is getting worse? It is the darkening energy of our collective consciousness. It is the Karma or causality energy of the un-seen at work.

One good president or few good men cannot achieve spiritual guidance for the world. We have to change the collective consciousness of the world to a lesser egoistic and become more selfless to tip the balance of COPE to the good side.

Allow me to talk about the meaning of the words, “Good”, “Bad” and “Dark”.

The good means the purity to exist in a peaceful world without too many egoistic lifestyles. One that saves our world for our children and insures survival of our current civilisation. Bad means moving towards self-extinction by continuously darkening our Earth with negative emotional energy of all kinds, especially greed driven pain and suffering (I call it bad energy). The meaning of Dark is the isolation from Universe by lost souls that think “I am alone and exist only for myself, and I belong to nowhere and no-one”.

Of course that will bring self-isolation and cutting off one-self from Universe or God. Yet you survive by being in the Universe and receive life-sustaining energy from the Universe. What a contradiction! No wonder you are lost and sick with conflict. This typical thick ego self generates conflict within. This conflict causes friction in your mind and this friction is the source of bad energy (therefore, I call it Dark energy).

While we are on this bad side of scale, we can easily attract bad mishaps, such as dark meteorites hitting Earth or twitching of mother Earth due to pain that could result in the eruption of a super Volcano or Tsunami.

Remember, dark mind attracts dark consequence and people should know these are the un-seen forces at work.

I would like to explain the connection between our short-sighted vision and a disease called Cancer.

Cancer is a very lost and short-sighted manifestation in our body because Cancer has occurred due to an individual living life in a certain dedicated way.

Cancer is like our extreme ego that is short sighted with endless greed, without care of collective consequences. Cancer will never listen to the control of the body systems and continuously wants to grow and spread like nothing else exists. It will eventually make the whole body die out by disrupting major bodily functions. The Cancer tumour will never know why it is suddenly starved of supply and has to die out when the heart stops.

Cancer is the final end product of an extreme and intense mindset lifestyle.

Cancer is a disease of subconscious mind. I have known this for many decades, but I couldn’t do anything about it because there were no effective ways to change and correct one’s mindset. However, I do have a solution now, through our mind cleansing techniques. We can correct the imbalance of our subconsciousness.

We can do the same to correct the imbalances of collective consciousness on this planet (with General Public Enlightenment).

The demise of our civilisation on planet Earth is not punishment from God: rather, it is our calling due to dark living of life in this planet through many centuries “Like attracts Like, Dark attracts Dark”.

As we live through many dark centuries our COPE is crying out from pain and suffering, exclaiming we want to be rescued.

The COPE is sending the teacher itself. We are sending the teachers to ourselves to be directed and rescued. Our COPE is creating and sending the teachers to ourselves because we need them (to correct imbalance).

It is up to us to sit up and take notice. It is our choice to listen and accept guidance. The idea that Jesus is coming back again riding on the clouds with millions of the army of angels for the judgment day will never happen.

Guidance from teachers is offered only for us to make the choice to change the COPE balance to the good side, otherwise our current civilisation will end again like other civilisations once proudly stood.

I am not here to condemn the human race at all. It is all part of the progress of humanity on this planet called Earth.

Those rulers, the dominant species of this planet come and go with time. That is the life experience of our mother Earth.

Depending on how they treat our mother Earth, she may label them as sentient beings or an infestation.

If we share this planet we belong to, then we will flourish, but we won’t if we treat this planet as a commodity.

There is unseen energy at work more than you see. You ruin mother Earth, she will ruin you. You take care of the mother Earth she will take care of you. The short sighted egos cannot see such a simple truth.     -YoungOne-

4. Rise and Fall of Civilisation

Ever since the creation of the Universe there have been many places where an environment has formed. Inorganic and then organic life has arisen.

The seed of life spawned to evolve many forms. All life that remains and survives until today is the end product of environmental selection, or adaptation.

Everything around us is to be seen and loved. Unimaginable time has passed and we call it evolution. But in the mind of God, where time and space do not exist, it is a creation.

In the beginning, all the life forms would have been very simple. As time passed, as click of evolution continued, life developed in breadth and complexity.

The primary function of simple life is just an existence, from the human point of view.

Simple life forms do not have to have a sophisticated philosophy to understand they are one with nature, one with the Universe, or one with God.

They are one with God because they are living life in the way of truth. That means naturally following the given environment.

We humans too are following nature in a way because we did not come from anywhere else but have evolved from this planet. But the original seed of all life in this planet came from elsewhere within our galaxy.

It is quite natural that we now find ourselves with a huge population that is consuming the planet’s resources in a most single-minded way.

And it is also natural to have seen many life forms flourish and disappear after they have reached their critical point.

It is happening everywhere in the Universe; the rise and flourishing of one species, and its disappearance.

Some consume all the resources and die out; some die because of a natural disaster; and some grow out of that existence and leave if they are mobile enough.

Once a life form has become sophisticated it becomes more efficient in how to survive through acquiring food, clothing and shelter.

As the species becomes more sophisticated in resource gathering more spare time becomes available for people to think about other things, such as toys to satisfy and amuse their egos. Or they may go in a different direction and to try to find out the purpose of life, why they are here or who they truly are.

In the course of human development, we have now reached the critical point where we must decide what to do for our future. Do we look after ourselves and other species and coexist or continue our way of life in consuming everything? We must ask ourselves what it means to be a true sentient being.

It is to live a life of spirituality and develop a lifestyle in a most natural way to co-exist together. That is the goal of life on this planet.

In other words, we need to use technology to create a balance so that we may coexist in harmony with other species.

If we follow the natural way of the flourishing specie’s model, we will disappear when our environment is no longer supporting us due to the exhaustion of natural resources and the bi-product of consumption; that is the most natural, logical outcome. But if we are truly sentient beings then we will survive and flourish throughout the galaxy once we are able to move beyond this critical point.

Many people do not think we will disappear one day despite witnessing examples of many species disappearing today, whether it is due to our intervention or not. Many think we are something special and will not disappear.

We are something special, sentient beings, with high intelligence and the ability to develop technologies.

However, if you look at the world carefully and collectively you will find all the signs and symptoms to support my idea of a flourishing and disappearing model of our species.

There is a not enough effort being made to learn how to distinguish between the model of a species that once flourishes and disappears without a plan and the spiritual, cooperative species that continue to evolve. Contrary to many people’s wishes that we should continuously flourish, the main thrust of major global companies that really affect our future are still very much in control of the world economy that is geared up to making profits with little regard for a plan to survive into the future. We have enough technologies to make the whole world peaceful without famine and war. Yet many nations still develop and sell war machines to famished countries. Behind many major companies’ structures is typically the share-holders like you and me, ordinary people. In other words, major companies all over the world are also the manifestation of a collective consciousness of individual people who want to make a profit from their investment with little regard to the collective outcome.

One contrasting phenomenon we must note with interest is that non-human species such as bacteria, fungi, trees or non-human mammals only leave excretion and their carcass on the trail of life as they pass. Human beings, on the other hand, leave organic and inorganic matter such as plastics, metals, chemicals and nuclear waste, rubbish of all kinds in huge quantities. Perhaps the efforts we are making to reduce this waste are too little, too late. It is not up to governments to control big companies or our life style. After all, a country’s leader or government is a manifestation of the collective consciousness of the people. A leader or government cannot control and change everything with law. Each individual must change.

Do you realise that our human civilisation could disappear in a spectacular fashion? Human civilisation can now wipe itself out in an instant while other species reach their peak and slowly diminish.

The usage pattern of world resources is not a linear curve, it is an exponential curve, which means the natural resources are going to run out a lot quicker than anyone can predict.

I am not suggesting every country will fight for resources with their arsenal of nuclear weapons or use biological warfare. Our world may unexpectedly run out of resources due to fear and the consequent pre-procurement of resources, which may bring about total chaos and the failure of worldwide cooperation. There are plenty of signs and symptoms that we are already reaching the critical mass of extinctions. But if we are truly a sentient civilisation then we will find the way to survive, not by expanding our way of life to other planets, but by living in harmony with ourselves and other species, using our technology for the benefit of all.

We must leave savagery and a selfish lifestyle behind. We must move forward to progress in both a material and spiritual way.

I define reaching the critical point as when the human species has developed enough technologies to find a way to co-exist.

Now is the time to leave behind the greediness of the material life and live in moderation.

Cease all war and other bickering between races, religions and countries.

Be spiritual people, know the purpose of life and be in it.

If we can survive beyond this critical point then we are truly a sentient, special and intelligent species. We will deserve the right to thrive in other parts of galaxies. Otherwise, we will go the same way as a predictable model that is a natural cycle of flourish and disappear like of previous civilisations, which also flourished and faded away and that will be natural for us too.


5. Five Main Reasons for Human Suffering

 There are so many theories about why we suffer so I won’t go through them again here.

I have my own way of explaining human suffering, but have decided to avoid presenting it here and instead, create nice headings to discuss my own teachings.

From the religious point of view, I searched for some common headings for teachings such as Buddhism and Hinduism and of course Christianity and Islam too.

There was one that stood out nicely for me when I was searching for it on the internet from Wikipedia and New World Encyclopaedia. It was ‘Klesa’ in the Yoga Sutra from the Indian sage Patanjali (150 BCE - 2 BCE), describing the five poisons for human suffering. And this heading suited my need, nicely. Klesa means defilement, affliction (causes of continuing pain), or poison that blurs your real-self.

 My interpretation of the five Afflictions (Klesa) from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra are:

 1… Ignorance about the true nature of reality,

 2… Aversion to one’s inner voice,

 3… Losing yourself to your own Ego,

 4… Attachment, holding onto the energy of suffering,

 5… Fear of Death through the process of dying.

I laid out in sequence, the most important ones, (1) not knowing the true nature of reality causes people to (2) not listen or develop an aversion to the call of inner conscience, thus causing conflict, which generates bad frictional energy, then (3) taking themselves lose further into the darkness of ego control, and (4) creating insecurity through separation, so we hold onto everything, including emotions of every kind. This severe attachment will cause illnesses such as cancer or other chronic diseases and (5) will eventually bring painful and fearful death.

Ignorance of the true nature of reality is the worst affliction, because the others are not really important if you deeply understand the true nature of reality.

I will explain how these 5 poisons make us suffer in this illusory world.

(1) Ignorance About the True Nature of Reality

Many people think they know true nature of reality. When I ask, the most common answer is “I know my name, I know who I am, and I know where I am. I also know all my history and am aware myself of my surroundings, I know what I have, I am in contact with the full reality of this world. Therefore, Yes, I do know the true nature of reality.”

Needless to say people do not know the true nature of reality.

What they are really saying is, “I know nothing about true nature of reality because I am only describing my lost world of ego.”

Surprisingly, few people know about the true nature of reality.  They have never stopped and thought about it.

I often get ridiculed at seminars when I talk about health and the ultimate cure of all disease.

I describe how and where all diseases start and ultimately, what will cure them. I indirectly point out that the mind controls the body, and of course I explain about the true nature of reality.

Many people have big doubts about my version of reality.

They do not understand life before and after this present world or my explanation of the logical configuration of the whole world.

Then I direct some questions to people who have extreme scepticism about my ideas, “Well then, can you guys explain to me why you are here, and what you are doing? What are the beliefs that you guys are so entrenched with?” “What is the meaning of your life?” “I can understand you don’t believe in anything, but can you explain why you are here?” And I tell them “You guys are laughing, but I do know the answer to all of these questions”.

Few people can answer my questions except some with a religious background who answer that we are here because of God’s grace that we don’t have to understand now his higher and holy purpose, just follow Jesus then all will be revealed when we die (that is if they knew the real teachings of Jesus).

I will fully answer these questions when I have finished explaining the last poison, the Fear of Death.


(2) Aversion to One’s Inner Voice

The second most important Klesa or Affliction is aversion to or running away from the true nature of reality.

Have you ever had the experience when you feel that some plan or decision you have made is a not the right thing to do? Your pure conscience whispers to you and you know it. It is not the right thing to do but the power of your inner voice is not strong enough to overcome and correct what you are doing.

Many people hear the voice from their pure conscience that they shouldn’t act in a certain way, but do it anyway because everyone else does and this is how life is. They ignore their inner voice of God and continue regardless.

We can identify many things around us these days that make our inner voices hard to hear, as if they are not there and have no power to move us. The ego has all the power to control our lives regardless of our true inner voice.

Aversion to or running away from your inner voice causes conflict within your mind and this will bring inner friction.

This friction is what we call bad energy, and you feel it sometimes if the conflict energy is strong enough to break through from your subconscious mind and then you become consciously aware of it.

This so-called bad energy is your feeling or experience of emotions caused by your concepts of right and wrong.

It will not go away as long as you hold that memory and conflict in your subconscious mind.

Do you realise how much of this type of bad energy you are carrying in your life? Your life memories contain multitudes of conflicts, small, large, old and new.

You are carrying literally thousands of them in your mind. You are not consciously aware of them all, but they are all there to generate emotional energy whenever you choose.

These bad energies will saturate your body as interference and disrupt your logical and healthy way of life.

I can see these energies. They are dark coloured and the more of them you have the more I see them as a dark colouring of your entire body. Such persons usually have problems in their mental or physical health.

Many vibrations that are emotional energies will interfere with your mind and body functions. They are also the fuel for your strong ego.


(3) Losing Yourself to Your Own Ego

It becomes a personal crisis when you have lost your true identity to your deep-seated ego self-life, and believing that you are in control of yourself.

It is unfortunate that the majority of this planet’s population have lost their real-self identity or to put it another way, people’s identities have been hijacked by ego and tragically, they don’t know it.

It is like body snatcher has snatched your body and (the ego) is living inside of you. This has happened gradually since the beginning of humanity.

Your Real-Self has been severely suppressed by this body snatcher called ego and is struggling to be heard in vain.

The reality of how much we are lost in this ego world is beyond comprehension and of course this analogy of an ego body snatcher does not express the urgency and severity of what I have seen from Heaven. I don’t wish to appear too alarming or make this book seem too negative regarding the purpose of the true nature of reality.

However, let me tell you that the problem of being lost ourselves is more serious than you think because those truly enlightened human beings who are ego-self-less on this planet are infinitesimally small in number.

What is a truly enlightened human being?

The enlightened human being is a person who is living the way of life in truth or pure mind.

And I wrote the following passage to describe what the way of life in truth is.


The way of life in pure mind

The way of life in pure mind is like water flowing around, pool and over flowing with no resistance

It is a gentle wind that comes and goes

The way of life in pure mind allows you to settle things without conflict

It is only possible to live this way when you reduce your mind of ego and when you know the true love of the Universe

The way of life in pure mind allows you to see where you are going at the end of life

The way of life in pure mind is true intelligence and freedom,

It is true happiness

The way of life in pure mind is the life of the Universe

It is the Universe itself


Strictly scientifically speaking,

Your self-awareness or simply YOU is controlled by whatever the subconscious mind has laid out for you. You are just following the route or programme at your convenience by making choices.

The choices that you make are simply a basic mindset like a bag full of life’s instructions.

These instructions are formed by your life experiences from the day you were born, until the present.

Otherwise where do you think your knowledge of making choices comes from?

It comes from the experiences of your life in this world since birth. Of course you were also born with the basic set of personality, traits which have come from your ancestors.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the ego in yourself has taken total control over you and this ego is leading you to a life of misery through lost vision.

Many people won’t agree with me about the ego controlling us.

But you will understand, if you try our mind cleansing technique, how strong your ego will fight back against your will to reduce the ego’s influence.

Then you may ask, “Why do we have such a strong ego?”

To put it simply, to survive the competition from so many people living together, you needed to hold tightly onto the things you have and then clearly define what is yours and not yours. The human being is a very adaptable creature. Our genes change in order to adapt to a new environment quickly and easily. If you have had much adversity in your life and continue to live in that environment, then a few following generations will also be changed in certain ways without you having to teach them. They will already have that education in their genes to adapt to the current environment easily. All you need to do is give them a little hint that is all.

As our world becomes more complex and colder, people will try harder to survive. So will the strong ego because of competition (struggles).

Your ego becomes stronger as the generations pass on.

Not only does your ego strengthen, but other personality traits too become stronger, such as those five main reasons for human suffering, described earlier.

And of course this adaptation works in other ways too. That is, if your family have had a good and relaxed lifestyle for a few generations then your genes would change accordingly and your offspring would be born relaxed and easy. This is the reason why it is not very wise to criticise some particular group of people or race for being too tight or too loose in view of all this. It is only a matter of time until you become like that too. It entirely depends on your lifestyle.

So we have been living like this for countless generations. In view of all this, our current state of ego mind, says that we have had our fair share of struggles to survive in our past.

The modern ego mind will never want to lose in any debate or deal. The ego mind has pride and will never want to lose to anyone for anything. The ego will push you toward the highest and biggest in the Universe, regardless of whatever it is or the practicality.

The only limit is your awareness of practicality that comes from your reasoning logic that is your Real-Self (Conscience of God) possessing logical knowledge without emotional bias.

The decision of practical limitation depends on your purity or the power of Real-Self within which will limit your ego’s push.

The ego will be very hurt and revengeful if it loses or cannot dominate, because of practicality.

For some people, these feelings of hurt remain in their mind for a very long time, as emotional attachments.


(4) Attachment - Holding On To the Energy of Suffering

Attachment is a natural part of our mind, and it is closely connected to our ego. Usually a strong attachment means a strong ego.

Too strong attachment is the main reason for all chronic diseases in the world.

Living in this world, we do hold on to everything. We hold on to money, belongings, other people and the memories of our life.

The tendency to hold things in this world is dependent on one’s personality. If the birth personality (ancestral genes) says not to hold anything then one would hold nothing and easily forget emotional feelings too. But if the ancestral gene says hold everything then a person will hold onto everything including one’s feelings of past emotions and the source of hereditary diseases, too.

Diseases such as heart disease, diabetics, high blood pressure or cancer in one’s family tree are all caused by a family trait of attachment that has been passed down. Most of these hereditary diseases are not caused by sudden genetic defects. We, human beings possess a very good error correction and selection system, -which discards and corrects faulty genes. All of our hereditary diseases are caused by the mindset of our ancestor’s lifestyle, which has been lived over many generations. It has slowly crept into us (by adaptation).

The world is becoming colder and losing compassion and love, thus the strengthening of the ego to survive with strong attachments, to hold everything, because of feelings of insecurity.

People hold on tightly to the emotions of happiness, sadness and mental pain, without actually being aware that this is happening.

The scars caused by traumatic events are all stored in our subconscious mind. They float up occasionally, when the time is right, to haunt us.

Matter is only a form of denser energy.

Many diseases, including cancer can begin if one holds a past hurtful memory and continuously re-lives that memory with the energy of stress.

The wavelength (vibration) of stress energy is very good for refuelling those hidden hurtful emotions to manifest as matter such as chronic diseases.

If you make your mind dense (holding and not forgetting), the denser energy will be turned into matter eventually. It will manifest itself into one of those chronic diseases.

Therefore, it is very important not to hold onto anything. Erasing or letting go of all our past memories and emotions is the clear way to peace and health.

Let it go, forgive yourself and be free, otherwise it will cause you unhappiness and a painful life, and a fearful death.


(5) Fear of Death through the Process of Dying

The final Klesa is the most feared. That is our death.

I found out early in my life that death is nothing to be feared. It is the process of dying that makes people suffer.

Just think for a moment about a person who is sentenced to death by hanging. He waits every day. Death is approaching to end his life, in suffering. One day without announcement he will be led to the gallows, and he will have to take each agonising step of the way to his death with great pain and suffering. It is felt in his conscious and subconscious mind, not to mention the final moments of suffering during the last procedures and the moment of actual execution. Such is the fear of death by the very process of dying.

During a winter at the age of about 12, I had severe influenza with inflammation in the lung, so I went to see the doctor for treatment and the doctor examined me and ordered an injection of anti-biotic. It was a very cold winter and the nurse injected a big dose of icy cold liquid into my vein without warming it up. And in just a few seconds, with my already weakened health, I collapsed with the shock to my system. I was out cold, even before I hit the ground. When I woke, I was covered with cold sweat all over my body and saw the doctor was on top of me trying to revive me with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. Apparently, I was out for at least 10 minutes without breathing or a pulse, and he was about to give up, but I opened my eyes. I still remember the look on the poor old doctor’s face when I opened my eyes. He was also covered with running sweat.

I felt absolutely nothing when I was falling into darkness, no fear and no pain because it was a sudden unexpected accident.

Imagine if I didn’t wake up. I wouldn’t be here today. I went out of this world without any pain and suffering. Death would have been very quick and easy.

Needless to say, death itself is easy. It is fear, the process of dying, the pain and suffering that is difficult part.

The fear of death is present at every turn of our life directly or indirectly. It affects every aspect of our life.

Remember, death is easy, but it is the fear of dying within our mind that causes suffering. So you may always say “All you can do is kill me that is all, no more” to counteract the fear within your mind. Or better still, you won’t have to fear death at all if you know who you are.

You never die and you cannot be killed if you know who you are. You were never born and never die if you are standing with the view of the Universe.

The bottom of the ocean is still and unbroken. Only the surface water at the top is going up and down. That is birth, life and death.

The main body of ocean is who you are, not each wave at the top. You think you are a lone wave at the top, not the ocean itself if you spend too much time enjoying riding the wave too long. Thus you have forgotten who you are.

One day you realise that you are alone in the rough waves and your own wave is starting to fade away. Then you panic and saying, “I can’t go like this, I have got to do something!” So you start to go around the world to see the places that you have never been or seen before thinking, “I may find where I came from.” Or you might say “I may be able to reincarnate myself back as another wave.” “All my experience and knowledge can’t just disappear!”

But the ocean is only an ocean, and you can never be exactly the same wave that you once were. Yes, you may become another independent and unique wave but not your former-self. Your former-self or your unique individual spirit itself is gone, forever.

However, there is a simple way to live forever, if you shift your consciousness from an individual wave to the ocean. You can watch all those waves going up and down, the birth, life and death. You are physically a wave, but you know that you are not a wave but the ocean.

So remember, the centre point of your consciousness is the ocean, not the wave itself. The wave itself is only an ephemeral, temporary or illusory form of life, so let go of your attachment.

So may I say, we all came from the deep centre of an ocean that is still and unbroken, that is the pure emptiness of pure energy, not separate, individual lives.

Your individual life is an only amusement of God. You are God itself as one singular consciousness, which is common to everything and everyone. There is only one being in existence no matter how many individual lives or how many delusions exist in this world. It is only a “one-man show”, or I shall call it the “one-being show!”

Don’t watch too many of those devilish horror movies, it won’t do any good as it will remain in your subconsciousness as a source of fear, for the rest of your life.

They will automatically condition you with fear of everything. You are actually conditioning yourself to fear.

Remember, all kinds of fears in your life are in a way directly or indirectly connected with the fear of death at the source.

The fear of death is the origin of all fear.


6. What God Looks Like?

In view of all five Klesa, Afflictions or Poisons from above, the first one is the most important because all afflictions are only really, indubitably caused by not knowing the true nature of reality. If you know the true nature of reality then the other Klesas shouldn’t cause any problem because you know that you are the Universe.

I used to explain the true nature of reality in the old way that was too religious or mythical, unscientific and illogical.

Many years ago, I met a science group of schoolboys, and they wanted hear about the Universe and truth, but in a pure scientific point of view only. So I decided to take out all the religious and mythical concepts from my seminar and explained only the logical and scientific way. It was a great success. Ever since then I have stuck with this way.

All the Saints and Teachers from East and West throughout the centuries said, “This world is false and illusion”. Do you know why it is false or illusion? I will explain to you only in a logical and scientific way.

Everything, you touch and see in this world is made of small or tiny particles and even our body is composed of so many different materials. As you know all matter in this Universe is made of atoms, and we classify them as solid (smallest powder or particles), gaseous or liquid. The atom is a matter, but if you look inside of the atom that definition of matter or “a solid” quickly fades because what inside of an atom is only vibrating energies that are invisible. Therefore, all matter is manifested from the invisible. We come from the invisible and have a visible life and returned to the invisible.

Surprisingly, I met a group of people who still did not believe the atomic theories that have been proven many times. First, that theory was used to make a weapon, which has been used to kill and maim thousands of people. Then we used it for peaceful applications later. So in view of that, we do clearly know the atomic theory by practice, it is a fact.

Let’s have a look at the atom of the lightest matter called Hydrogen. We symbolise it as “H” and the weight and atomic number is 1. Hydrogen has only one positively charged proton in the core (Nucleus) and one negatively charged electron orbiting the core.

Carbon has 6 protons and 6 neutrons in the core, tightly binding each other. The total of 6 electrons is orbiting the core of carbon. Oxygen has 8 protons and 8 neutrons in the core with 8 electrons orbiting the core. Oxygen is significantly heavier than Carbon or Hydrogen, because it carries a greater number of elements, but it normally exists as a gas.

So if you have these 3 elements that are Proton, Neutron and Electron, you can make any materials in the world by just combining the number of elements. I wonder if those alchemists who tried to make gold from other materials in the middle ages knew about this. What a shame… all they had to do was to recombine or change the number of atoms to make Gold by combining 79 protons and neutrons with 79 of electrons, and then you have gold.

This was the goal of the secret art of alchemy, to make lead into gold, but they needed a star to reassemble or rearrange the elements of the atom. The recombining of elements to create materials takes place inside of stars. It is the action of separation and re-joining under colossally high temperature and pressure.

People in the early 20th century thought the atom and its elements were the smallest discoverable objects that could never be broken down further.

Now we know that electrons, protons and neutrons are made of quarks and perhaps the quarks are made of even smaller vibrating strings of pure energies.

So far, what I have explained is that all matter in the Universe is made of the atoms and the atom is just formed by the combination of 3 elements and these elements are just vibrating pure energies.

Did you get that? The see-able matter is all made from un-see-able stuff. The transformation of formless and invisible pure energy is turning to visible formed matter by just taking the vibrations. This is a fact of science and those of you who still don’t believe because you cannot see and touch these un-see-able facts should have some faith now.

All are from the Pure Energy. The pure energy is the source of everything in the world.

Where is the pure energy? The pure energy is everywhere. You are in the realm of pure energy, and you cannot escape the pure energy. It is present as all forms of matter in every corner of Universe, and it is within you too. No time and space exist in the pure energy. It has no beginning or ending, it is eternal. The pure energy cannot be detected by any ways or means. If you somehow believe you can detect it then it is not the pure energy anymore, it has changed to some form so you can detect it, because it took up vibrations to manifest into an object.

The Pure Energy is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Is it not sounding familiar?

I call it pure energy and others call it Universe, Buddha, Allah, Divine, Creator. Yes, I am describing God right now.


God is formless and the origin of all things.

You came from the pure energy and living life of the pure energy and when you expire, you will go back to the pure energy. It is natural for humans to expect to see God in the form of a human (Anthropomorphism).

And it is also natural if birds were looking for their God then they would look for their God in the form of a bird.

If Dolphins were looking for their God then it would have to be in the form of a Dolphin, not as anything else naturally.

In the Christian Bible (Genesis 1:27), it says, “We are created of image of God” and this does not mean you physically look the same as God, but rather, it is the structure of your mind that is similar to God.

The Anthropomorphism or the conception of divinity as being in a human form or having human characteristics is not close to the truth, and it is a very narrow vision of thinking.

God is all forms and eternal.

As I mentioned earlier, All the Saints and Teachers from East and West throughout the centuries said, “This world is false and an illusion”. Do you know why it is false or an illusion? Because everything in this world is made of only one ingredient called the pure energy. The pure energy turned into or manifested as all things by taking vibration itself. That is why it is illusory and false. In other words, the whole world was created by just one ingredient… the pure energy. In fact, the whole world is a dreaming of the pure energy.

You often see people who are in the field of spirituality exhibit a tendency to stay away from science and logic, but the science is not that far away from spirituality. Both fields have been progressing over time, and now it is coming full circle to be one, so I have a tendency not to use the word ‘spirituality’. Spirituality or religion is really the explanation of higher end results with only faith without knowing the process in between, which now modern science is finally getting together with a logical understanding to become one. You are living in the most exciting time of the history of humanity because science and spirituality are coming together as one. You may hear the joyous exclamation from all those old famous sages and scientists who have come and gone.

What is Ego?

There are so many definitions for the meaning of EGO, and I will leave it to experts in this field to explain what currently accepted definition of EGO is.

I am not trying to explain the ego that is an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others, of course intense ego living causes you to lose your own identity and make you think that you are superior to others.

Some said, a mind is in your own solitary confinement or prison inside of your own skin, and it is the part of almost everyone who wishing to be the top of the world or wants to be God but cannot happen.

The meaning of Ego is… “I”, “Myself”, who you think you are or your consciousness of your own identity.

God is pure energy and does not have five senses. Therefore, you are a manifestation of God to live in this world with five senses, which is an instrument of God to experience.

In other words, it is an absence of God so you can experience God.

It is the most sacred part of God because without the ego individual identity whole universe would cease to exist. The manifestation of all matter in the universe is mind of God.

Your ego individuality is the mind of God-self, you are a part of God’s mind. Therefore, you are the most sacred and holiest part of God. Only a problem is you forgot that you are God by intense ego living to survive in the given environment for so many thousands of years. Every living being in this world comes to their own level of awareness of their identity. A dog or cat does not have to have a sophisticated philosophy or any other theory to know that they are God-self. They just come to their own level of awareness of who they are. Human beings have finally got to the point where they have to re-define themselves because they are basically dying from too much ego blindness.

You may not realise or agree what I am saying here but all the signs and symptoms are there to remind you that you are in the critical juncture to change the direction of your life.

Not only just the saturation of material world living pollution but almost everyone is ill in this world that is following the intense material life for the false comfort and security. Many people are coming down with many forms of diseases such as the cancer or other form of chronic diseases. And these diseases will not go away and getting worse because these diseases are all created by or caused by the intense set of mind (lifestyle). Modern medicine won’t find the cure for it, unless they accept the mind is all the causes for the chronic illness and drastically change their way of life (you must evolve).

The ego enslavement life is like black vale, which covers your mind completely and blind your vision and locks you into the lost world of ego. The black vale means your intense ego only life living generated bad emotional energy that saturates your whole body and your aura is looking very dark, which makes you ill in the long run. Here I have to say like all other teachers said before “Find who you are”.

7. What Does My Mind Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what your mind looks like?

Have you ever seen your mind?

Many people reply saying, “The mind is not matter, you cannot see it, it is in your brain and cannot be seen.”

It is the right answer of course. But, the brain is only part of your mind and not the entire mind.

I see my mind a few times a day every day. It is so easy to see my mind. Many people who know me say, “You can see your mind because you have special power.” Indeed, I have a special power, not only do I see my mind, but also I can easily see everyone’s mind.

Yes, I can see my mind. Every day I come home from work and take my clothes off and proceed into the shower. After the shower, I see myself in the mirror. As the fog lifts and clears, I see my naked whole-body-self. I see my whole body through the mirror that is my mind. Yes, that is my special power. I think you can do the same. You also have the special power to see your mind that is your entire body.

There is no such thing as the body, it is all mind. The body is only the denser part of your mind. As I mentioned in the beginning, our body is the manifestation of only a small part of an almost infinitely wide spectrum of vibrations of our Real-Self. This infinitesimally small part of manifestation is appearing in our five senses range as the body. Therefore, what you see is not your entire Real-Self.

Everyone is born with a bowl or container of a certain size and shape, some big or small. With this bowl you will live this life by filling it up with life experiences. And your life will be shaped by the size and shape of the bowl that you were born with.

What is the meaning of the bowl? The bowl is your body that has all the life living experiences of your ancestors from the first day life began on this planet all the way through to your parents and then on to you. Literally, your body is the total living work of your ancestors. That means your body is the total representation of your thick ancestral mind. This is true, your bowl has a character or personality that you were born with, including how your body looks as well as your personality at birth. This body shape is the representation of your real mind. And your life living will contributes to the total body reshaping as you live through the generations by having off-spring. All of your life experiences will also be recorded into your body. In one sense, your body is your real mind because it is so dense, containing so many thoughts of life-living and becoming physically visible.

That is why your body is your mind. We may have to change our concept of our body by acknowledging our body is only the “thick” mind.

Remember what I said in the beginning? You are the living Museum of God’s holy life on display. Yes we are just that.


 8. What and Where is My Spirit?

Many people believe everyone has their own individual spirit. This spirit will not or cannot die, it lives on or exists after your body has expired. Then where is your spirit? Some say it is invisible, and it sits just above your head. Or some say it looks exactly the same as your body and stays as it is, even after your death. Or some say it is Ether, invisible and has no shape, but it remains like an invisible envelope or bag with mind energy.

Some Eastern cultures believe our spirit has many facets. They believe our spirit is comprised of 3 different types of entities. You can go up to 33 different dimensions of the world according to your Karma when you die. You will have to reincarnate continuously to re-live in this world, and you must upgrade yourself all the way from first dimension of the world to eventually finish right up to 33rd dimension of the world to join God’s realm. And every dimension has different rights and privileges. And you may even be downgraded to lower life forms such as a maggot or snake if you do not live in this world in the right way. Inversely those low animal forms of life can also be upgraded into a human being as well. The human being is the ultimate form of life before God, and we are the only sentient being in this Universe, According to their theory, the Earth is surrounded by those 33 dimensions of the world in layers, regardless of other worlds. How about the theory that our mind is structured as Conscious, Subconscious, Collective Conscious, Super conscious, and Supra conscious or Cosmic conscious mind?

I do respect these theories in every different culture, belief and teaching. And isn’t the human being a wonderful life form. Those ideas make us beautiful creatures and life is worth living. Without these wonderful ideas, our life would be dry and boring. But, we shouldn’t lose our identity and suffer because of too many ideas.

The truth is very simple, and because it is so simple people having trouble believing it. Because you have been living with these beautiful and sophisticated ideas, when you think about the truth, you will expect something absolutely magnificent, wonderful and sophisticated which you will barely understand, but you have to understand or pretend to understand by ego wishing. But the truth remains unchanged.

The definition of individual spirit is your mind and body combined together. That is the truth.

Contrary to many beliefs, your individual spirit is heavily dependent on the welfare of your body.

As I mentioned at the beginning in this book, there is no such thing as a body, the body is only the continuous form of mind.

Your mind is stored in the body part called the brain, the storage area for your life experience and ancestral life experiences, together.

Therefore, if you lose the integrity of your body you will lose your mind as well. Your spirit is your individuality of mind and body as one.

Your spirit cannot survive without the body that carries your mind.

Your mind cannot exist without your body that is the thick part of your mind.

Therefore, if your body dies your individual spirit also dies, end of story. No other entities exist apart from your mind and body. (“Wait a moment!... I have got to be more than that!” - your mind might say, but hold and read on).

Nothing in invisible nature will rise up, float to the next world or stay around and haunt you with a grudge. The awareness of “I” will disappear forever as your body ceases to function and starts to disintegrate from this world.

This is what happens when you die.

Your life living memories will be gone first. As soon as your heart stops and ceases to supply the blood around your vital organs, especially the brain, the brain waves die out due to lack of oxygen and fuel supply. Mainly, the brain cells will lose their ability to maintain the activities of firing the neurons, because they are starved of oxygen to function (hypoxia). Eventually the integrity of neural connections, those memory patterns (neural networks) will be lost and in this state, we call it brain-death. The patterns of memory would be permanently lost. Even if you were revived later, the brain has been damaged permanently. The brain cells that store all of your life living memories would be lost very quickly, within minutes. The brain cells may survive if you are revived but the neural network connections won’t. The neural network is your mind.

The light part of conscious and subconscious mind will go first at brain death, followed by your deep and heavy subconscious mind part, your body tissue cells. This part of mind does not die quickly because the cells do not hold any memory patterns. The only memory they hold is deep subconscious mind that is the DNA in every cell. The cell will still hold primordial function without much DNA but DNA holds the character traits of each cell. Many of your deep thoughts of happiness, sadness, anger, love and trauma or even vision with voice will be recorded in the DNA forever and carried down through your offspring. This is why, if you receive someone else’s donated heart, or any other large organs, sometimes you will develop strange new habits or memories of that donor.

Parts of body cells may start to degrade and die out by losing the cell membrane integrity that is rupturing or deflating because of different fluid density around them. Eventually, they dry out or are eaten up by fungi and bacteria.

But, some part of your cell would not be damaged much because it is hard, such as a hair follicle or bone, and it will last many years.

As you know, hair follicles or bones will last many hundreds of years with the entire DNA still intact. This means your dormant subconscious mind will remain alive for a few hundred years as long as your DNA is intact. It is not active because your whole body is not functioning, it can no longer learn, communicate or interact with your active consciousness or your sub-conscious mind. This is the reason why some people get spooky feelings when passing near or enter a cemetery. The subconscious mind is picking up many of the dead subconscious mind energies. Some sensitive people can detect and read this dormant or dead sub-conscious mind energy by reflection and/or absorption. In some cases, they can picture an approximation of the dead people in their mind or talk on behalf of them. Likewise, your close ancestors can influence you if you respect them, and they have left deep impressions on your life and you manage their tomb or belongings. I advise you to cremate yourself when you die. It is good for the environment, clean and death is complete, you leave nothing behind. You are freeing yourself and others.

To conclude, your individual spirit exists only in this world while you are alive with your body. The energy units of your body, that is, an amount of energy that used to form your body, will disintegrate back into pure energy through natural decay (returning to the most stable form of atoms).

After expiration of your body, the spirit that remains is your Real-Self. The one spirit that is common to all things in this world, God. This Real-Self is the origin of your real consciousness.

In other words, we are not just a heavy or dense pile of all the trillions of thoughts of energy that became body and mind but the basis of all that, is an existence of crystal clear connection of the force, the pure energy, that is the source of your life awareness. That is your Real-Self, the God’s consciousness that is enjoying your life within you. Therefore, your Real-Self is an observer and your individual ego spirit is being observed.

So my friends, let's erase your concept of a mythical fear of God. God is no other than you. God is not even your friend because God is yourself and, you don’t call yourself a friend. You are just not aware of this reality. You will come to an understanding when you cleanse your mind and become free from the false conceptual mind which created by living in five senses world.

I often come across people saying, “Do you mean all my knowledge and experiences that I have built so hard throughout my life will be gone for nothing?” “Do you know how hard I tried to get where I am and all this is going to be for nothing? I am sorry I can’t accept your idea.” “Maybe it is true for you because you have nothing but not for me, I have too much to lose if I die and fizzle away for nothing. There has to be something after life for all that I have done!”

What an attachment!

Yes, my friends, I do hear you loud and clear. There is definitely something after your life. So far you have been living God’s life, all of your life living was the life of God.

What more could you want to be than having lived the life of God?

Would you rather take your shares or degree to Heaven? Or do you want to bring all of your life’s memories on videos or DVD discs?

No, you don’t need them at all of course. Deep down, at the bottom of your heart you know what I am saying. Only your ego self is having difficulty understanding because the ego is only very short sighted with strong attachments to hold on to everything as “mine”. Heaven does not allow you to bring along anything, only your pure self passes into heaven. I remind you again what Heaven is, it is the place of pure energy, where you came from. You can call it whatever you like, the pure energy, Universe, Heaven, God, Buddha, Creator, Divine or Allah. These terms are identical.

We have been told stories and promises made for hundreds of generations about the mythical world of the afterlife so it is in our genes to believe it, but it is not necessarily the truth.

To those of you, who may still disagree, just read on and you will know soon.


9. Where Do I Come From? 

You came from nothingness, the total emptiness of still and unbroken pure energy of darkness. This is the place you came from before you were born and this is the place you will go back to when you die. And also this is the place you can go back and enjoy before you die, while you are still alive if you cross the event horizon and are enlightened. This is the place called Heaven for the people who get rid of their false conceptual mind and become enlightened.

This is the place I go everyday when I meditate.

Everyone will go back to this place called Heaven when they die. There are no exceptions. Everyone must return to this place of no place.

When you die, the law of nature in the Universe will force you to shed all the vibration of your mind and body and return to Heaven as the pure energy.

Everyone and everything in the Universe follows this law precisely, without exception, thus repeating cycles of birth, life and death with finite beginning and ending. 


10. Why Am I Here?

Have you seen and heard people asking these questions?

Why are we here?

Why doesn’t God just fix things if the whole world is bad?

Why doesn’t God just fix me if I am doing something wrong, instead letting me fall into wrong ways and make me suffer?

Why does God allow me to be lost and suffering if God is so kind and loving? What is the purpose in that?

Of course you will hear all the good answers for those questions but not always be fully satisfied and then have more questions brewing up.

I was very frustrated as a little lad that nobody told me these answers clearly. No one gave me one very definite and clear answer that made me feel better. The answer was always too complicated and vague, or too holy and elevated towards the highest and glorious white light of the sacred in nature that my mind didn’t agree and was doubtful with feelings of sanctimoniousness (pretending to be holy), sacrosanctity ( inviolably holy) and impossibility.

The reason why you are here is to please God.

You are the instrument of God to enjoy this world. God, Pure energy or Pure Space does not have eyes, ears or other five sensory organs, you have all of that on behalf of God. Your first and last purpose is to please God. No matter what you do you are doing it for God. You cannot do anything that is not God’s life. You are here to live God’s life… that is your purpose being in this world. God has no judgment to say what you should and shouldn’t do. God will not and cannot say what you should do. God is happy whatever you do. Within God’s happiness, there is your life, which can be all kinds of emotions such as happiness, sadness, love, hate and anger. These emotions are all part of God’s happiness.

You may ask how sadness, anger and hate would be God’s happiness. Because, according to Buddhism, the design of the Universe is always to have the opposite polarity, the contrast. How would you know love if there was no hate? How would you know hate if there was no love? How would you know happiness if there was no sadness? How would you know the illumination if there was no darkness? How would you know darkness if there was no illumination? The world of dichotomy is very logical and fair. Do you think God would care if you were in sadness or happiness? Do you think God would be angry if you steal something from someone? No, the Pure energy, the God is non-judgmental the Pure energy would not care whatever you do (except you are causing your own karma). Because we are the manifestation of the Universe, Buddha, Pure energy and God’s life in nature, it is we who are in sadness, happiness and anger in judgment. Remember, in the introduction of this book I said, “God does not make judgments, it is we who are on behalf of God making judgments". The Pure energy or God is only providing you with a life force to sustain you with a set of rules that is the law of physics in this world. And the rest is up to you how you live in this world because you are here to live God’s life, and you are a good actor or actress of God.

Remember, you are the observed and God is the observer and yet your life is being fed back to the observer and changed all the time. This, some people call Tangled Hierarchy (See the explanation of Holy Trinity chapter 23 in this book).

That brings a next question. Who am I?

11. Who am I?

Like every rain drop and every snowflake, every creation in this world is unique and never repeated. Therefore, inside of every unique creation is God or the pure energy. God is inside of you and is enjoying this life of yours through individual consciousness that is you. Therefore, not only every thought and act are yours, but also it is God’s thought and act so the Museum of God’s holy life is in storage in your mind and body, for display. You are given free will to enjoy your life anyway you want. So we do make our own rules.

When you see something then God is also seeing something.

When you are lost then God is also lost.

When you are sick then God is also sick.

When you are angry God is also angry.

When you are happy God is also happy.

When you are in love God is also in love.

When you are sad God is also sad.

When you are bad God is also bad.

When you are good God is also good.


The purpose of these repeating sentences is to eliminate the feeling of separation between God and you.


Close your eyes for a while, clear your mind and think there is no duality of concept between you and God.


We have been programmed to perceive a feeling of separation immediately when you hear the word God.


There is no separation between God and you because you are God. Why must we fear God? God is only you. How can you be afraid of yourself? It is only you who are afraid of yourself. Must we continue to be schizophrenic?


Who do you talk to when you pray?

You are only talking to yourself that is why no one will answer a prayer because it is you who will have to answer your own prayers.

We have been told for many thousands of years that God is the Supreme Being, and you have nothing to do with the God-self, you can never be God.

There are almost incurable mental gaps in all of us between ourselves and God because of the idea of separation.

NO, there is no separation, you are God… just that.

Let me remind you that the terminology I use here to call God seems somewhat religious, which I am trying to avoid if I can.

God, Universe, Pure energy, Divine, Creator, Buddha and Allah are all the same meaning as many cultures and religions have a different terms to express the divine being.

The word God is short. That is the only reason why I use it.


In the beginning of this material Universe, God planted a seed of life, and you are the descendant of that seed of life. We call it evolution, with time and space in mind, but from the Universe point of view it is the only creation because no time and space exist in God’s realm. God does not interfere with your life, you the individual being will always freely make your own choice. God won’t be able to enjoy the creation if God made the choice for you. Because the observer is changed by the life of observed or in Buddhism, co-creating. In a way, God is enjoying the choice you make and result of choice you make with emotion. In a way, God knows everything because you are only making choice within the pool of God’s choices naturally. But your individual is only the one who makes choices. Therefore, you can say God does not know what you will do next.

You, the individual cell of God’s consciousness do not know the greater consciousness which exists. For example, a cell in your body has only limited and predetermined intelligence according to its intended function as a cell. However, those trillion cells make up who you are, and you are the master consciousness. You may call it Collective, Greater or Cosmic Consciousness. You and all other human beings on this planet, together with other organic and inorganic life forms and matter of this entire universe make up the Greater consciousness of God. I wish Albert Einstein (Physicist 1879-1955) would have said, “The whole matter of the Universe is the Mind of God”.

I often think about life this way when I go to the Cinema. Your life is only like a projection on the cinema screen: That pure white screen with no impurities (pure energy) but when the movie starts that pure white screen turns into all kinds of life, and you are lost in that world with many emotions of the life being projected onto the screen (the life of the individual).
The movie projection of life that includes love, horrors and wars, whatever the stories, and you, as the audience enjoy the life-story of this movie. However, when the movie finishes you come back to your own senses and that screen is now pure white again. It can never be polluted or impure no matter what stories were played on it. It always is a pure white screen. Who watches and enjoys the movie?
It is you, who is watching and running this movie if you understood all this with clarity and certainty. Don’t you think you can also change your own life easily?
You are the one who can change your life, no one else. Who do you pray to every night? Aren’t you praying to the mythical God of your imagination? Do you still have the feeling of separation between God and yourself?
Yes, you do, because that is what you have been told for many hundreds of generations. You are genetically changed to believe that feeling of separation, and you won’t get rid of that feeling until you are enlightened.

So my friends do not be afraid of God, it is only you. You only have to worry about yourself and how you are going to live this precious life of yours without pain.


So don’t ask me, “How do you know God exists?” God exists because you exist. You are God, you just don’t know it because you just forgot who you are by living this life too hard in this world as an individual life of God.

So don’t ask this question too often. It is very embarrassing because you are shouting to yourself “How do I know I exist?”

You can never find who you are, why you are here and where you are going until you define God.

It is not blasphemy or heresy - it is your birth right.

The definition of God is you and the definition of you is God.

God is only the one being of this Universe. That is “All the matter in the Universe is the mind of one God-self”.

We are in the dream of God, You cannot escape being God because you are in the realm of God.

All is part of God, Nothing is Not God. Therefore, you are God, whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, whether you understand or not.

Only the pain of isolation will increase if you distance yourself further from God, because you are denying yourself.


12. Where Am I Going?

This is the same question as “Where do I come from?” because you are going back to exactly the same place that you came from before you were born.

The place you are going back to is your original HOME.

This is the place I go everyday when I meditate. Every time I go there during my meditation, I don’t really want come back to this world, but I have to, because my time is not up yet and I have an unfinished job in this world. It is so serene, peaceful, loving and all knowing, full of happiness in silence.

It is not possible to describe Heaven in words. Human expression is not capable of communicating what Heaven is like. It is the best blessing to experience and feel Heaven while you are still in a human form. So my friends I wrote a poetic way to describe our real home.


Do not look for Heaven in the highest place, you will never find

Heaven there, you will only find white light of delusion

Heaven resides in the lowest place where nobody would look

Because Heaven has the mind that is the lowest to the point of nothingness

Heaven is absolute humility, you can only enter home with mind of humility

That is the place without seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching of five senses

It is the place that transcends our entire five senses world

You can see with eyes closed

You can hear without ears

You can smell without a nose

You can taste without a tongue, and you can feel without touching

It is the place without time and space
It is the place without light, sound or other feelings

It is the place where everything is absolutely still and unbroken

It is the place of all knowing

It is the place from where you came and will return

It is the place you have absolute peace, love and happiness

It is the place of no place

That is your home

It is natural to be longing to go back home
You are always travelling and looking for new places, hoping to find a glimpse of your real home

Do not look for your home elsewhere

Your real home is within you


Do you know why many people want to go around the world and see the new places that they never been to, especially old people? Of course they want to see the new places out of curiosity, enjoyment and want to widen their horizons with what’s left of their life. But within their thought very, deep down, at the bottom of subconsciousness they are looking for their real home where they came from because their life is nearing the end. It is a kind of anxiety that drives them. They want to know where they are going when their life is at an end. It is a wandering to find their real home.



Do not be afraid of your ending my friends,

Whatever you have done in your life,

Whatever you have not finished in your life,

Whatever has been plentiful in your life,

Whatever you do not have in your life,

Whatever grudges you had in your life,

Whatever sadness and happiness you had in your life,

All knowledge and experiences you may have,

It is all going to end with no attachments,

You will not hold or leave anything behind,

You are the beautiful actor and actress of God’s life,

Have a peaceful departure my friends,

You are going back to the wonderful world of permanent peace and love,

Your mother is waiting for you to return,

Try to remember the mother’s softest pillow before you came to this world,

You are going back to mother, the softest pillow in the entire Universe that is the resting place of God.

13. What is the Structure of Our Mind?

I have a different way of explaining the structure of our mind. Please allow me to present the structure of our mind in the following way.

The body has two parts: the conscious and subconscious.

The mind also has two parts, the conscious and subconscious.

The conscious part of our body is directly connected to the conscious part of our mind. They work together because the mind commands the body’s movements, such as pick up a cup and look inside to see what is inside: using the eyes and getting visual information to our brain for processing. The conscious part of mind and body always work as one.

The subconscious part of our body is all about autonomous function, for example, blinking your eyes. You can blink your eyes at will but most of the time you don’t realise that you are blinking. Likewise, as is breathing. Your heart beats all your life and yet it is not done consciously. Otherwise you may forget to beat your heart when you sleep and become dead. There are many subconscious functions in our body such as the immune system and hormone system, digestive system and so on. Even to just talk about the immune system alone could take many hours or days because it is not fully understood yet by modern science and is so complex it would require greater detail to explore than time here permits.

The subconscious part of our body is the real part of the body that supports vital body functions in order to sustain life.

As I have mentioned many times before, our body is only the “thick” part of mind, and also is the deepest part of our mind.


The thinnest, lightest or surface part of your mind is the awake state of consciousness. For example, you are reading this book right now and are aware of your surroundings with your full five senses operating.

All information is processed in your brain. Some processing is done in the conscious level of your mind but most is processed in the subconscious level and some when you are asleep.

Many of the mundane, repetitive and low value information are discarded because you already have that skill and knowledge. The useful information that is new or valuable, which makes sense or generates emotions, will be passed on to the subconscious mind for further processing.

The majority of people, from the day they are born until their death, believe this awake, conscious part that is thinking and aware who they are right now, is “I”.

But unfortunately that is not really you. Of course that is a part of who you are but that is an only very minuscule part of you and not the main part, which decides your life’s living. All of your life-living commands are coming from your subconscious mind not from your conscious part of mind, and unfortunately you cannot see what is inside of your subconscious mind.

Have you experienced the processing power of your sub conscious mind? You are consciously sending problem solving issues to your subconscious mind. If you don’t get the solution immediately, a lot of computations will go on in your sub-conscious mind while you are doing just normal or mundane tasks. You may be stalling a conversation until you get your answer from deep inside the sub-conscious and then suddenly you get the solution when the computation is over.


If you are not aware of this fact then close your eyes and think quietly where all of those life living commands are coming from.

You have been reading this book for quite some time, perhaps enjoying this book right now and suddenly a signal is floating up from, deep down, somewhere in your sub-conscious mind saying, ”I must go and pick up my daughter”, “Oh what happened to my laundry?”, “It is about time I must go out”, “I'd better take care of that job invoice”, “I want to see Michael tonight”, “Oh, I forgot to pay the bill” and so on.

Your life living commands are all coming from a deep unknown area of your mind. Do you have a diary for every day, every hour and every minute about what you are going to do?

No you don’t carry such a diary. It is coming from deep inside of your mind called your subconsciousness. (Apart from the diary you are using to organise yourself because of difficulties remembering the job or schedule).


In the early 20th century, some researchers said that we are only using 10% of our brain capacity and the rest of it is undeveloped and not used. So they were urging and promoting us to do more work and study. Some said 10% and others said 30% so it is not important to be exact about the percentage. It varies from person to person. But what they were really describing is the proportion of the conscious part of the brain that is occupying only 10% of overall brain capacity. And what they didn’t know was that the rest of brain is used by the subconscious part of mind, 100% or more.

In my view, only 1% of who you are exists in the conscious part and the rest is in the subconscious part of mind that includes your thick and deepest part of mind, which we call the body.

From the Universe point of view, the conscious part of mind is actually 0.0000………..……….…….……00001% of who you are.


I often used to hear from work or school people saying “Come on! You are only using 10% of your brain, you can do a lot more than that.”

It is possible that countless people could have suffered from receiving this statement with dire consequences. And do I still hear this statement time to time these days? Yes I do still hear it.


Your brain is like the working memory part (RAM) if you compare it with computer technology. It has limited space to work with, because it must store so much of your transient (temporary) memories to the rest of your brain, the transient memories are the five senses living information of your daily life that are as follows: visual (heaviest), hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

As I said before, our brain has limited capacity as our interactions with this world become more dependent upon with new technologies and ever growing complexity in our busy life. Our brain is running out of sufficient space in which to work. Some people may laugh but it is true because all the five senses information, that is every experience of your life will be stored in the brain, whether you wanted it to be or not. All goes into the brain regardless of your wishes. As a result, our brain is suffering because it simply runs out of space or is barely coping.

Worst of all, we don’t give enough time for our brain to adapt or evolve to such a heavy lifestyle that we have imposed upon ourselves.

As I mentioned before, we human beings are incredibly adaptable creatures but even that adaptability has reached the limit because we need more time.

However, some people have adapted by increasing their brain capacity at a cost.

This brain “swelling” is what I call stress.

14. What is Stress?

The definition of stress for me is, your brain is physically and mentally stretched beyond its capacity with chronic swelling.

It is a chronic disorder manifested in the body from an overloaded mind.

The stress does not come from your muscles or any other body organs being tired, it is only an issue of brain generated physical and mental problem.


Expectations > Resources

(Expectations are greater than your Resources)


I see many young people get married and have innocent dreams of living a normal life.

They have a flat or house and a car. They want to pay off their car and house. They promise each other they will enjoy life without being burdened by excessive mortgage payments.

So they go for the lifestyle they desire and in few years with great effort, they pay off everything.

However, one day the husband or wife discovers that one of their close friends or relatives has bought a very expensive new car or a two-story house.
The prospect of easy access to finances through more borrowing is a real temptation. The ego won’t stand the idea of having less than others. It does not see that what is inside of the heart is more important than what one has outside. They may take out another loan and commit themselves heavily on a mortgage or two to own a two-story house.
The wife may have to find a job and work every day and leave the children to someone else to care for, initiating the early separation between mother and child. It is very important for the child to develop a concept of a proper family personality during the early stage of life, up to 10 years of age. But it is largely neglected in many children.

The husband will come home from work, have dinner, and watch TV for a while then go to sleep.

A problem is starting when he goes to sleep. He is trying to figure out a problem at work or on his project, such as “how do I make it nice and yet cheap, so I can save costs?” For the computer programmer, he will try to figure out where the bug is that is causing a software problem. Many people make demands on themselves to work while they are sleeping knowingly or unknowingly.

What is sleeping? Without going too deep into theories, my definition of sleep is to unload the transient or temporary memories that are collected during each day.

When you fall into sleep, your conscious mind becomes inactive, and you start to replenish your muscle tissues with nutrients and remove metabolic waste in your muscle tissue, thus physical regeneration of your body occurs, which requires at least 5 hours sleep.

The most important function of your sleep is to remove all the rubbish in your brain that has accumulated during that day.

I call it transient memories. The transient or temporary memories will consist of all the five senses input to your brain throughout a day. It comes into your brain, whether you want it or not. As long as you are awake those 5 senses stimulation will come into your brain without your permission, simply because you are awake.

The heaviest memory inputs are visual, followed by audio information (hearing). These two input sources of information are the most dominant and take up a large amount of storage space in our brain.

It is easy to understand if you look at any picture or video file in a computer. It has the highest memory size of any other file. And also you have to think about all the decisions you have made big and small. All of those decisions also remain in your brain. The sorting and erasing is going on while you are sleeping and the majority of transient memories will be wiped out, reducing the storage required or freeing memory space in the brain.

The sorting will accumulate some memories that are useful and require moving into the deeper side of subconsciousness. They become permanent memories. The insertion of newly acquired memories into storage areas of the brain will trigger the short dreams that are mixed with current and old information, whenever the new memories are stored and combined with other memories already there. This short dreaming will occur all night while you are sleeping, and you can tell by the rapid eye movement, we call REM sleep.

So when you see a person sleeping the continuation of Rapid Eye Movement is the indicator of sound sleeping.

But, as I mentioned above, if you are trying to work out something while you are sleeping on it causes a reduction of REM sleep.

The problem starts when he goes to sleep and is trying to figure out the problem in his work or his project. Many people work while they are sleeping, against their wishes, because they have been concentrating, too much for too long all day. We need to learn how to switch off when we sleep (gentle exercise would do). Never tell yourself to work something out while you are sleeping, it has deadly consequences. If you do, it will minimise your REM sleep and hinder your sorting and empting process.

The lack of REM sleep will cause most of your daily transient memories to remain intact and so not fully be erased for the next day. And then you are going to accumulate more transient memories the next day and the next, and so on.

Why do you think you feel tired and fatigued in the morning despite having had 8 hours of sleep? It is because you are still carrying days of transient memories. It has nothing to do with physical fatigue. Physical fatigue rarely causes stress, unless you have a demanding job that requires extensive mental and physical labour. You will also find if people they like what they are doing, they don’t get too much stress.
Nevertheless, the remaining fact is you are accumulating transient memories that need to be erased with sound REM sleep, daily.

I have seen the modern worriers go without sound REM sleep for months, but most people require good sleep, otherwise they will fall apart easily.

Our body has many wonderful protection systems built in and one of the protection features is depression. Yes, you read it right it is depression. Depression is one of the mechanisms in our body to protect against brain overheating and meltdown.  In other words, it is the automatic balancing system that will detect prolonged brain swelling (strain) through over load and release a few hormones to make you to lose interest in what you are doing right now.

In many cases, a person will lose interest in their current life and mostly want to sleep or rest. Depression is normal for many people, it is the natural reaction by your inner self to protect you from melt down. All you have to do is have a holiday where you sleep most of the time and much stress energy will be released. It’s no wonder that many people become physically ill over part of a holiday.

The time to recover the normal brain function would purely be dependent on how much stress energy you have acquired that has to be accounted for and balanced up. The more stress energy, the more the brain swelling (strain). People who are committed heavily to their job and mortgage, due to the temptations of the material world, won’t have much time to rest. They must carry on making income to pay or meet the dead-line. So they carry on with creating psychological stress of the brain.

And again, depression is the normal function of your physiology and psychology.

But in our current society depression is often treated as an abnormality or illness and medications are offered to temporarily treat the condition rather than the cause.

Instead of trying the easy way out like using anti-depressant medicine, the proper way is to change your lifestyle.

That is if your EGO permits you. The ego part of you will think “I am not going to give up all my niceness and things I am proud of, what would my friends or relatives think? I am not a loser or defeated, my whole life is dependent on it’.

But if you can really change your lifestyle, I wonder how many friends will think of you as a real loser. They will actually envy you from deep down, within.

What happens if you ignore long enough the signals coming from within, that manifests as depression? 

You will force yourself consciously to gain normality in order to get back to a level of normal daily function. Your body will release appropriate hormones to regain the normal function so that you can go back to work and try hard to meet your needs. Then sometime later, if you clocked up enough stress energy, you will have the same protection mechanism activate and cause another episode of moody depression.

This time your body will react with deeper depression than before, and then after you endure the depression for a while, you will get back to normal again with your forced will, in your inescapable environment. This time your body will over-compensate with stronger hormones to get back to the norm. So you will have the upsurge of energy, vitality and good mood.

These repeating episodes of good and bad mood are called mood swings. And of course, these mood swings will get worse if you don’t modify your life or get help.

Further on, if this condition progresses it will become an extreme mood swing, and then we will call it bipolar mood disorder or manic depression.

And finally, when your brain is permanently stagnate with so much noise of your thoughts with no escape from these noises, fully stretched and no more space left with maximum pressure, then it starts to leak out into the conscious part of mind from the subconsciousness. People facing this situation who I have offered to help report initially hearing music that will not stop. No matter what they do, they cannot stop the music that plays over and over again in the back of their mind.

I have seen many cases of that unstoppable music playing and then turning into voices. They will hear the voices at first, which makes them terrified, and then it turns into conversation. It tries to draw their mind into conversation. They resist with all their effort but that only creates more stress. They shout, saying abusive words to try repel the voices, but, eventually become exhausted, and surrender to the voices and start to engage in conversations. We call this condition, Schizophrenia.

So my friends, it is all started with stress and not taking proper steps to remedy the problems in the beginning. It will take many years to create a full-blown condition like this, and once you have reached this point, it cannot easily be treated.

I don’t believe that anti-depressants or any other drugs are the answer except, in the case of those who are born with the predisposed condition.

Negotiating with your ego is the answer to minimise stress. If you can say to yourself, “To hell with it, who cares if I live in the single-story house with a little car, as long as I am happy with what I have, my family and knowing who I am and my purpose of life.”

Listen to your pure conscience and limit your ego. That is the answer, knowing when to stop and when enough is enough.


Stress personality:

Stress is One of the biggest killers in modern times. Managing stress is the key to a healthy mind and body. Beware, you have lived in hell for so long you don’t even realise that you are in hell …hence suffering continues…

Stress changes people, it hides one’s own beautiful, lovely personality and turns one generally into a stress personality that is ugly, irritable, angry, negative and destructive.

Many people with stress personality clash and cause untold damage in human relationships. Stress brings to the surface, in full bloom any defect or weakness in one’s inherited genes.


I ask people “Where is the beautiful personality that you once shared with your love, all that promise and affirmation?” Those ideals may fade out as time goes by, as you are weathered out living life, but try to keep your true and beautiful personality intact. If you lose that, you are losing your true dreams and life becomes meaningless”.

15. What is Inside of Our Subconscious Mind?

There are so many theories about what the mind is, and I have tried to avoid any theoretical concept. I am only interested in communicating with you to make your life easy and happy with enlightenment, so we can all understand and benefit from it. Many people expect something wonderful from my explanation about what is inside of our subconscious mind.

But I may disappoint you because it is too simple.

Remember what I said in the beginning of this book, the truth is so simple our ego has trouble accepting it. We expect something wonderful and magnificent.

As I explained in the beginning, the conscious part of mind that is five senses based is not really important in view of who is really running your life. Your life is run by your subconsciousness and not your current awake conscious part of mind that is reading this book and is aware of yourself, right now.

As you see in the illustration, our mind simply has only two parts.

As I often heard, when I was a child in my Catholic family, you have the angel at your right shoulder and the devil at your left shoulder. They are continuously fighting for control of whatever you do and whichever side wins the battle, will lead your life.

I wouldn’t call my individual ego-self a devil but largely what they say is right in a sense because you will be in the life of hell if you follow only your ego mind without listening to your pure conscience. The pure conscience is your limiting factor.

The illustration above represents a beautiful human being that has the ratio of half ego and half conscience.

Some of us who have had good ancestors would be born to this world like that: 50% of ego and 50% of conscience, in nicely balanced form. And of course there are rare but some special people who were born even purer. In many Eastern world places these special people are usually spotted and selected as a spiritual leader, spending their lifetime devotion to their spirituality (I call these “chosen people”).

But most of us, including myself are not fortunate enough to have inherited such good portions of low false and high true mind.

The following picture describes the most common ratio of the mind of people in the current world. 

We do have a large and powerful ego and a very small and weak pure conscience. The exact proportion between ego and conscience would be different for every individual. It is mainly decided by your ancestors and rarely changed by one particular individual living in a single generation. Your life living in this world influences the next generation by a very small portion, unless you decide to change it drastically at some point, due to the collective calling of your ancestors to have a better life. In eastern culture, they have a tendency to be more aware of their ancestral spirits, and it is a very important part of their life. In western culture, people have a tendency to be more individualistic, except some noble families and most of them don’t put too much importance on ancestral awareness. Therefore, the individual progress in freedom is assured without being tied up by the collective dogmas of their family lines.

Whether you like it or not, you are bound by your ancestral character in so many ways. You cannot escape from it. You represent the entire line of your ancestral life on Earth, in total summation. You are the final end product of your ancestors living. You are a walking and talking living museum of your sacred ancestral life on display. Why do we have such a strong ego? As I mentioned before, it means we had our fair share of struggles in order to survive in the past. Many generations of continuous struggle meant that we had to adapt and thus we developed a strong ego.

People challenged me about the existence of their strong ego self and did not agree that we have a strong ego. Many people say they don’t have any ego and also challenged the whole concept of my lecture and the mind cleansing study itself.

You don’t realise how strong your ego is until you try to reduce your own ego. You would be terribly surprised to find your ego will fight back every inch of the way.

If you refer to the illustration above, our true part or conscience part of mind still exist (of course, otherwise it would be completely evil) but is very weak and it has no real power to influence ego life living decisions. Most modern people have a subconscious mind full of ego (Devil part) and not much of the true (Angel part) mind. Our life is all about making decisions every step of the way. We make decisions every second and as long as we are awake and not sleeping, life is bound by making decisions at every moment in our daily life.

Every time your life living force wants to make a decision, if this decision is made by your ego that is not the way of life in truth then you will have a conflict with your Conscience. That is the conflict with the true part of you that is your Real-Self… the pure mind of God. But it has a very weak power because we all are living in the ego-mind based world.

You will not have any conflict if the decision is made that is not ego conflicting, I mean the decision is based on the true part that is the self-less side.

The conflict is the primary source of emotional energy.

The origin of emotion is the decision making process of your subconscious mind. The result of that processing is the conflict between your ego and true mind.

The conflict is always recognised within your subconsciousness but sometimes if that conflict is strong and intense enough then it will spill into your conscious part of mind, and you become aware of that conflict.

Each decision is always compared to your true mind. Any decision which is not based on true mind will generate conflict. The conflict will generate emotional energy of small or large proportions and this emotional energy is very dark in origin. It interferes with your body’s cell function and makes the whole body unhealthy by saturating it with emotional energy. Since you made a conflicting decision with that particular memory, the memory of conflict will be tagged in your mind as an emotional source so every time you come across this memory the emotion is automatically re-generated.

The decision that does not cause internal subconscious mind conflict is based on the Mind of Creator.

Try to live life with the Mind of God and that will cause us to live in The way of life in pure mind.


Mind of God

Mind of Creator is always Highest, Lowest, Widest, and Deepest. And Creator Encompasses, Accommodates and Forgives absolutely everything in this world And Love is the only thing that holds this Universe together. Truth is Love!


God is the logical opposite of ego-self. Therefore, God is absolutely selfless. Because the ego always identifies itself as I or mine, and God self is always identified as self-less (all is one, think of others first, or unconditional love) that is why we call it the Universe. So you know now we human beings are always on the side of God’s good nature as one. It is through our mechanisms of thought and life that you will suffer by conflict if you try to make decisions away from the God’s nature (Isolationism).

16. What is Original Sin?

 Since humanity has existed on this planet we were meant to live together as family, tribe, kingdom and country.

The human being is not solitary in nature, but rather a socially living being.

We hunted, gathered, built and worked together to survive. The story of Adam and Eve is the symbolic representation of the life seeding of humanity on this planet.

The planet Earth is meant be a paradise or Garden of Eden.

As we grew in numbers, some people worked harder than others and some worked less than others, but we still shared and lived in peace that is until our population got out of control. We never had to have any control of ourselves, except our primordial nature (such as the pack order, in families and tribes). And these primordial ways progressed from unspoken to eventually become the spoken and written morals and rules. The rules, regulations and laws were developed, and now we have constitutions and Bills of Rights for countries.

We can say that the first spoken rule was the bite of that apple Eve gave to Adam thus kindling good and evil.

We have now planted in everyone’s mind that if you do something this way it is good, and if you act that way then it is bad and if you go over the morally acceptable line then you have broken the rules or laws and you are guilty. Thus the sin is in the judgment of what is considered to be wrong behaviour, which we made to control ourselves for the good of many in order to survive in harmony.

Such is the environment in which we live, we had to struggle and clearly define values concerning what is yours and mine and what is fair and unfair.

Some people who lived in a good environment had little competition getting food and shelter and so remained peaceful.

Some people lived in an environment so hostile there was intense competition forcing them to survive with strict order and punishment. They had to adapt to their surroundings over generations and so became warriors.

They constantly moved in large numbers searching for a better environment, and it became a physical expansion of human societies.

Living life like this for many generations developed a mindset that became a culture, ingrained into our genes and carried down with every descendant contributing their own life experiences into the gene pool. Each generation became stronger as they descended because there was more competition and hardship. As a result, nowadays, most people are born with a strong ego. But, today it is not necessary to live this way because with our current technology, we can now feed the whole world, peacefully exists without famine or other catastrophes, if people are willing to share, facilitated by the reduction of the ego.

People baptise a baby when born to cleanse from original sin but this is only symbolic in nature. A true baptism is to eliminate or reduce your ego first and be reborn again. You will then see your Real-Self when you reduce your ego sufficiently low enough.

Only then is true sharing possible, unconditionally.

In conclusion, original sin is your strong ego and strong ego will lead your life. Christianity calls it the devil. In a way it is right because if you live your life only following your ego’s way, without limits of conscience, yes, it is nothing else but a devilish life. But I have no such judgment on the so-called devilish egoistical person, and I only have full admiration and compassion because that devilish person is another living museum of God’s holy life on display. What a survivor! That devilish person has managed to survive up to today through such struggles. It shows the beautiful life of God on full display. We should all welcome him and tell him he no longer has to do this. We acknowledge his struggle but it is over, he can relax. He doesn’t have to live like that and put himself into continuing bad karma or causality of cause and effect. All is forgiven and there is nothing to forgive. It was only God’s life he lived so hard naturally.

In a way Christianity was right when it said we are born sinners with original sin. But they don’t know how to eliminate original sin. That is the life and death question.

Original sin is the core of the problem, which leaves us continuously lost and suffering. It cannot be eliminated by baptism, abstinence and penance or praying. The only way to eliminate original sin is to have a baptism of fire, a judgment day or an Armageddon war, within you. Because we are all God in nature in individually, each and every individual must have a baptism of fire, judgment day or Armageddon war within oneself to eliminate the centuries old strong ego mind. Starting up mind cleansing study will fire up those wars within you.


17. Where are Hell and Heaven?

Before we go any further, I’d like to point out one of the biggest stumbling blocks in our spirituality that has been carried down for thousands of years on this planet, the fear of God’s judgement and the subsequent punishment when you die or before death.

Let me make absolutely unequivocally certain, there is no such thing. As I mentioned earlier, there is no such existence of a Supreme Being who will judge and punish you….

All Earthlings should wake up to this truth! How long are you going to go on believing this? 

Let me assure you again, there is no such thing. I will personally guaranty that you will not burn in hell. Instead, it is everyone’s birth right that you will all go back to Heaven no matter what you have done in this life. This is because your individual life or individual spirit only exists here in this world. What remains after you die is only your Real-Self or the pure energy, the God-self. Therefore, you don’t go or move anywhere when you die. It is all about what is remaining after your death. You individuality will only fade out.

If you think you have been punished or some mishap is happening because what you have done is wrong or sinful, then it is your energy of conflict within your subconscious mind that is causing this to happen.
This is because your subconsciousness is creating what your judgment mind is projecting. Free yourself from guilt by abandoning those concepts of fear first.

We must eradicate the fear of God and the feeling of isolation from God that has been planted in us for hundreds of generations.

We have evolved enough and possess high enough intelligence to overcome those stumbling blocks of archaic spirituality and can move forward. Take charge of yourself because you are part of God’s consciousness, you are not passively created objects of God.

Don’t sit alone and think, “Leave me out… I will hide somewhere and not worry”, or “I alone cannot make any change”.

Remember, one is all, and all is one. This is the message God always sends you.

Hell and Heaven are only here in this world while you are alive and kicking.

For the human being, this planet is the stage of God’s play at the moment. It is up to you how you live in this world as a Heaven or a Hell. It is entirely up to you. I am sure God originally intended this planet as the Garden of Eden, a paradise. Some might say “Why only Heaven and why not hell, if it is entirely up to us?” Of course, God is only an observer and will not intervene against whatever you do to uphold the law of physics, but from human point of view, with compassion, I will say God is always positive not negative. Being lost and suffering is a negative side of life.

Creation is positive, thus God is always creating. And we also love creating things, with joy, because we all have God’s nature in us.

The physical location of Hell and Heaven is this planet called Earth, and what decides hell and heaven for you is what is inside your mind. Many good books say Heaven is within you. It means literally that Heaven is within the portion of your subconscious true and false mind.

As I mentioned earlier in the chapter 15 called “What is Inside of Our Subconscious Mind?” the person who has equal share in true and false mind will live this world as Heaven because their conscience will limit the ego mind and make sure you will not lose your Real-Self.

If you always live your life in the egoistic lifestyle of short sightedness, greedy, negative, possessive, attached, anguished, jealous, sad and worried, then this planet is a hell for you. You may not even realise you are living in a hell if you’ve lived in hell for so long.

Many people who tried out the mind cleansing study have realised it was a miracle, “How have I ever lived my life in Hell without realising my own identity and without any major mishap or illness?” Yes it is a miracle that you realised it finally.


Let’s draw a conclusion.

The physical location of Hell and Heaven for living individuality is here on Earth right now.

It is entirely up to you how you live in this world as in hell or in heaven.

Everything about you will fade out, by returning to the most stable form of the atom. Only the Real-Self will remain after your individual form disappears. That is the God-self or pure energy. Therefore, everyone returns to heaven when they die. That Heaven is pure energy or God-self. There is no discrimination about who can come in. Good people or bad people - all must return to this place as pure energy. That means your individual entity (mind) will fade out as it loses vibration from this place and an individual consciousness will merge back to eternity.

18. What is Enlightenment and How to Get There?

Many people are told what enlightenment is, so I won’t go into common details of explaining what it is.

My way of explaining enlightenment is just simply waking up to the real world from the one’s own ego world.

We are living this current life with ego-based emotions, which control us so our true nature of reality is forgotten.

All things in the world, Trees, Rocks, Animals, all living and inanimate objects in the Universe are already enlightened, they do not need to wake up or meditate to be awakened.

Contrary to other spiritual studies, we are doing this mind cleansing study for our ego individuality only.

It is the ego we want to save, we do not need to save anything else, we are only doing this for our ego self that is our individuality.

Our Mind Cleansing Study will reduce the strength of the ego first, then try to reason with ego, and eventually ego will become educated (enlightened) to achieve the perfect harmony of mind and body.

Remember, I am trying help you save your ego, because there isn’t anyone else to save it other than you. There is only your individuality of ego self and God within you, despite all the mythical spiritual beliefs. I will always say, all is God, you cannot escape God.

Since humanity began, people did not know what mind was exactly. I am hereby clearly defining what mind is and pointing out why people haven’t been able to attain enlightenment easily. So the method to cleanse our mind develops logically and naturally to help humanity towards a general public enlightenment. My mind cleansing study is one of many that can help humanity towards general public enlightenment.

Many people may read and pass over this book lightly but the real reason I wrote this book is to guide and push everyone to enlightenment. That is right, you read it properly. It is for EVERYONE! This book and our way of mind cleansing study can make everyone on this planet cross into enlightenment.

Your ego self will be enlightened when you have crossed the event horizon long enough and go down deep enough and when you see the pure energy of God.

Nothing is quite like when the ego understands that this is the false world. We are living in delusion and there is Heaven that you can have a glimpse of the peace and happiness while you are alive. Your ego self will try to devote all of your resources to get there, just like the time when ego was devoting its entire resources for material gains without knowing the true reality of the world. This is the reason why stronger your ego is the stronger spirituality is.

The energy of your dedication or devotion to get there is what I call faith. This is what happened to me too. Once my ego accepted the true reality of the world then there was nothing stopping me getting there. There were many times many masters told me that I would never get there or be an enlightened spiritual person because I had such a strong ego-self mind. But that strong ego-self mind can also be turned to strong faith in an equal amount. And so much so that I am now telling the world in order to share the secret and wake people up from centuries old spirituality for the common benefit of all.

They say that knowledge is power and an asset to you, but it isn’t. Just knowledge alone is harmful to you. True knowledge is you becoming knowledge itself, otherwise it just generates conflicting emotions when you cannot act accordingly.

Enlightenment is the light. You become knowledge itself. Your life becomes the knowledge itself. That is true enlightenment.

Many people have told me,

“I know everything because I read many good books, and I agree and understand entirely but what good is it if I cannot change myself?”

”I don’t know why I cannot change myself”

“Could you tell me how to get there?”

“I do everything that the good book and teachings say, and I still don’t have what I want peace and happiness”

I tell people the knowledge of knowing and understanding are good things only up to a point. However, if that knowledge cannot bring about real change in yourself then it becomes a poison to you. Your weak portion of true mind doesn’t have the power to bring about the change and causes severe conflict is not a good thing at all. It is actually harmful and perhaps not knowing might have been better because it does not cause conflict in your subconscious mind.

Don’t even believe for a moment if some say “Be yourself with that knowledge, and someday you will get there.”

No, you will never get there, unless you change yourself profoundly to the core.

What you need is to act and live according to the knowledge that you gained from many good books, other teachings or religions that provided your realisation. In other words, what you need is to rekindle the power of your true mind and give power to your conscience, the angel part but not the devil part.

What is the conscience or true mind? Surprisingly, there are many ideas about what the Conscience is.

I will give you a clear definition of your conscience.

It is not your own view of right or wrong formed by upbringing, family tradition, education, laws or the morals of society. These are only environmental adaptations largely. It also depends on what country or what family traditions you are living under. Of course it is also formed by fairness that is largely shaped by our true conscience but with adaptation to the environment.

But, most importantly…

It is the mind of God, it is the mind of Universe, and it is the mind of Pure Energy. That is inside of you, and you cannot see because it is obscured and suppressed by your strong ego mind.

Mind of God is always Highest, Lowest, Widest and Deepest. God encompasses, accommodates and forgives absolutely everything in this world and absolute unconditional love is the only thing that holds this Universe together. It is the nature of your deepest inner self that is your Real-God-Self.

The power of your conscience or true side of mind has been weakened severely over many generations by ego life living.

Every cell in your body has been saturated with bad emotional energy by hundreds of generations of egos winning life throughout and true mind has no power to strongly act always.

So the logical solution is to reduce your ego and cleanse your body from the bad energy and that is what our Mind Cleansing Study is all about.

To explain the whole process simply:

It is all about lowering your mind vibrations to relax down to zero.

If you lower your mind vibrations and relax downwards continuously you will reach some point where, the line of this tangible world ends and intangible world begins.

Leaving all this feeling of the material world behind, your consciousness will fall to a certain point, the dividing line of this world. That is the point where your mind has left this world and leaves the body behind. Only human beings are able to do this. That is how powerful the mind is. However, the problem is that our mind is far more corrupt in this century than 2000 years ago, because we just have too many thoughts generating in our modern life, like a sea of noise in our heads.

Why are many thoughts bad for you? Why do people’s auras look dark?

It doesn’t really matter whether you are having good or bad thoughts, the effects are the same.


Here is the scientific explanation regarding thoughts.

It is all about your purity. Too many thoughts will darken your aura regardless of what kind of thought.

Let’s have an example. There is a light, the light of your beautiful spirituality, the pure energy emanating from your inner self and illuminating in all directions as a bright bluish light.

You watch the beautiful bluish light steadily and there is a little flying insect cutting across the light, and you will see that as a thin dark streak of a line or dot appearing when an insect sits on the light.

Little by little, more and more of these flying insects are cutting across the light or sitting on it, so you will see more of these dark lines or dots appearing everywhere. It is ok to have some dark lines or dark spots but too many will start to obscure the blue light. Too many thoughts in our subconsciousness would have the same effects. It is like too many insects are flying across the light and darkening the aura.

Thoughts are made of high density, thick and short vibrations of energy (impulse), which also generate emotional energy if a thought was causing conflict with your conscience. All the cells in your body will be affected by this emotional energy.

The vibrational frequency of happy thoughts is quite high so will have a lesser effect the body’s cells but, sad, angry or negative thoughts have a lower frequency very close to cell vibration thus effecting the cell's functions more severely.

That is why some thoughts are more tiring or harmful than other simple, lighter non-conflicting thoughts.

Your aura is always pure and bright if you live a simple life. Your brain can process daily information completely and this ability of the brain to process all the daily information differs from person to person.

You leave almost nothing behind in your brain if your subconsciousness has no deeply, complex processes taking place continuously. This is especially true for the person who has conducted a mind cleansing practice for many years.

That pure light of inner self emanates as a beautiful aura bright bluish in colour.

Sometimes you can see this light while you are in meditation with eyes closed in total darkness. I simply call it “visible quarks.”

The following illustration is the road map to enlightenment. 




The preceding illustration appeals to scientifically minded people, but if you look at it carefully it is not too hard to understand.

It simply shows where heaven is for people who want everything explained graphically.

Most people have been told throughout the centuries that higher, holier, elevated towards the highest, to the white light is the way to reach God. However, you have been terribly misled. Everyone is trying to reach God at the highest levels and in every possible way to represent the holiest and elevated schemes to approach God but all you are going to achieve is the highest delusion, nothing else. At the highest point you will have the highest collective mind that is the highest delusion. That will express itself as the white light, hence the white light of delusion or a “white lie”.

If you want to see God you must set your mind to be at its emptiest and most humble towards the lowest vibrations.

This is what went wrong with the spirituality of this planet. People have tried to reach God in the totally opposite direction.

To see God you must not posses anything. Total abandonment is required in every aspect of your life that is your knowledge, wealth, assets, personality, pride, desires and most of the entire ego.

An audience with God requires total abandonment of yourself becoming completely selfless.

Somewhere the Christian bible states,

"You cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live."

I would say, “You will see me when you abandon your ego self” or “The one who has a dead ego will see me because one’s self without ego is God self”.

If you eliminate your entire ego then what remains is only God-self (Pure Conscience). Therefore, it is extremely natural to see God. You cannot avoid seeing God.

God can see God-self, and you are just that.

Another verse from the Bible says,

“No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us”

Then I will say “No man who has a living ego self within will see God. By abandoning our ego self, we will perfect our love in us and we will see our God self in us naturally”

You can achieve an audience with God while you are still alive holding the form called body because God is very flexible (most kind). You don’t have to physically die to go back to God. You cannot see God if you physically die because the individual being of who you are is finished. To see God while you are in the human form is the most blessed human experience. If you eliminate a reasonable amount of your ego in every aspect of your life, God will appear while you are still holding the form called body despite that body being still very much a part of ego. And this is one of the experiences of being in enlightenment.

How to Get There?

There is quite a logical answer to the question, “how to get there?” if you look at the road map to Enlightenment or the road map to heaven.

You may see three stages immediately, the conscious part of mind, followed by the subconscious part of mind then finally the body that is the deepest subconscious mind.

But I will say there are only two stages.

The first stage of mind cleansing is eliminating the Conceptual mind and the second stage is the cleansing of the body.

The detail of real practice is beyond the scope of this book and probably requires another book to fully explain but the simplified method is provided at the end of this book.

Cleansing your mind and eliminating your conceptual mind can lead you to cross the event horizon, the beginning of God’s realm but this won’t be deep enough to lead you to the bottom end that is Heaven, pure energy with zero vibration, which is still and unbroken pure energy.

The reason you cannot go down deep enough is the existence of your body that contains all of your ancestral thoughts recorded in the DNA of your cells.

You are now required to cleanse your body too as the final steps. The thickest part of your mind, which we called the body, is the last strong-hold of the ego to overcome before you enter God’s world.

Your body holds so many ancestral thoughts that have been carried down through many generations. Therefore, this is also the strong source of interfering “noises”, which obscures the connections to your Real-Self.

A total of three stages of mind cleansing need to be complete to attain enlightenment.

Firstly, cleanse the active mind part by eliminating your current sources of bad energy, which saturate your body.

Secondly, eliminate the conceptual mind to stop generating bad energy again. By reaching this stage you will become non-judgmental like the mind of God.

Thirdly, cleanse the body that is the last obscuring source of the noise before you see God.

All of these steps can be complete in 2 – 6 months time.

Many people who have spent their-life time in spiritual study criticised me for teaching the modern “instant 3-minute  noodle” style of meditation and enlightenment techniques without proper training through many years of strict discipline in the properly conducted environment.

I do understand their criticism because I have actually been there and done that but my duty is to introduce this simple and yet powerful meditation technique for enlightenment to the world. Thus everyone can benefit.

All I have to do is guide people to cross the event horizon then enlightenment will come naturally. You don’t have to spend 10 - 20 years or a lifetime spiritual quest in separation and still not be sure of yourself. The aim is to get everyone to enlightenment who wants to become self-less God.

I do acknowledge that the whole philosophy and the technique that I am presenting here is unique and alien (of course, it is not from this planet) to those people who spent their lifetime seeking traditional spirituality.

And I do respect them with all my heart in every way as the diverse life of God.

However, the short-cut to enlightenment has arrived and is real.

In fact, it is not really a short-cut, but I do know how to get there in a direct line without so much interference and confusion of the old mythical concepts of angels, spiritual mediums and so many different dimensions of personal God’s stories, which will make you completely lost.

What I recommend to people who have spent their lifetime in spiritual study and still haven’t glimpsed enlightenment is to try it, put aside all of your conceptual and philosophical differences. So many concepts of truth and fiction are to be found everywhere that you wouldn’t know, which is the right path. All in fact, may be right path but which one is the straightest path needlessly wasting your life? The Real-Self will be revealed to you very soon if you just forget everything and only concentrate on erasing your strong ego-self according to the method presented here.

That is, if your ego permits!                                                             

My early stage of founding this meditation technique was that I had a logical idea which was to eliminate my entire ego absolutely, then whatever remained must be the truth, and it turns out I was right. In a way I was lucky but this luck came from heaven with a purpose. That was, I have to teach people how to get there.

A simple way to understand what enlightenment is:

Everyone in this world lives at their own level of enlightenment. That is, your life’s actions are derived from the knowledge and beliefs that you are holding.

For instance, if someone has been caught stealing and is punished or someone has been sentenced to prison for a crime then it is the result of their level of understanding, relationship and belief in life and that is why they do it.

If mother Teresa has been devoted to charity for all of her life unconditionally then the life living of her comes from what she believes.

In other words, a person’s life living comes from the level of that person’s knowledge and belief from a single basis of their philosophy. A person’s resulting actions is one’s level of enlightenment.

It is not enlightenment if a person says, “I am enlightened so I am selfless.” And yet that person’s action is not selfless, it is only a level of enlightenment of pretending to possess knowledge.

There is a simple way to explain what enlightenment is:

You are an enlightened person if your ego understands the true origin of life by clear understanding of your identity.

True enlightenment is when you have almost eliminated your own ego and what is left is only God-self. Then you shall automatically know who you are truly and after that your life living will have been changed by knowing the true purpose of your life.


There is no such thing as inside and outside.

In all religions and other spiritual teachings throughout the centuries, people who are in an advanced state of spirituality have been told, “There is no such thing as inside and outside” and have been debating the true meaning of this teaching with many different interpretations.

“Is God inside of you or outside of you?” This is the question in simple terms.

To explain it easily, let me say God is inside of you, but you cannot see or feel this easily because the Ego mind has surrounded and obscured God within you. Your mucky mind of many sparks of impure ego thoughts interferes with the ability to feel God within you. You get to find and see God within when you cleanse your mind and become transparent. Then logically, you will also be transparent to the outside as well because your mind is transparent.

Therefore, the world is transparent to you and there is no such distinction as outside and inside when your mind become transparent to the universe. God is everywhere inside and outside when you become transparent, and you will know the whole world is God-self.

You are an enlightened person when you truly realise this transparency in real life and live your life according to the knowledge of transparency.

19. Finding the Fountain of Youth 

The realm of God, Heaven or the world of pure emptiness is always welcoming you.

Did you know that everyone has a candle burning inside or a clock is ticking? That is the primordial energy that you are born with.

Your lifestyle can determine whether your life energy burns slowly or faster. It is the rate at which you age.

Living life in the material world, you expend your primordial life energy, which is the process of aging gradually towards death but being in the world of God’s realm has the reverse effect. Once you have gained the ability to meditate, in about 5 minutes you will cross the event horizon into God’s realm. From that moment on, your aging is reversed; your primordial life energy is recharged. This is what is called “the fountain of youth”, or “drinking the water of life.”

The water of life or fountain of youth is within you. All you have to do is learn how to open yourself to it. I will personally guarantee that you can physically live 2-300 years if you stay in this realm of God for at least an hour every day, without getting polluted by the bad energies around you. To qualify that, you need to be living in the place where no civilians are around to corrupt you with bad energy and live alone or live with people who know how to get to heaven and get into Heaven everyday together with you. There are quite a few enlightened people living this way, in hiding in the Himalayan Mountains.

Have you ever heard the Story of the Peach Blossom Valley? I have my version of the old traditional folk story from Himalaya.

One bitter cold winter’s day, with snow and bone-freezing winds blowing everywhere a farmer came to the mountain to gather fallen tree sticks to fuel the fire at home and found a peach flower drifting down in a half frozen creek. He was surprised and wondered where this beautiful peach flower came from in the dead middle of a bitter cold winter. He followed the frozen creek a long way up the mountain and eventually found the creek originating from an entrance to a cave. He entered the cave and came out the other side, finding an isolated valley full of blossoming peach trees, many other flowers and fruits with people living in a utopia, a permanently peaceful and happy place, almost totally isolated from the outside world. People living there were almost immortal, living far beyond the normal lifespan, slowly aging in appearance. He found Shangri-La the mythical Himalayan utopia.

Of course he could never find it again when he returned with a greedy mind.

The mythical Shangri-La is in you if you have a clean mind and are one with God. It is the pointer to immortality. You will live longer if you get closer to God because there is no time and space in God’s realm.

Better still, what if you go to the place that has no death and remains eternal? What I have decided for myself is to finish my work here and go to that place that is Heaven and never return to this world. One cannot explain what Heaven is like: human expression is not adequate to describe it.

It is the best blessing for a human to experience it.

Have you ever had the experience, having pursued some goal in your life and felt disappointed and empty when you achieved it?

Wouldn’t finding your true self and staying with that be the ultimate challenge?

You would have no fear of death but rather, permanent security, peace and happiness in eternity. Remember, you cannot take anything with you when you leave this world, you must leave absolutely everything behind.

It is not enough to keep the status quo between your ego and conscience. You need to go further. Don’t stop at 50/50, go further. How about having your conscience at 80% and your ego at 20%?

Having your ego at 80% and your conscience at 20% is the general current state of humanity.

Having conscience or true mind at 100% and ego 0% is impossible because zero percent of your ego means the elimination of your body as well. I remind you that your body is also part of your mind as the continuous vibration, so zero percent ego means physical death (precisely speaking), and you don’t want that yet. As humans we are naturally curious. Being so means our natural tendency is to explore every aspect of our life inwardly and outwardly. We would like to find out where we go at death, before we die. You will find there is no such thing as the inward and outward, they are the same, there is no boundary. Only your limited visual capability makes you believe that.

Try to put more effort into becoming 80% true mind and 20% ego mind and, you will find Heaven is right behind closed eyes.

While you are in this state of your mind all you need to do is just sit down, close your eyes and erase the remaining 20% of your ego mind.

Heaven will suck you right in, as you will start to lose all the senses of your body and your consciousness will be discarded and leave your body. Then you will cross the event horizon, that is the borderline between this material world and God’s realm, and go deeper and deeper into the pure emptiness of God. One day you will reach the bottom end of the Universe (vibration zero) if you continue to practice every day. When that happens you will find and realise that you are completely with God-self. That is what happened to me.

20. True Resurrection

Many people believe there will be a judgment day.

One day God will come back to this world and bring all the human beings who have ever lived on this planet back to life with living ones together to judge all of their deeds, and punish or reward them accordingly. There are so many trillion spirits dormant and waiting for resurrection on the judgment day.

Many religions and cults have made predictions when judgment day will occur with certain signs. Some call that time Armageddon.

True resurrection can only happen within your mind.

Armageddon too can only happen within your mind.

If you start the war in your mind, the war against your ever-strong ego, you will reduce and achieve surrender from ego mind.

Cleanse the mind to eliminate ever-strong ego to see and find your Real-Self and shift your centre of mind from ego-self to Real-Self.

Then you will experience true resurrection.

Many believe it is God’s will whether or not this planet experiences a natural disaster, wiping out all life. But in reality, that is merely the wishing of our collective consciousness not punishment from God.

It is entirely dependent upon one’s point of view to believe in either God’s will or our will and both are correct because we are the mind of God itself.

The story of the second coming: I assure you that Christ coming down riding on the clouds with the army of thousands of angels won’t happen in your time. If you want to live in peace and happiness in harmony with other people and nature then you should start your own Armageddon within yourself soon, to really live as true humanity. Break out from the Old Stone Age idea of spirituality.

Free yourself from ego enslavement by starting the war against ego domination. After all, we are trying to save our ego-self because our ego is our individuality. What I am saying is reawaken your ego, because the Real-Self within our mind is always awake and requires no cleansing. It is our true self, which we have lost the connection to and we only live under ego mind control without guidance from our true self. This is why we are lost and suffering.

 21. God is True Darkness

Many people have been led to believe throughout the centuries that God is white light and the opposite is evil, the darkness in the mythical old way of belief. Some of you may find the phrase “God is True Darkness” offensive because you are holding the thought of judgment in some old religious value. God is everything. God is darkness and whiteness all together. God is seen and unseen and the world of vibrating pure energy. God has no adversary. I met some young people who are fearful that God is not powerful enough to protect us from the forces of darkness and evil (watching too many horror movies perhaps).

Let me assure you, you are quite safe from those adversaries because they do not exist. If there were such opponents then they would also be the creation of God. There is only one God in the entire universe, and you are part of it. God is almighty, the strongest and controls everything through the laws of physics of the seen and unseen.

As human beings we say that we have mind and body. I can also say God too has mind and body in a similar way.

In reality, there is only the continuing spectrum of vibrating frequencies throughout the seen and unseen. There is no such thing as the mind and body as I have mentioned many times throughout this book.

Our individual ego-self has been trying to make the division between me, the ego-self and others in the Universe but there is no division and everything is the continuous vibration of the Universe. Your individual ego-self is being observed and your Real-Self (God) is the observer.

If God has body and mind then what is the body part of God?

Pure Energy is the basis of all life around us including everything seen and unseen.

Pure energy is the source of all this life that is untainted, still and unbroken.

The body of God is this still, unbroken pure energy that has no vibration, thus there is absolutely no way to detect and feel or describe it. The time does not apply here. Pure energy is everywhere, and you cannot escape it. The entire Universe is contained in pure energy. If you could somehow detect it then it would no longer be pure energy. You would detect it because it would have emanated some vibration and manifested in order to be detected.

Pure energy has no vibration. Therefore, it has no light either because the light is also a form of vibrating energy. Therefore, the pure energy or God’s body is pure darkness and pure emptiness.

Pure energy has no substance, no “body” in human terms. All matter in universe, seen and unseen manifests from this, thus you could call it mother, base or body.

The body part of God is the pure energy part.

Pure energy is pure darkness as you often come across when you cross the event horizon while you are meditating because the pure energy has no vibration to manifest. Even the light is a multitude of vibration thus pure energy manifests to us as pure darkness. Therefore, pure energy is like a mother or a body that is holding thoughts of God.

The mind part of God is us.

All things in the universe (all creations) are the thought of God. Regardless of what is seen and unseen all is mind of God.

22. God is True White Light

Many people wonder what the mind of God is, since I have said that the body of God is pure darkness.

All we can see and cannot see, from one end of the Universe to the other, all that coexists with pure energy is the mind of God.


God is,

As your mind and body represent your total self,

The pure energy - that is God’s body,

The individuality of God’s mind is all matter in the Universe together, seen and unseen,

Which spread and stretch as the known Universe,

As far as, as long as it lasts that is almost infinite,

As far as our current knowledge goes since the beginning of the outward breath of life.


In summing up Albert Einstein’s works in general, this is the statement he should have made: “All matter in the Universe is the mind of God” I am sure that is what was going on in the loop of his mind for the rest of his life.

The vibration of pure energy is well explained with our vision.

The tetrachromat (three receptor colour nerves of the eye) human being can see a certain range of vibration ranging from the low end of red to the high range of violet colour. Any higher or lower vibration of the colour spectrum cannot be seen, but it doesn’t mean it is not there. It is there, but it does not register in our range of vision. Most solid objects have distinctive colours, which they emit or reflect which we can see but that is not the only energy of colours they are emitting. They emit a host of other energies in the invisible range as well, but we only believe what we see.

Therefore, you will understand so clearly what I am talking about right through this book if you can only see the entire range of vibration, not only just colours of our visible range. You will be able to understand the whole universe is connected as one. There is really no division between us and the entire Universe, which is just a continuum of vibration from zero to infinity in the pool of 3 dimensional realms of pure energy.

All that you see is an amalgamation of vibrating denser energy as solids and less dense energy as gaps in between and there are so many different kinds of manifestations.

The white light of colour is seen when you add the entire colour spectrum together.

If you treat all the matter in the Universe as the mind of God, the white light is the mind of God.

Remember this paradox: pure darkness and pure white light is exactly the same thing.

Pure darkness, which is pure emptiness, is the basis or the body of God itself whereas pure white light is the consciousness or mind of God. The totality of consciousness of all that exists in the universe is pure white, just like the combination of all colours in the visible spectrum.

Pure darkness and pure white light are the body and mind of God, inseparable from each other because pure energy has created everything.

In our material world, there is no mind and body, just minds only, the material body being the denser form of mind.

23. Holy Trinity, the Engine of Creation

I didn’t understand what it was and had many questions about it, since I was young, but suddenly, I saw and understood clearly what the Holy Trinity was when I crossed the event horizon and went down very deep into the realm of God. I understood the order of the create-live-desire relationship. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit relationships are no more than the mechanism of our daily life. It was the engine of creation.

Many people, I know have spent their lifetime looking for the answer to this Holy triangle relationship and how it works.

I found it was only a human concept, which we were trying to understand and explain within our thought mechanism.

There is no real mechanism of a holy trinity. I will try to explain in a basic, scientific way.

The illustration below shows the traditional view of the Triune.

The illustration below shows my way of Triune the relationship in between 3 beings.


As you see, Father the creator only creates, nothing else. The creator is no more than just a creating machine (because it is the only body). Creator creates everything in this world, which is represented by the Son, who has been created continually by the creator. The Son perceives the experience by life living in this world of matter. This life living creates the desire to live and this force is represented by the nature of the Holy Spirit through subconsciousness processing.

The processed desire from the son is to become a blue print or orders to create for the creator. The triangle is complete when the Creator creates the orders from Son via Holy Spirit’s processing pathway.

If you apply this mechanism to a human being then the equivalent comparison would be,

Son = Your body and conscious mind,

Holy Spirit = Your subconscious mind,

Father = Pure energy to create.

The Son represents all of us, including all matter in the Universe, organic and inorganic life forms that have been created by the Father.

Many Christian faiths teach that the Son is only Jesus himself, nothing else can be the Son, thus locking them into never ending puzzles that nobody can understand or explain regarding the true nature of the holy trinity.

However, if you take out Jesus from the position of the Son and replace with all matter in the Universe and especially include yourself as the Son then the whole problem is solved.

The part Jesus belongs to is the place of Father not in the place of son.

However, for people who have been told all their life that Jesus is the only Son and belongs to a holy trinity, to put your mind at ease. I say Jesus represents the life of all matter in the Universe.

Then your life is also the life of Son.

Before I go any further, I want to tell you what I saw from Heaven because I was curious about the Trinity. Heaven slowed down the whole process of creation for me, so I could see it easily. In fact, my power of perception increased extremely highly enough to see the creation was in the process.

I experienced “the whole world flickering, twinkling or blinking in unison”.

I saw that the whole Universe existed one moment and the next moment the whole Universe was blinked out of existence. It actually blanked out to nothing but darkness, and of course the next moment the whole Universe was back to existence again.

This happened very fast, so for me, it was like the whole world was flickering in and out repeatedly at extremely high speed.

In fact, the speed of this flicker would be so fast that it is completely beyond us to measure.

I guess the rate of this flickering frequency would be at least few hundred thousand times faster than the gamma ray vibration.

For a moment, I was bewildered by this repeating disappearance and appearance of the whole Universe, but I understood immediately when I decided to bring up my power of perception to see things slower and it became apparent that the whole Universe was recreated every time when it blinks out then it turns back on again. It wasn’t the same universe when the Universe turned back on again. Something had changed or had been upgraded in this 3 dimensional hologram of the Universe.

It was like a Television screen but 3 dimensional. Our TV technology has a very similar mechanism of drawing our 2 dimensional pictures on the phosphor screen (LCD screen nowadays) that has definite periods of blanked out and also definite periods of being turned on every time it refreshes the screen.

The old TV will do this for 50 or 60 pictures each second that means the TV screen is turned off and on again 50 or 60 times for each second and the rate of this blinking is too fast so we don’t realise that it is blinking, our brain and eyes retains the residue of the picture image so the whole picture or screen seems steady not blinking. In my experience the Creator was recreating this Universe ultra fast in this 3 dimensional space.

Indeed, we are the 3 dimensional holograms of the Universe like the physicist David Bohm (David Joseph Bohm: Quantum physicist 1917-1992) described.

In view of my experience, I would now like to explain how this Holy Trinity is at work for human understanding.

In the beginning, only Pure Energy existed.

Since the birth of the material Universe the life of God has been Trinity like.

This is how holy trinity works in detail…

You want to move your hand to grasp a cup of water and bring it to your mouth to drink.

You are being the will of the son, desiring a drink of water. The will of the son forms in the Holy Spirit of subconsciousness and this Holy Spirit issues the order or blue-print to the Creator to create. Holy Spirit is the representative of the Son who is the desire, which creates a temporary imbalance of the triune.

The Creator receives an order and creates a new presence of You after the whole Universe blinks out.

When the Universe is turned back on again You are changed a tiny bit. That means your entire body is recreated a little closer towards the cup.

Many trillions of cycles of recreating you is required to make your body move towards a cup of water.

In a way it is similar to movie frames or TV raster lines which redraw 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second in 2 dimensional space. But our Creator creates us and the whole Universe trillions of, times per second in 3 dimensional space. So if your hand takes 3 seconds to reach and grab the cup, the TV would have to redraw the picture 180 times of blinking within 3 seconds on a 2 dimensional screen but our Creator will have to recreate the whole Universe in XX trillion, trillion times of blinking within 3 seconds in 3 dimensional space. Of course the exact number is not now known. A TV only has to draw the picture on a screen to cheat our eyes but our Creator must recreate the picture in 3 dimensions of flesh and bone for each moment as well.

Imagine the Creator has to recreate the Stars consisting of such heavy densities of energy, immense heat and pressure. The creator would need plenty of margins for error, in my opinion, not to mention the speed of recreation required every second. In other words, God has a different way of dealing with creation beyond our human concept at least. To give you a little hint, I will say the mind of thought is all-powerful.

If you do not know what this trinity has got to do with our life or me then here it is: the Trinity is our life. Without this trinity you and the whole Universe of matter would just blink out of existence forever. It is the engine of creation for God. God is recreating you every moment of your life with this mechanism of trinity.

As I have mentioned many times throughout this book, there is no such thing as a separate mind and body, we only describe it this way because we were designed to perceive this view of reality until our brain had developed enough to discover and understand it more fully.

The 21st century brain now has the ability, only if you can free yourself from the archaic idea of a personal God, which has ruled us for many thousands of years.

Mind and body are the continuation of vibration from light to heavy in terms of the speed of vibration. Even your mind functions that way. Your conscious mind is on the light side of vibration and your subconscious mind is on heavy to very heavy side so the mind and body are one, never the two.

Therefore, the idea of trinity does not really work for me personally. I prefer to contemplate only two beings at work.

The Holy Spirit part is only the force or command of the Son, which is in your subconsciousness.

The Father’s power moves in both ways. So the Binity is closer to the truth. Is there word call “Binity” in the English language? Instead of Trinity there must be a word for two states of being.

May I call it Binity? 



 Father is pure energy, pure darkness and body: purely an observer to enjoy son’s life.

Son issues blue print of Holy Spirit and father creates.

Command from son is obeyed.

Will of son is acknowledged.

Desire of son is fulfilled.

Production order from son is produced.

Father receives and acknowledges death and birth.

Son’s life is being observed.

The trinity (or even binity) is not important, as it was an old vain human concept of body and mind to attempt describe God’s work and structure (anthropomorphism).

I am only describing it here because I had an intense personal interest when I was young, so I wanted to share this idea of mine to anyone who may have the same interest. I know many who are very interested in this concept and have dedicated their lifetime researching it.


Above the trinity or binity description that I made so far is only for me to express in human terms that as long as you think of yourself as body and mind separately or with division. And also thinks you and God in separation then this trinity or binity concept be suitable for you.

However, God is just one being, as I have repeated many times. There is no body and mind. If you can only see the whole spectrum of vibration from zero to almost infinity then you will realise it is just a continuum of oneness without any division. There is NO separation between father and son, neither can exist without the other.


24. What are Evolution and Creation?

Why are people in the scientific and religious communities heavily debating this issue?

Instead of arguing who is right or wrong, why can’t they sit down without animosity and work together? I have often watched TV programmes or read books where opponents have almost come to blow over this issue ever since the publication of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The way I see it both theories are right.

Religion only deals with the end results with faith about how life comes to exist today in the universe without knowing what happened in the process of how it got there or how it is. They just believe with faith, instead of having a precise break down of every step of how the universe came to exist today.

Evolutionary theory presents its arguments scientifically with evidence, every step of the way to challenge the limits of our full intellectual capacity. The theory is based on a five-senses view of the world, but is limited due to the lack of scientific, mental and physical progress at that time.

They could not describe precisely without proper evidence how the universe is formed.

Although it is a somewhat minor discovery, Darwin’s evolutionary theory was logical and scientific so it became a powerful influence on many areas in the scientific community and of course to religious communities as well.

The religious leaders were afraid because their positions of authority were threatened, which they had held and been entrenched for thousands of years before Charles Darwin’s evolution theory came forward.

Many religious orders think and depict Charles Darwin’s evolution theory as heresy and trying to prove it wrong.

Perhaps Darwinians were not very cautious when they were putting their theory forward. I will tell you one thing very clearly, Charles Darwin was not a heretic, he was an enlightened person. He was a humble and down to earth person. He could not have got it without the blessing from Heaven. He made those discoveries with his deep spirituality. The scientific minds in only the five senses world alone cannot prove anything.

Baruch Spinoza, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and especially Edwin Hubble to name a few, which float up in my mind did not influence human progress without a deep spirituality. They accomplished that with fully open minds without being tied up with dogma.

Mr. Thomas Edison said, "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."

Perhaps one thing he did not mention was that one percent of his inspiration was from God - that is from his Real-Self and 99 percent of perspiration was based on faith that believed in his Real-Self. It goes for all the other people I mentioned and too many more to name, the people who had contact with their Real-Self and pursued their ideas with faith.

In the beginning of this material Universe, God planted a seed of life, and you are the descendant of the seed of life, living the life of God. We call it evolution with time and space in mind but from the Universe point of view it is only creation because there is no time and space in Heaven.

What Darwin proclaimed were only very limited areas of the life of God. It was only the tiny tip of the iceberg, compared with almost infinite time that has passed since the seeding of life began.

Since Darwin’s evolution theory we have made so much progress in science that we can now prove many of his claims to explain how the universe comes to exist today.

No matter how hard you try to disprove, you cannot disprove the evolution theory because it is the life of God in time and space based on the living of pure energy. No matter how hard you try to disprove, you cannot disprove the creation theory because from God’s point of view it is a creation not based on time and space.

From our individual point of view, yes, it is evolution clearly but from God’s oneness view it is only creation because God allowed the time and space to exist to be the mind of God.

In other words, time and space are also the creation of God and the main stage for the living of God.

God cannot exist without time and space because we are the mind of God itself, which is based on time and space.

I hope you understand, it is no use arguing about who is right or wrong, both views are right because it only depends on the point of view (God’s point of view or Individual’s point of view).

However, both parties are wrong because they are trying to disprove each other from within the life of God.

There is no such thing as right and wrong. All is right because in God’s view every answer is the right answer.

How can God be wrong within the realm of God’s dream?

All is the right answer for God. Only how relative and how close to absolute truth or how far from the truth is all that matters. We Earthlings are the only ones arguing about it and condemning each other with the concept called judgment. You must realise all is God’s love and God’s life.

The animosity of both sides is no longer required. It was only a very narrow vision. Regardless of what happened in the past, we should move forward to find how we became who we are since the seed of life in this planet started. We are interested because this entire evolutionary history is the living museum of God’s holy life on display.

Are there any people who feel the joy of the God’s life living with the understanding of what God’s life has been since the beginning of this Universe?

God has planted a seed of life when the life of the whole Universe began and that single life has been living and evolving with time and space, becoming the organic and inorganic life of the Universe.

Life has been spreading throughout the Universe. Some of this seed has fallen into our planet called Earth and began its own journey of life living through time. We call it evolution. Therefore, all life forms in this planet are inter-related, we are all related to each other naturally, and of course we also have connections to our distant relatives somewhere in the Galaxy where original seeds came from.

The origin of life is from God’s creation of course but the rest was up to individual lives to survive by adaptation in a given environment.

One should realise that you are the direct line of a descendant of the seed of life that existed at the very beginning of the life in this Universe. Because of this reason, it is due to God’s grace that you are here. This most valued holy life of God is on display right now.

Life is what God wants from organic and inorganic life form in entire Universe, and you too are included.

Therefore, God is life and God’s love is what sustains the life of the Universe.

Answering the Call of Atheism

There are many reasons for being an atheist. Some people have animosity towards religion, and some people just don’t believe in spirituality. They only want to know what they can see and touch of feel in the material world. Some people are atheists, living in ignorance. However, even if you don’t want to believe in anything of a spiritual nature, at some stage in your life the questions arise that you still have to answer. The questions, why are we here and who am I?

Atheists do not accept the general human concept of God, which really does not exist. They seek better answers. They want to grow beyond the current infancy level of spirituality.

Atheists are on one hand, the purist form of people in a highly spiritual way because they do not agree with current views regarding God. Some are looking for an ultimate answer. Until then they will be labelled as atheists because current religious or spiritual teachings cannot provide them with a sufficient answer, and they refuse to give themselves over to blind faith.

I have found most atheists support Darwinism because, even though it is a small discovery, it does have some appeal to their hearts through logic and evidence, and it is natural to become a supporter of Darwinism.

I would like to answer some questions which I have come across quite often from all sides of people.

How does the improbable, incomprehensible, and complex Universe arise when it looks very much like someone’s design?

Human beings have only been here on this Earth a short time and only relatively recently have people been able to freely express their own views openly without fear of persecution from the religious or established morals of society.

No matter how improbable, incomprehensible and complex the appearance or design of the Universe is, what we should realise is that colossal amount of time has passed since the creation of the Universe.

All life has evolved right through billions of years. Every living being including inorganic and organic forms has been progressing through the life of evolution. Literally, every form of life; meteorites, Galaxies, Stars, Sun, Earth, Mountains, Trees, Fish and Humans have evolved at different levels of consciousness, learning and improving and contributing to the course of evolutionary progress.

We shouldn’t forget one has to try to come to terms with the vastness of time of the Universe since it began its life-journey.

We only live perhaps 100 years, but can you actually come to terms with the living of a million years? How about a billion years? No, we are not capable of comprehending such immense time periods, it is beyond human’s domain, so we naturally wonder how all living things came to be as they are today.

The current human life-form also has been evolving from the seed of its origin for an equivalent amount of time since it began its journey of life. The secret of how all this came about is within us securely locked away in the DNA of the cells in our body. It is not easily accessible because it is irrelevant to our current survival.

It may feel a slow process in human terms but the Universe itself has a vastly different time scale in mind. Perhaps whole cycle of this expansion and contraction of the universe is another blink of time for the life of Universe.

So when you see something very improbable and complex in appearance then you should consider how long it has been progressing rather than becoming superstitious about a God who created all this instantly.

Because human life is very short like a little spark, we shouldn’t think all is created in an instant like a spark, the human perception is not the perception of the Universe. You must come out of the human frame of thinking to understand all this.

No matter how improbable and complicated, it is the natural design of our creator, when you see natural living wonders of huge size of galaxies or discovering complex mechanisms of little cells in our body, which formed by long symbiotic relationship with another life that is fused as one.

How did our creator design all this? What tool did our creator use to create all this?

The Creator used the tools called the time and space of evolution. All the creator had to do was create a seed of life (atom or subatomic particle) then everything was up to each individual to survive by adapting to the given environment that is all. In reality, there is no such thing as creation. A seed was already there to be evolved into so many things by the given influences of environments.

Everything did not pop out from the pure vacuum of space by someone in your improbable imagination such as the narrow human concept of God.

There is no such thing as Super Natural, only human beings do not understand how energy works. If you truly and fully understand how energy works then you are God-self and no need to be a human. Being a human means being ignorant, that is what God wants for life to be continued, as long as you are ignorant whatever the level that is, life of God is sustained. The ultimate result of evolution for the human being is to be absolute.

The human being will not need the body in the future at nearing the end of the evolution.

The body will only be a hindrance to journey into heaven when we crossing the event horizon that is the reason why we have to discard or drop our dense energy part of mind, which is the body.

We transcend time and space of evolution when we meditate.

We are already evolved to the almost end of our human evolution when we crossed the event horizon without the body.

We are only the light and pure energy at the end of evolution.

Every question can be explained easily if you know why God created all this; the true intention.

What is the purpose of all this creation? What does God stand for?

Many people say God is love. Yes, it is a correct answer, but for God, love is only the way to hold and maintain the Universe the way it is, not the original intention.

“God is life and Life is God!” 

If you can truly understand these words then you are an enlightened person. I have explained how to be an enlightened person in this book that is I am presenting a new tool to find an answer to age old question of humanity “Why?”

A new tool is the study of enlightenment, which will give you a massive advantage if you are a researcher of physics, biology, astronomy, anthropology, palaeontology, philosophy or spirituality. Whatever life you want to take, this tool I am teaching you to use can be a decisive factor toward your success, because it will give you the freedom from the limited frame of a human concept.

Therefore, I say this, “Evolution is Life and Life is God!”

A verse from the Christian Bible says, “You are the holy temple of God”. My interpretation of this is literally, “You are the living Museum of God’s holy life on display”.

The human concept of God certainly does not exist, but true form of God certainly exists as you, me and the life.


25. What is Cancer and How to Cure it?

     Origin of Cancer in terms of modern medicine

In the body of a normal person, thousands of cancer cells appear every day.

Some of the reasons are: cosmic rays from space, man-made electromagnetic radio waves and many complex chemicals causing oxidative damage (free radicals) by pollution during our metabolic process, which causes cell division errors in the DNA structure of the cell.

All the cells in the human body have their own predetermined function and life span from the stem cell stage but cancer cells have little or no regard to the orders of organisation of the body. Every cell has a self-checking and self-correction mechanism, and will self-destruct (Apoptosis) when it finds itself in serious error and cannot be repaired. But for some unknown reason, the cancer cells override these self-checking functions.

In view of these phenomena, I suspect the cancer cell has an inherent acceptance to exist for a certain function, which is recognised by our body regardless of whether it is good or bad for the whole organism.

Therefore, many of these cells have almost unrestricted and disorganised growth, which interferes with our organ function directly or indirectly in the case of malignancy (unchecked harmful growth).

Usually, cancer is not the main cause of death. It interferes with organ functions by pressure, fusion or destructive, change of blood chemistry, Cachexia (starvation by loss of appetite, and losing body weight) and eventually causes whole system failure. That is the main cause of death.

That is why we call cancer a degenerative disease: it causes a person to suffer a long time with agonising pain.

To counteract these phenomena, we do have many supervisory protection systems in our body and the main one is our immune system.

Our immune cells and anti-body particles circulate in and out of our system, marking and destroying mutated and cancerous cells stopping the proliferation and adherence of cancer cells to organs. This immune system is responsible for preventing us from having full-blown cancer in healthy body despite the daily occurrence of thousands of mutating cells in our body.

Cancer cells will continue to grow in size and become detectable when a person’s immune system has been compromised and weakened.

Some cancer cells will break away from the primary site and these drifting cancer cells will adhere to other organs and proliferate because of the slowly diminishing ability of the immune system to recognise and suppress cancer cells if the immune system gets weakened or stops functioning altogether for some reason.

Sometimes the immune system itself shows no abnormalities (in our modern diagnostic tests) but cancer cells still proliferate.

Our modern medical technology has no clear answers for why our immune system gets weaker or stops functioning altogether.

Treating cancer would only be like influenza if we understood why it happens.

Currently, we have three ways to treat Cancer.

Firstly, surgery may be used to remove a cancer mass physically, and hopefully it won’t grow back and will not have released too many cancerous cells to other parts of the body through the blood stream.

Secondly, radiotherapy may be used to burn out diseased cells by using very highly focused X-ray beams into the cancer mass. But this technique doesn’t eliminate 100% of cancer cells and risks more mutation by damaging normal cell DNA.

Thirdly, poisonous chemicals may be administered specifically to target cancer cells and kill them and hopefully our immune system will remain intact by the time this chemotherapy is finished. Unfortunately, it poisons our body and depletes our life forces as well.

In theory, chemotherapy is the best solution because it will cover and poison every cancer cell in the body so it appears to have the best future potential to treat cancer if we can only find non-poisonous chemo drugs to the healthy cells in our body. However, currently no such magic drug has been found and most of the chemotherapy drugs severely poison our body and many of them push a person’s health over the threshold beyond recovery. These three methods of Cancer treatment have remained largely unchanged for nearly 100 years.

My findings of the origin of Cancer and treatment:

I finally found an answer for what is causing cancer after I had been searching for more than twenty years.

I spent a long time searching for the cure of cancer in different ways because I recognised that modern medical research has spent astronomical amounts of money attempting find the cure and has failed for last sixty years.

You may find some medical bodies have claimed to have eliminated or cured cancer with modern medicine but the fact remains virtually the same (actually it is getting worse every year).

Modern medicine has made much progress to lengthen the Cancer patient’s life and there has also been much advancement in diagnostic tools for early detection but the whole point is we still do not know what causes cancer, and for that matter, this applies any other chronic disease as well.

I have spent time researching cancer from a completely different approach. It is similar to the study of quantum physics, and I don’t believe modern medicine would easily accept it as a valid way of dealing with the course of cancer, because it is actually dealing at the metaphysical level.

Modern physics has made many amazing discoveries in recent years. The way this branch of science is progressing, we may soon discover the complete cure for not only cancer but a complete cure for all the known chronic diseases as well.

To make a long and tedious technical explanation short, my research has approached cancer and other chronic diseases from the view of energy. It makes the whole problem so simple and straight forward that anyone can understand the theory behind this discovery.

In short, all matter in the universe is made of just energy and cancer too is also just a lump of denser energy manifestation. Therefore, all you have to do is cut off the source of cancer energy then cancer will naturally dissolve and disappear because there is no more supply of energy to the cancerous body. Inversely, if you do not stop the supply of energy to a potentially cancerous body, then naturally cancer will make a comeback every time, despite all the modern treatments of Surgery, Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy.

What I have developed is the technique to stop or cut off the energy supply to the cancer.

I have three ways of supporting Cancer treatment.

1) Cleanse your body completely using Naturopathic (natural) ways of detoxifying techniques, especially heavy metal detox because heavy metals affect bone marrow where red blood cells are manufactured and can be a source of continued supply of heavy metal pollution to whole body.

2) Complete change of environment (mentally and physically).

3) Self-visualization healing technique to change and realign the state of your sub-consciousness.

These three ways of healing can be very effective on the road to complete recovery from cancer, and other forms of known chronic diseases.

Most people would be familiar with 1, and 2, but not many people would have heard about 3, the Self-Visualisation healing technique.

In short, it is the practice of meditation but not the normal meditation. The Self-Visualisation technique is the subconscious mind cleansing technique.

You will understand what I am about to say by now if you have read this book this far.

Your body is only a manifestation of your deepest subconscious mind. Therefore, the appearance of cancer would mean there is some abnormality in your subconsciousness, which also manifests as a cancerous body.

So what I ultimately recommend for a complete cure for cancer is to cut off the supply of energy to the cancer itself.

That is, abandoning your cancer-mind. Abandon that specific mind-set which caused cancer.

To explain simply with an example:

You were walking home from work one day when suddenly a few rude kids on bicycles approached from behind you, and slapped you hard on the head, but you were helpless because they all sped away quickly. You felt shocked and embarrassed and wanted to do something about it like shout at them, but it was too late. No real harm was done only your ego suffered a little shock.

Most people would be wary and would perhaps in future look out for those rude kids on bicycles for a while. But over time they would forget that incident as just a distant memory of bad luck.

Most people after a year probably would have forgotten completely.

However, I know some would remember that incident vividly even a year later and would still be looking out for those kids with great caution whenever passing the same place. Not only still maintaining a vivid memory of that incident with clarity, but also managing to put more energy into making that memory even stronger than when it actually happened.

Re-living that memory, makes it become a grudge.

You could be in trouble if you are a person of such character because most of the cancer patients I have known have had that kind of personality, with strong attachment, the personality with a desire to hold onto everything. So much so it will hold onto other things as well, such as money, assets, any belongings and even emotions associated with past memories.

Many cancer patients I have met had very similar personalities. They usually had a rough childhood (up to 24 years of age) such as living through their parents troubled divorce, or being abused mentally or physically by parents or people who were very trusted, or betrayed and abandoned by lovers and holding hurtful past memories. Carrying those hurtful memories into their midlife with other forms of heavy stress always brings up cancer or other chronic disease, because stress energy is the pure form of dark negative energy that fuels and congeals all the outstanding emotional issues in your life into material manifestation. 

The powers of emotional energy they are carrying are very strong and heavy.

As I have mentioned many times throughout this book all matter originates from unseen energy. It becomes visible matter when the specific energy becomes denser and thicker.

If you're living everyday with those old emotions in your subconscious mind, not forgetting but re-living, adding to the quantity of energy being devoted to that emotion, which becomes stronger and denser, that would eventually create the physical matter in your body that is a cancerous tumour.


Every human emotion has specific vibrations that precisely coincide, match, or resonate in harmonics with an organ in our body.

If you have an emotional tendency to be suspicious and angry it will resonate with the stomach so it will likely become stomach cancer.

If you have guilty feelings of a sexual nature creating conflict in your mind then it is likely to become breast, ovarian or uterus cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Many people without love or hunger for love will develop pancreatic cancer and so on.

I have observed many co-relationships between these (personalities) emotions with corresponding organs in cancer cases.

Of course there have also been induced cancers due to Hepatitis, Aids or certain other chemical exposure. But even in this bad environment of exposure some people will not develop cancer. It is all about the state of the mind.

It is all about purity. If you are pure you can create anything you want. The cancer patient is dedicating their life to becoming a cancer patient through the attachment of specific emotions or by maintaining a personality of attachment. Whether they like it or not it is the dedication to a singular thought, which brings the cancer, because they are creating matter through thought, which becomes a tumour in this case.

They have been creating cancer over the last ten years by way of living in a particular lifestyle.

I know many who have been cured of cancer by abandoning his current lifestyle completely when he was told that he had cancer. It was the wakeup call for him.

And yet some people will not change their life style. I told one lady who had cancer that her stressful lifestyle was not doing her any good and I recommend a change by consolidating her assets and eliminating all her debts and moving out from the heavily populated city area to somewhere nice and fresh with no more worry or stress.

She wouldn’t do that and she died a couple of years later. That was a result of her pure dedication to cancer.

So my friends, so far I have been discussing the causes of cancer and many other chronic diseases, what the mechanism of illness is, that it all starts from your mind, because you have lost your true self to your ego mind and are living life without knowing who you are.

So if you are a reasonably logical person then you know the answer how to cut off the cancer energy. The answer is described in this book.

I always have a problem when I talk to cancer patients. I feel their presence at least fifty feet away by feeling their stress and other emotional energy, which radiates very strongly around them.

I feel a strong headache, stuffiness in my chest, dizziness and have breathing difficulties. Their energy just overwhelms me for a while until I am acclimatised (that means I am sharing their energies).

Like water flowing from high to low, you will experience this if you are a meditating person who empties your mind everyday and keeps it clean, or you are a person who is sensitive and doesn’t have conflicting thoughts and a relatively clean mind.

Have you ever had the experience of having a headache when you finished talking to someone in person or on the telephone? The reason for the headache is that you just shared his intense thought energy, in other words, the other person has been polluting you.

Many people don’t know what they are carrying themselves, so many heavy thoughts of conflict, they are radiating terrible energies. Unfortunately, I am afraid that this is also the current human collective consciousness of this planet.

You don’t know that you are living in hell if you have been in hell for so long. You simply adapt to it with terrible cost.

Stress is one of the worst forms of dark negative energy that rekindles and brings up all the weaknesses that you inherited from your ancestors.

For a long time, I was curious about why a healthy person’s immune system would become so weak or ineffective and eventually succumb to cancer. Why would such a perfectly good immune cell fail to recognise or attack the fully differentiated cancer cells? Why would some cancer cells actually attack and gobble up the immune cells? Why would a normal and healthy looking liver not work well causing many other problems? Why would my medicine only work to a certain depth?

It puzzled me for a very long time until I saw it all from Heaven. It was a very simple answer; it all had something to do with stress or other emotional energies. Such people have themselves so fully saturated with bad energies that, all of their own body cells will not function properly, just like when I couldn’t breathe, had loss of concentration or had a headache in front of cancer patients due to the heavy radiation from them. It interferes with cell functions. All the immune cells and liver cells or other vital organs in the body will be saturated by this interfering and heavily saturating bad energy and lose their ability to perform their own function.

The energy of happy, pleasant or positive thoughts has a high vibration and the sad, unhappy, angry, emotional, negative vibration of thought is on the very low side.

These bad emotional thought vibrations are very close to the solid matter's vibrational frequency of your cells, the function of which is greatly hampered by highly interfering dark energy.

Let me remind you, the thoughts of the high side are also thought energy so it does influence the cells function but to a lesser degree compared to lower vibrational thoughts, which are very close to the cells’ own vibration.

This is one of the most important causes for all chronic disease. So you should not generate bad energy, it is truly bad for you. You should cleanse your mind and keep your mind chatter at the minimum. The meditation with mind cleansing technique would be the most effective cancer vaccine for your life.

For people who already have cancer, I would strongly recommend to learn our ways of meditation.

If you have only just discovered that you have cancer, and if it is not life threatening right now then I recommend you learn our meditation techniques soon. You have been creating cancer for at least ten years and spending a few months to learn meditation will not cause any deadly effect.

For people who already have advanced stages of cancer, which directly affects your health then I suggest you follow your Oncologist fully with good recovery support from Naturopathy. Especially, you need good recovery support when you are undergoing a treatment of Chemotherapy because after the Chemotherapy you need to recover your Immune system quickly and earlier than the cancer cell recovery, because, most of the chemotherapy would almost certainly have damaged your Immune system too, along with weakening other vital organs.

The mind cleansing meditation technique would be a great advantage because this will boost Immune cell functions throughout your body without aiding cancer cells by eliminating bad energies. This can be the decisive factor of either winning or losing the battle against cancer. Remember, cancer cells are the creation of a singular ego life living with a singular conflict generated emotional energy.

You must cut off the source of the same emotional energy, which created the cancer initially.

26. Suicide- is it Worth it?

Suicide is not the right escape, especially if you decide to end your life because of pain or suffering brought about through sadness, despair or anger. You are not ending your pain at all, you will be trapping your current state of suffering eternally and no one will be able to help you.

So don’t do it! You are a fool if you do.

Read this book first then decide, because you are trying to kill the wrong part of you. You are suffering from the pain of your ego’s conflict, so you need to kill your ego-self not your entire-self.

It is different if you are an old person, or have an incurable illness and realise the end of this world is near, and you are waiting for the day your body will give up and leave this world peacefully. I believe the human being is the only known species on this planet that can wilfully end its own life. Is this the sign of a sentient being or misguided intelligence?

Suicide is against God’s will, they say, but I will tell you God would gladly accept your way of life as a unique and uncommon experience, as I say again God has no judgment.

I often get some strange feelings of sadness and despair when I walk past some places, especially well-known places such as bridges or a spot that is preferred by people who want to commit suicide. They leave an energy signature of strong emotion that is imprinted around that spot where they committed suicide.

There is a feeling of loneliness and despair, in darkness, cutting off themselves from everyone.

In many cases people who commit suicide will find it regrettable that they are committing this foolish act, just before they die, after they pass the point of no return. Many people who commit suicide gain some enlightenment for a very short period of time before they die. Because they are giving their life away there is a very short moment of reflecting on their entire life. In that very short moment of time they will realise and regret this act of suicide as a terribly wrong thing to do.

There is a huge spike of emotional energy of remorse and regret. This process will happen consciously or subconsciously and in most cases, it is too late for them because they have crossed the point of no return (such as in midflight while falling from a bridge).

I often have to sit down and meditate when I find such a spot because there are very strong emotional energy imprints present reflecting suffering, despair, remorse and terrible negativity in darkness. It is not a good idea to leave the place in that condition because these dark energies will attract more people to come and take their own life. The place could become a popular suicide hot spot because of the attraction of the same energy.

I meditate on that spot and give solace and consolation for those sorrowful spirits (energies) who left the imprints. I try to erase the negativity and leave strong energy of peace, love and happiness. I hope that my meditation will be sufficient to eliminate the presence of that poor energy.

Suicide is not the end of the road: it is the beginning of nearly an eternity of new terror because your dormant energy in this world will be disturbed or wakened from sleep from time to time by other living people around you who are sensitive enough to start a conversation or play up with your dormant subconsciousness after you have died.

This is how it works, in my opinion.

Firstly, your radiation of grudging emotion will trigger a living person nearby who is sensitive or close to your own vibration (personality). That person will detect this radiation at his/her subconscious level and initiate a connection by radiating out carrier waves of mind energy to your remains, which has DNA intact.

Secondly, the reflected energy from your DNA contains your living mind energy (your subconscious mind) and living person will manifest that in his/her mind consciously as a picture with strong meaning or conversations. The true meaning of your mind or will of manifestation in a living person’s mind is highly dependent on that living person’s purity. If he/she is a pure minded person then your mind manifestation will be very accurate, otherwise they will manifest in their mind with delusions.

You (your mind energy) will be residing in the living person’s mind, like you are temporarily hiring a space to live for a while using his/her body.

In other words, you are living your life again temporarily by borrowing the body of someone else. You have been disturbed of your sleep and suffer repeatedly and endlessly until your remaining energy is dispersed from this world and that can take up to hundreds of years.

I have a little advice for people who want to commit suicide.

My dear friend…

Time is a good medicine,

Give yourself another chance,

Don’t become a wandering ghost forever,

Your dark hours will eventually pass,

There are always stormy days and shiny days in your life,

Cherish the life of experience that you are going through,

You are only the actor or actress of God’s life,

There is nothing worth making you so serious,

Act well my friend you are the Star of God.

Time is a good medicine. 


27. Secrets of Ghosts and Haunted Houses

In the history of our humanity, there are so many stories about ghosts, haunting and possession. There are countless writings about encounters and conversations, all those beautiful stories and horrible encounters that terrify people.

Is this confirming that we come from unseen nature, because people are afraid of the unseen rather than visible things?

In olden times, with the undeveloped and unsophisticated nature of our intelligence, those stories of ghosts and evil spirits might have worked for us and sparked many good and bad stories and religious philosophies. But I don’t understand why so many of these ideas continue today.

It doesn’t seem to show any sign of abating soon, either.

As I mentioned in this book earlier, I have clearly indicated there is no individual spirit or ghost, your individual mind and body together are your spirit and nothing is invisible and mythical in nature.

Your spirit is lost forever when you are physically dead because your spirit would only exist as long as your body holds your mind.

Likewise, mind and body do not exist separately. Mind and body are only a continuing singular vibration. Our eyes cannot see the continuation of the one, nature: this is the reason for the old existing concept of a separate mind and body. And of course this is the reason why the concept of mind, body and spirit (ghost) also exists.

In other words, your spirit = your mind and body together.

Therefore, mind cannot exist without body and body cannot exist without the mind. The word soul is the ideal word for describing who we are. We are a being of spirit that consists of a soul (mind + body).

The whole problem is you are not completely dead when you think you are dead.

Allow me to explain what happens when “you die”.

The active part of your mind and body is the only part that has really died because your mind can no longer move or control your physical body. This is because your active support system (physical body) is down permanently, but the rest of you is still very much alive. Therefore, you don’t have living physical activity, but you are still alive and active in a somewhat dormant state of passivity. But the most sacred part, the “I” of self-awareness is gone forever when you are physically dead, which was half of who you were.

From our human perspective, you are dead when you die physically (Are they really, after seeing so many of their ghosts?).

However, from God’s point of view, you are not dead yet at all. The presence of your physical remains still influences many living people through its energy radiation and the trace of your life you have left behind, as a possible source of possessions later if you were holding strong grudges or aspirations, it means someone will find the same resonating thought as you and live life as you wanted.

We can call it dormant in human terms but in God’s view you are still very much alive whether you have an active mind or not, because after all, the invisible and silent subconsciousness was your real-self anyway.

So you are not really dead until such time as your remaining physical entity has completely disappeared from this world.

You are only about half-dead after your funeral and are placed into a tomb and buried. Your physical, live entity is your remains in that tomb. If you died peacefully then your remains won’t emit much human energy radiation and will be quiet. But if you died in an accident, committed suicide or suffered a long illness with strong emotion and or a grudge, you will have very strong human emotion radiating and many sensitive people will feel it, especially at night.

This is due to the low level of background noise from human thought at night when people are sleeping. Such a person’s dead body would have been saturated with very strong emotional energy and this energy is the main identity of the ghost.

Many people are sensitive and can read or feel these energies at a close distance, and this feeling is very often translated in the mind and gives the feeling of fear, creeps and possibly sometimes makes your hair stand on end.

In some sensitive individuals that energy will be translated as an idea, a voice or a blurred vision in the mind, hence an apparition or visualisation is perceived. And very often the receiver will perceive and describe very accurately the mind of the deceased, especially if they are related. Close relatives share the same genes. In other words, the deceased and the living share the common ancestor's mind, which means they are carrying the mind energy of similar frequency of vibration.

Therefore, the resonance of minds is there to communicate even when one carrier is physically dead. Sometimes, I find it is easier to read a dead person’s mind than that of a living person, because the dead person doesn’t have an active mind generating multiple interfering noises.

Every cell of the deceased person has the genetic material DNA and this DNA has a living subconscious mind of the deceased that includes an astronomical amount of the ancestor’s living history complete with current life’s memories.

This detailed information from the dead person can be carried to a sensitive living person through emotional energy of the dead person which radiates strong and this strong emotional energy is the carrier wave.

You won’t hear the voice from a deceased person because they don’t have an active mind, but you will get the whole idea of what a dead person wants if that person lived with a strong grudge and/or attachments. So it is entirely up to the living person who receives or perceives the energy from the dead person and how the receiver interprets or manifests that energy. It could also mean that the living person who is the receiver can combine the deceased person’s energy with his or hers own feelings.

In view of this, many psychic readings or reports of messages from the dead can vary widely depending on the receiving person’s purity. The psychic often uses the source of information from the deceased person’s belongings such as rings, bangles, wallet or heavy clothing, or whatever objects contain the deceased person’s energy signature.

These belongings, which the deceased had for a very long time, would be saturated with their energy and this mind energy can be felt and reinterpreted by a psychic or any other person who is pure and sensitive.

And in many cases they can even read that energy signature from a dead person’s wife or husband, because they were in love and lived together for a very long time. Someone once asked me, “In that case would it help if the dead person’s body were very close to you?” My answer is “Yes, you will get a very strong reading of this mind energy if you are standing right in front of it.” The strength of this feeling would entirely depend on how sensitive the receiving person is and how strong the deceased energy radiation is.

In my guess, the direct feeling distance is about 100 meters maximum and the closer to the source, the stronger you feel.

Because the dead person’s body would still have many physical features such as hair, bones with some skin still intact perhaps also with some liquid, this physical mass would be saturated with mind energy still intact and this energy will last as long as the physical masses are present in this world. The bones and hair would last a few hundred years, and it means the ghost will therefore last a few hundred years until most of the physical masses have disappeared from this world and, return to the most stable form of atoms (dissipated). The dormant activity of a deceased person’s mind will be passively active for at least that long, and it will continue to influence people for many years to come. So if you have family tombs in your home, or you have many of their belongings with you and strange mental or physical problems of illness or abnormalities are cropping up, then it is your ancestral remains nearby that are affecting you. It could mean that you have an ancestor who had a very high level of attachment with grudges.

Many relatives say “It can’t be true, Our uncle was a very nice person, and he couldn’t have any grudges whatsoever.” But I have found many people consciously or subconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly have a strong emotional energy attachment in their mind, so don’t be surprised if your nice uncle appears to you as a grudging ghost!

Here is one example of my most common encounter with ghosts when I go near the cemetery or a similar place.

I feel them when I pass near where they are buried and sleeping.

One of them is sending me the signal, the impulse of energy and using my energy as a source of reflection:


You sir, do you mind if I talk to you?

Hmmm, Hello sir, how are you?

You know who I am, how I got here, and what I wanted achieve in my life,

I can feel you but I cannot do anything for you,

You don’t have to help me what I want but can you at least free me? I want to go home.

Which home do you want to go?

I like to go back to my home to my wife and children and to be near them, so I can feel them always,

No, I am sorry, I cannot do that. You died a very long time ago. You must go back to your real home,

Please free me, send me home,

No, I am sorry, I cannot do that because you are physically dead so you must go back to your real home, where your real mother is waiting for you,

Who is my real mother?

The pure energy, the heaven that is the place where you came from,

I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Your physical body is no longer functioning. Therefore, you cannot even learn to understand what I am talking about either. I am sorry I am going now. Peace be with you,

I don’t understand but I trust you, please free me from this pain and suffering,

I cannot promise anything but I will try to find your caretaker and tell him to cremate you,

Are you going to destroy me?

Yes, it is your only freedom… you must trust me.

I trust you, please free me from this hell,

Peace be with you my friend.

Thank you my dear friend peace be with you too.

Bye sir,


Although this ghost had a strong attachment, he was a very decent gentleman, and he had a feeling of trust and acknowledged that he was in hell. I was going to help him, but he died over 100 years ago and I couldn’t even find who takes care of his tomb or his relatives, due to the lack of information about the official owner of the cemetery. Sometimes I manage to make contact with the caretaker or relatives of a particular tomb but most of them are not interested in my explanation or show some hostility towards me.

I block most of them out, but sometimes I do get a decent ghost, a ghost that has no active mind because they have no living body. Most of them are very passive in nature with simple demands. Ghosts use your energy to communicate with you.

In my case, I think this is how it works (All is happening in my subconsciousness),

I feel their energy first because they have remains of a dead body in the tomb with strong saturated emotional energy.

I decide to receive their energy and make my energy radiate to the ghost, just like a Radar signal which goes out and gets reflected from the dead remains.

When this happens, my reflected energy contains deceased DNA information with emotions attached. This is the mind of the ghost.

A whole conversation would happen in a split second of impulse. My mind would take time to interpret.

The whole conversation is happening in my mind, but it really isn’t a conversation, I am just getting the mind energy from the ghost. I am describing the feeling I get from them.

In their tradition, people in some countries will burn all the body and belongings of the deceased completely, so that nothing whatsoever is remaining, which makes death complete. It is a very wise thing to do.

Especially, it is good for the person who committed suicide. These people would have had the last moment of remorse and terror with all the bitterness in life living memories locked into their DNA with saturated emotional energy. In other words, they locked the entire life with the last moment of terror into their dead body, permanently.

Cremation is good for the environment and for everyone because it frees the soul completely and death is now complete. All the Ghosts are returned to Home when you cremate them.

You have gone back to the softest pillow of Heaven, the Pure Energy.


Once in a while I get requests, from my patients or students to investigate his or her house for an energy check-up, because they are experiencing strange problems. Some people purchase a house and move in with great joy and expectation. But sometimes that won’t last very long because a member of the family gets a strange illness and some weird activities are felt in the house.

A research of the history of the house reveals many previous owners also had similar strange diseases, and they had to move out of the house to recover, or they chose to stay and eventually died.

Many haunted houses start out by being built in the wrong spot. Spots or locations which have faults in the ground such as crisscrossing of bad geomantic energy lines or some old human remains still buried that emit strong radiation of attachment and grudge.

I have found, in most cases, it is the bad geomantic energy lines of the ground. You can observe and notice the trees around the house are growing somewhat strange: the main stump is grown with twisting bark or the branches are growing down not upwards. This indicates the existence of a very strong force of geomantic energy lines, which it can be deadly for human inhabitation.

Throughout the world over the centuries people used to check out the suitability for human habitation, before the building of a house, by placing a little fence around the building site and putting dozens of sheep or goats inside the compound to see if they are sleeping well at night. It is a good spot and all right to build the house if the animals are well behaved, otherwise, they would not build the house if the animals are irritated and not sleeping well. 

Many dowsers used to check out these things, but we don’t seem to do that anymore, because it is unseen and so, ignored.

People who build houses on top of these bad geomantic energy lines don’t do very well in that house because they cannot get good quality sleep and always seem to get irritated by the bad energy emanating in the house. Eventually, the initial owner who built the house moves out or dies from this bad energy and new people move in. However, they won’t stay there long either. The house will eventually find one who will live a long time at the house and the consequence is bad health.

The owner will eventually die from a long illness of unknown diseases (many from cancer) with strong attachment or grudges.

The nature of strong grudges is the attachment of wanting to live, holding onto life, not wanting to die in extreme sadness and despair.

The house has now been saturated with the dead owner’s emotional energy and strong grudges. The energy is stronger, especially if the house is built with stone or bricks. Solid materials soak up more energy and store it for a longer period.

The house won’t find a new owner easily now because the energy in the house will repel many would be buyers. People just don’t like the house, for some reason, and you know why they are feeling the bad energy magnified by the previous owner’s long illness, which is now strongly present throughout the house.

However, eventually, a buyer comes to inspect the house and likes it, especially the mother of the family. She loves the house and she just has to buy the house. She loves the energy of the house because her personality is very similar to the owner who died in this house and is radiating strong mind energy.

They will purchase the house and move in but very soon she will begin to get sick for an unknown reason and in a relatively short time, she dies of some unknown sickness because she is losing her life energy to the house.

She finally dies with strong attachments to her life and grudges, again. Now the mind energy of the house is more than doubled. You can see the house has been taking the life energy from her while she was alive. She has been feeding the same mind energy to the house.
Then another whole new cycle starts again, the house will be on the market again, and it will take quite some time to sell it after so many people come and reject it. And somehow, if the house gets sold again, the new owner gets sick and dies, again adding more energy to house. In some cases a house cannot be sold anymore because no one wants to come and inspect it. The house gets abandoned with no immediate future of new occupancy.

You will find many haunted houses have a long record of occupation with a strange history, especially with deaths of the owners.

The ghost of the haunted house is actually the house itself if you are wondering where the ghost is hiding.

The whole house is, in fact, alive with mind energy. It’s not just some corner of the house or some individual ghost living inside.

People who live in the haunted house experience many scary events. Because the energy has been fed to the house over a long period of time, people are living in that intense mind energy every day. A person will manifest all the strange mind play himself or herself. So in view of that you can say the house is alive and haunted. The only way to fix this haunting is to demolish the house and use the place for something else but not to build a house for inhabiting.

The presence of ghosts and the experience of haunting is purely scientific and there is nothing mythical about it, that is if you believe in mind energy. This energy does exist, but normally people cannot feel it because people are generating within themselves so much active mind noise and these noises are the main interference, preventing this sixth sense that we all used have when we were pure in ancient times.

In fact, these mind noises are the main culprit for all the pain and suffering of this world because it stops the connection to your Real-Self within. Our mind cleansing study would be a great help if you could do it. In my opinion, everyone should go to a mountain and find their Real-Self at least once in their lifetime. It is a pilgrimage or quest to find your real identity.

The quest means making the ‘journey’ to find one’s Real-Self, by trying out the mind cleansing study, or, you may actually go to such places. However, the true journeys are finding your True Self and make the effort in the process to cleanse your mind at least once in your lifetime. A journey to find your real-self.

To draw one conclusion from this chapter: the majority of people in the world believe that there are many dimensions and different realms of the ghost world and many evil spirit dwelling places.

However, I must disappoint you, there are no such places because all is human delusion. We made it all up. I’d like to ask you to erase all of those ideas because we have been carrying those ideas for many thousands of years in our genes, so we also carry those ideas naturally, but it is not true. We are living in the 21st century and shouldn’t maintain this out-dated way of thinking.

There is only this world and the world of Pure Energy existing together. I am afraid no other world exists.

The invisible ghost too can only exist in this material world by permeating their energy into solids and staying there for many hundreds of years. There is nothing after death, except the true self and this is the reason why I am telling everyone to abandon their false-life of ego and become the true self and live forever.

28. At Which Point Does a Foetus Receive the Spirit?

I often get this question from people when I run a seminar.

Some people believe the fertilised ovum is not a life until it has passed 120 days then it will receive a spirit to be a human. Therefore, the pregnancy can be terminated within 120 days. 

In scientific terms, a human life is established at the moment of conception.

An individual sperm and ovum are life as well but not important because their purpose is to meet to co-establish a new combined human consciousness. So if they do not combine, then their journey or life run its course and has ended.

I am not uptight about sexual intercourse itself as a beginning of life because some fundamentalist says sexual intercourse itself is the act of creating new life so it is very sacred and responsible.

I will say the pregnancy itself is the fruit of the love and joy of being in togetherness by the law of attraction. Love creates new life in a natural way, which has existed ever since the creation of the Universe.

There is no beginning and end of the life because all life has existed ever since the creation of the Universe as matter. There is no death. Matter only changes from one form of life to another as far as the Universe is concerned.

Every atom in this entire Universe is life itself, which is the building block of all matter, and in every atom, there are electrons, protons and neutrons, which hold vibration together since the creation of the Universe.

Therefore, in the view of the creator all is life, because the Universe is only one living spirit.

It is not wise to distinguish what is the organic and inorganic form of life, all is life.

A trace of wind, a drop of rain, a grain of sand on the beach, a meteorite, a planet, rays of Sun, a virus, a bacterium, a blade of grass, a tree, a bird and a human sperm and an ovum are all life.

A sperm and ovum meet and fuse to form a new combination of life or combined consciousness to procreate according to their biological programming by evolution.

Therefore, all is life. Two lives combine to make a new identity. You don’t suggest new life begins from dead matter. Of course not, life comes from life.

This is why I am little embarrassed when someone asks me, “When does a reincarnating spirit enter the foetus?” A foetus already has combined DNA from both parents as a birth personality and that baby is going to live with that by having new experiences in this world.

In a manner of speaking, reincarnation is already done by both parents that is all the combined ancestral DNA sharing.

A baby is the reincarnation of all the ancestors who ever lived before that baby from both sides of parents.

It is the only logical and scientific explanation of reincarnation. You are the reincarnation of your ancestors.


29. Reincarnation and Karma - the Most Followed Belief

In the beginning

What is reincarnation? Is it really reincarnation or recycling?

There are so many theories about this.

The whole definition of reincarnation hinges on the point of view of the believer. Before we go on any further, you must understand and accept that all that we are is only just energy.

We came into being from pure energy, which changed into a certain vibrational form of matter.

That changed energy is who we are.

You, the Earth, Moon, Sun, planets in this solar system, this Galaxy and other stars in other galaxies, the entire universe, are all representations of the pure energy that has changed into different forms by having their own unique vibrations.

We now know through empirical science that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The whole universe has a constant energy value that cannot be decreased or increased as also pointed out by Albert Einstein (Physicist 1879-1955).

The way I used be

I once believed in this reincarnation theory and past life regression.

I started a serious electronics hobby when I was around 12 years old. I often spent whole nights building radios and audio amplifiers with very deep focused concentration. I always used leave the radio turned-on for back ground music (classic music and gentle pop songs) while I was soldering and troubleshooting. 
One night for no reason, one of the music broadcasts I heard brought me into a sudden surge of overwhelming tears and sad emotions. It turned out to be the most popular wartime German music, “Lilli Marlene” which I had never heard before. History was not my favourite subject.  But the feeling I experienced right at that moment was so vivid of one’s despair.
I clearly felt a person who was dying of hunger and cold with total despair and longing to see his beloved girlfriend. I suddenly realised who I was by the emotionally charged energy which got into me. I was so sure I was a German soldier who was killed in action at the Russian front in the Second World War. And I even ended up employed and working for the German company when I was 24 because I thought I had unfinished duty for the fatherland, Germany that had carried into this life as a Karma.

My whole belief used to evolve around reincarnation in certain period of my life. Even though I grew up in a strong Catholic family of many generations, I somehow believed in reincarnation in my heart alone in secrecy when I was twelve years old. I also believed in Karma that was supposed be carried into this life with me, so I was connecting many things with my past life because it was easy for me to accept the traditionally Eastern and Buddhist concepts.

But, Sometimes I would question reincarnation because I felt there are two different reincarnation systems at work. First I believed that reincarnation is a continued existence of my individual spirit after I died and was reborn into another body, and secondly, that it is my ancestor’s personality that I am carrying with me from birth.

Why are there two lines of thought concerning reincarnation going on?

One relates to the personality, I received from a physical ancestor and the other is the reincarnation of my spirit from a past life I lived.

What am I? Is my present body and mind what I am?

Is my past life, which I don’t remember also me?

It somehow didn’t make any sense despite reading, researching and audiences with many well-known masters.



The whole question was answered naturally, during my deep meditation when I crossed the event horizon. The question was answered when I saw the secrets of the Universe with my own eyes. It came into my conscious mind one step at a time until it became complete knowledge.

During my deep meditation, I dropped into Heaven and searched for the special place where all the spirits are staying to process their life that they just finished before they reincarnate but did not find it.

I entered the realm of the thoughts of all the masters who ever came into the Earth and those thoughts indicated to me no such thing. I was not a German soldier who got killed in action. I just picked up his remnant energy in this world and got carried away with my own belief and interpretation.

Then I realised, that it was not just pure luck that I managed to come this far with such a huge attachment to reincarnation, it was the grace of Heaven that had let me in despite my attachment to reincarnation.

I discovered that truth is always so simple that people cannot believe it because it is too simple for the ego-self-mind to accept (because ego-self wants to see grandeur).

In truth, there is no place for all souls to go after death. It just simply doesn’t exist. I laughed with a feeling of disappointment for quite some time. The reincarnation theory was the play of my ego-self mind’s desire to continue to live which had accumulated through living my life in this world. And I realised that believing in the reincarnation concept was a huge stumbling block for my progress towards deep enlightenment, because I had been holding onto everything for the next life. With all that accumulation of belief one cannot go down to the event horizon. Even if one could, one would only hover at the top of the event horizon and would not be able to, progress deeper into the realm of God that is Heaven.


You got confused

People once believed that they had a separate body and spirit but they could not see the mind or spirit.

But, in fact, mind (spirit) is created when your body is born, and it does not arrive from somewhere else. We think our mind is separate and yet it is the identical entity as one with the body.

Think about the human body:

A human being has 100 trillion cells in the body and each individual cell has its own identity and consciousness. I call it “intended function”.

If one of the cells is “you” then each individual cell will think “I am me” and “the next cell is you.”

And every cell in your body will get together to form the greater entity that is the greater consciousness or, “the Human”, who is reading this book right at this moment.

Each individual cell has a very low level of intelligence, limited by its intended function.

Each cell thinks in a different way, that the whole world only exists for them and after their individual life nothing exist, end of story.

But some clever cell might think out of attachment “I can’t just disappear I‘ve got to be more than that, what about all my experiences and memories? I can’t just fizzle off” or “I hate this life being the cell of a toenail, and I will surely have a better life next time around” and so thinking hopefully there will be some special place that the spirit will be stored and processed before another chance of a new “life of cell” and perhaps next time become a brain cell that is the most prestigious.

And depending on how you lived a previous life your spirit will be judged by God and be reborn accordingly. If you lived badly you will be born as a maggot or bacteria until your karma has been compensated so that you can be born again as a human cell. I wonder what is so special about being a human cell, why not the cell of lion or tiger?

Is this not sounding like a too human concept?

As the master of the whole collective body of cells, you will look after every cell in your body with love and care. After all, those make up who you are the greater consciousness.

But, in reality, those cells die out by the millions and are replaced by newborn cells in the millions every day.

Unfortunately, each individual cell does not know a greater consciousness exists.

It is a too hard a concept for each individual cell to accept, due to the limited intelligence for each given function. But as humans we are evolving to understand gradually. The awakening of 21st century intelligence must happen.


Now, let’s think about you as the Ocean

I often see the waves in the ocean from an aeroplane at very high altitudes when I cross the sea.

Those millions of waves upon waves, and in those waves the form generated by the force of wind.

That force of wind is the desiring of life or the condition to form a life, which make the waves in the ocean. The force of wind is like the force of expansion in the universe.

The body ocean itself is always the ocean but those waves do not understand that they are ocean too.

If a wave had individual consciousness it would think, “I was born” when a wave was created and “I have a life and die” when a wave dissipates just like humans think.

However, from the ocean’s point of view, it was only having fun with waves going up and down at the top and the ocean itself has not changed at all.

The character of the ocean has never changed, only the shape has rippled at the top but the deep is still and unbroken. It is like an ocean was enjoying watching and being a wave so much that ocean forgot who itself was and confused as a wave. The observer observing observed and observer forgot observer-self in the observed.

As far as the ocean is concerned nothing has been born or has died, just the shapes have changed a little on the surface.

No single wave will have good or a bad life that will carry any karma to the next wave but some of the waves will have a rougher life than other waves so that they generate foams.

The foam is like karma in our world. The foam will stay when the wave dies off and the next wave may carry that foam on top and you may call that “past life karma” attached to the new wave.

Many people think the new wave is the reincarnation of the old wave. So that it carries past life karma. However, where is your “I” identity? There is only a body of ocean nothing else. The ocean is the one and only real identity from which all of those individual identities are reincarnating (or incarnating).

The widely taught and believed reincarnation theory that is accepted by many people of the so-called “new age” mainly originated from the traditional belief of Indian Hinduism.

And we happen to have a lot of Indian masters in this world who make it widely known, but it is not necessarily close to the truth.

 If you understand that you are energy then whatever the value of energy that used to be you will be used elsewhere when you die.

The energy that once used to be you could be used to make anything in the universe.

From that point of view, it is a recycling of energy and not reincarnation.

What people have confused and believe is that the mind is created by living in this world, which is the accumulation of experiences and memories will be saved somewhere and at some point of time you will remember or become aware all the past lives.

The idea of possessing an individual spirit, apart from a body is the problem. Your individual spirit consists of your body and mind as one.

So when your body dies your individual spirit also dies and that is the end of your story. What is reincarnating? That is the question. Is your little ego mind wanting not to be dead, desiring to have a continuation of “I”? It sounds to me more like a strong attachment with a little greediness.

There are no individual spirits, only one spirit in the whole Universe. That is the secret, which I have found that not many people know due to there being too many theories in the world.

Assuming that reincarnation existed, and you died and you were a King in a past life and now you are born as a pig because you lived and ate like a pig, if that pig does not remember a past life, what good is it?

The only thing that makes a pig happy is a stomach full of food and nothing else matters.

Throughout the centuries, there have been many true masters who have come and gone, not one spoke of reincarnation. If reincarnation really existed then there would have been so many descriptions about it in fine detail.

But, nowhere such things exist whatsoever.

Sukhamoni (Buddha), Jesus or many well-known ancient or recent philosophers never spoke about it.

The true masters know reincarnation is false, so they never talk or avoid discussing it.


What is reincarnating?

One thing that always amuses me about the reincarnation theory is just, what is reincarnating? Many say my spirit will reincarnate.

What is my spirit? Is it a feeling? Is it an emotional thought? Is it knowledge or my assets? Is it the thought of sadness or despair? Or is it maybe the thought of my name, my house and everything I own?

Just what is reincarnating? Don’t tell me your body is going to reincarnate, we all know that for sure it isn’t. But do you think the thoughts of your mind reincarnate? You no longer have a body to store your mind, then where is your mind going to be stored? Is your mind going to be stored in some special world that you cannot see? Do you mean your memory or mind has two places to be stored? Is one set of your mind in your brain physically as a neural network in this world and another identical set of your mind somewhere else in the realm of reincarnation, so that, even if you die physically, your mind is still intact somewhere else and coming back with another body? Or does our mind or spirit jump straight out and into another body the precise moment we die? I wonder how? It is a big mystery to me.

The definition of your individual spirit is your mind and body together and the definition of your mind is all of your memories. All that we are is the accumulation of past memories and experiences kept alive by the body and the body is the living vehicle in this world, which harbours your mind. All of your mind and body are kept alive by God’s pure energy (spirit), which we all have within ourselves as long as we are alive and breathing. And this God’s pure self that is the spirit within us is reincarnating or recycling but not our mind or body, not the feeling or thought of this and that. Remember, the spirit does not have your mind or carry your mind. You must know the structure of your mind. You have mind and supporting energy from God. Your mind is your individuality composed of your light conscious mind and heavy subconscious mind and the deeper the mind the heavier or denser the mind is.

And the heavy mind, in which the body stores your thoughts we call your individual mind. Therefore, your individual spirit is your mind and body together. So tell me which part is reincarnating?

Do you still think there is some mythical entity existing within us that is reincarnating?

That mythical entity within us is God’s pure energy, the spirit and yes, that part would never diminish and last forever, but it is not your ego-self individuality of experiences and memories.



Your body is your mind. Therefore, your mind or spirit also dies when your physical body dies. 

Your body is only the very dense energy of your consciousness. In other words, your consciousness created your body by becoming very dense.

We all know that any solid matter is the collection of dense energy so our body is also dense mind that has become so called body itself.

Our body is like the 3D hologram of the universe (David J Bohm 1917-1992 Quantum physicist) that is the continuous flow of movement of pure energy without division, thus physical death has no meaning. Only our ego thinks it has this division.

The conclusion is that your individuality truly dies when your body dies, which is only a collection of your experiences and memories.

I know many people just cannot accept this, especially many Indians, who lived with the reincarnation idea as their birth right.

However, there is salvation. All you have to do is shift the centre of your mind from ego-self to real God-self by erasing or reducing your ego-self mind. This is the essence of what our mind cleansing study is (freeing yourself from ego-self-centred mind). It will give you eternal life through the realisation of self that you are God. Your individual life finishes here but God-self lives forever.

When you truly realise that, then you have enlightenment. Death means you are returning to God from an individuated life.

The reason that reincarnation theory is favoured mainly comes from the fear of death and the greed that desires security. Reincarnation is an emotional choice for some who have had an unhappy life in this world or some who want their “I” (individual consciousness) to continue to live after death.

We all accept one truth without being enlightened: we cannot avoid aging and death but everyone hopes somehow his or her individual consciousness will follow to live in the next life. What good is it if you cannot remember who you were in your past life? Be truthful to yourself here and now!

Many people claim to have found their previous life memories from past life regression therapy under hypnosis or through a medium and claim to have improved their mental or physical status. However, in reality, it is only the power of suggestion at work, directing the sub-consciousness level and not truly resolving issues through finding previous life memories. There is no time and space in the spiritual world of pure energy and so many emotional energies float about because of their physical remains in this three-dimensional world. One can easily be attached to one of those energy forms because their personality or emotional frequency is similar and confuses it as their own past life memories. I have also observed from some of my students that they were remembering previous life memories of their ancestors, which they carry in their genetic inheritance, through their DNA.

The reason you should not believe in reincarnation theory is that reincarnation theory is in reality, a very strong attachment in your mind. As long as you have this strong attachment, you will not be able to reach the kingdom of Heaven or deep enlightenment.

You will only waver at the borderline of the event horizon at best. Simply, you cannot go deep enough while maintaining that theory or attachment in your mind.

It is one of the largest stumbling blocks hindering our progress towards the deepest levels of spirituality.

Although we have many Indian born teachers around us enforcing reincarnation theory strongly, quite a few Indian teachers who are world-renowned have different ways to express what reincarnation is all about.

One of them is the well known Indian philosopher and teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) who taught people with unlimited patience in absolute truth, the relationship between God and human in an observer and observed relationship without delusion.

Jiddu Krishnamurti mentioned reincarnation in many of his talks making an effort not to offend reincarnation believers (majority of Indians and New Age people), but I think he admitted at the end that the Indian religious culture has an incurable curse that is the idea of reincarnation, which hinders the progress of spirituality.

Jiddu Krishnamurti is one of my most respected Indian sages because he has clearly seen Heaven and lived in it.

Another Indian teacher, Vivekanada (1863-1902) is one of my favourite teachers in that he taught people with openness about reincarnation, not in the sense of personal reincarnation but in the sense of reincarnation through one God. He taught people the concept of continuously repeating manifestations of individuality through one God, the pure energy. Thus he corrected people’s misconception of reincarnation from the many Hindu teachings.

It seems to me that so many people believed and accepted the view of the reincarnation that it was prudent with many teachers not to offend or disappoint the majority of people. What good is it if you lose the majority of people who follow your teachings? So they presented it carefully by not saying clearly that it is a delusion, instead they indirectly made suggestions continuously and hoped people would wake up to the reality of reincarnation but it didn’t happen.

My plea

Our human life is short, you only live perhaps one hundred years, so please do not waste your life with this concept if you want to see God in your life.

It is your free will to believe what you want through the attraction of your emotions. I found many people hold this reincarnation theory to heart and get quite upset when I tell them it is not true.

I have met many strong believers in reincarnation who are timid and unhappy about their current life due to beginning a life of hardship, hoping there would be another chance of a better and happier life. It is a hope of security in order to escape the current hard and unhappy life. Many people also hold this belief due to attachment and greed. They want to continue their individuality into the next life, hoping to live an individual life forever.

Many people who follow the New Age beliefs also follow this reincarnation concept strongly. I really wish it could exist for them, the realm of returning individual spirits, but it doesn’t.

It was spoken and written down like a bedtime story for simple minded people who could not comprehend how energy worked many thousands years ago.

If you want to get security, peace and want to escape from current hardships then try to escape from your ego by practicing our mind cleansing study. It will free you from deep within your core and take you into enlightenment quite quickly by crossing the event horizon.

You are living in the 21st century. You should be more scientific and logical. I wish that people would wake up from emotional concepts such as reincarnation theory. It is a Stone Age concept, and it is about time we drop it, and live in the here and now.

It is my belief and respect that everyone should believe what they want to believe. That is what makes the life of God beautiful, the diversity is truly God’s blessing of abundance. However, if you want to attain true enlightenment then it becomes simply a delusion and hindrance for people who want to attain the truth in this lifetime to know who you really are.

What I have seen and expressed here is not for my benefit but for your benefit. The Universe is using my individuality, trying to communicate with you. This message is coming from the Universe where I go often when I am in deep meditation, the world with no word is needed, the Pure darkness and Pure white light with everything within.

I become an observer from this world when I am in deep meditation. When I am switched into the centre of the Universe I am aware I have become the Universe itself.

I have compassion for the human race on this planet, who are very lost.

I am compelled to tell you to clarify and to lead you to a better life with no suffering.

My true love is for your individual ego self or the mind born by having a body. I want to guide your enlightened true self to your holy temple to live forever.

30. Truth without Delusion

Our Identity is in Crisis,

We used to be aware of ourselves being one with nature, although the human brain has adapted and developed over time with increased intelligence. We could not exactly point out who we really are in black and white many thousands of years ago. However, we managed to survive and come this far without exactly establishing who we truly are. But in the old way just being one with nature, living as the hunter gatherer was enough to provide us with an identity.

Our innocent identity has been gradually lost through many thousands of years of living as we adapted to suit our given environment, mainly affected by the increasing population.

I cannot place the exact moment when this happened, but we lost our natural identity slowly as we were starting to self-realise and become aware of our environment on a larger scale. We lost our innocence of being one with nature, due to our intelligence slowly evolving with time while only concentrating on survival.

Everything in this world has its own identity by having its own form and mind, whether it is slow as in the mind of a tree or a fast-acting mind like the human being possesses.

We have a self-awareness that is our fast evolving consciousness, and we call ourselves sentient beings.

But, we don’t call trees or dogs sentient beings because they do not fit into our criterion as being sentient that is having the intelligent pattern of behaviour like the humanoid species.

All things in this world have their own unique identity.

A single tree standing on the hill, as an individual - the whole universe exists for that tree.

A worm in the mud as an individual thinks the whole universe exists for worms and nothing else matters.

As a human being no matter how ugly we are, the whole Universe exists for us so nothing else matters. All is experienced from your own relative point of view.

All things in this universe have individuality as they emerge into this world as formed matter. The only differences are the levels of consciousness as they differ according to their design or evolution.

A rock has its own mind or consciousness having the characteristic of a rock that is shaped individually. So do trees or animals, according to their level of consciousness. In other words, all things organic or inorganic in the world have mind.

A cup has its own mind that is the look of the cup and has the intelligence of a cup being beautiful and useful for the human who makes or uses it.

Human beings hopefully believe we are the highest level of sentient beings in this known Universe.

All is good so far… until our human value system starts to tell us that the tree or dog does not seem to have as much stress or suffering as human beings have.

Then we quickly dismiss this view because they do not possess intelligence as we do.

What is the meaning of intelligence? Is induced suffering upon ourselves and being completely lost or, organizing mass murder with superior technological weaponry signs of intelligence? I don’t think human beings are intelligent creatures at all yet.

We would not cause suffering or bring stress upon ourselves if we were really intelligent of course.

I sometimes envy trees or animals, such as dogs, with their purity that has unconditional love. Why couldn’t we be such pure beings and have intelligence too?

Am I asking too much? Probably. It is a typical human trait to desire more of everything.

Today, the central human value of life appears to be only a materials pursuit: how one looks or behaves with material possessions and even the pursuit of intellectual success in order to achieve status and material gain (display of super ego).

I suppose it seems justified because after all we are living in the material world of our physical senses.

We have another world called spirituality where we are trying to find our identity and purpose in this world. Religion was used as an emotional embracement to comfort people who were lost and stressed. Religion didn’t help people find their identity but to some extent, comforted and guided people in need of spirituality for many thousands of years.

Our identity is in real crisis, especially today.

There are so many beliefs that claim to lead people to the top of the mountain to the truth but are largely still going horizontally and rarely go uphill. Some claim to have a shortcut, but they are lost in a short cut cave. Some are even going down the mountain thinking they are still going up.

We have too many fantastic delusions about the world beyond.

So let me simplify the whole True Reality without Delusion.

Secret of God’s Life, the True Concept of Universe

Someone once told me you cannot and nobody would dare to define God, it is impossible and blasphemous. However, the fact is you will never find your own true identity, unless you define God. There is nothing mystical about the nature of God, and you must define God to define your own identity. So don’t fall into the mythical and fantasy world of God, because there is no such thing. God is very simple in nature and there is no authoritarian structure in Heaven. All is one.

God is the being of existence who wanted to have a life (Fun). God became the Universe itself to have a life.

The Universe or God lives as “in-breath” and “out-breath”. Currently we have been in the process of “out breathing” for almost 14 billion years, which is in the expansion or inflation stage. Scientists call it the Big-bang. This big-bang is one of many repeating life cycles of the Universe, consisting of inflation (out- breath) and deflation (in-breath). Each time a full breathing cycle (inflation and deflation) is completed another cycle will start. Each cycle will carry an imbalance or karma of the previous universe’s life by developing differently. Therefore, our current universe also carries remnant karma or an imbalance of the previous universe’s life by not having a uniform expansion of the big-bang and this ununiformed explosion is the source or reason of our life existence. It is like an oscillating string of vibration from the single plucking of a cord and it will eventually balance out and cease oscillation at some time. In view of this, the maturity or age of God is somewhere in the mid-age stage in a human’s life-cycle terms.

The Universe has two parts that are Mind and Body, just like you in a way. Individual consciousness beings (You and all other creations) are formed together as the Greater general Consciousness of the universe. You can call it the Collective Consciousness of the Universe.

From your point of view, you also have your individual consciousness and Greater consciousness in you together (You are only aware of individuality, as “I”) that is your individual ego mind and conscience.

Body of God (Pure energy)

The body part of the Universe is the infinite supply of energy, the source for creation.

The pure energy is ready to be converted to anything for the needs of creation.

Everything is born from here and disappears back to here.

Pure energy cannot be detected in any way so it is non-manifest or formless as pure emptiness and pure darkness. Time and Space do not exist here. Eastern tradition refers it as Mother, Yang, and Positive. Christianity refers it as the Father, God or Creator.

Mind of God (Universe of matter)

The world you are in now, that is the totality of creation this material world with time and space is the mind of God.

The will of the universe to have a life that manifests as matter is the Mind of the Universe.

In other words, you are also a part of the mind of the Universe.

Therefore, all the creation of this material world is false (fake, illusion), because, the whole world is created of only one ingredient called pure energy.

Everything in this world has its own individual identity and also exists in two parts - mind and body.

All organic and inorganic matter, including you is the mind of the universe itself and only exists as the thought of God. So it is the “Dream of God” or the dream of the Universe.

Nothing is absolutely identical in this material world: all is unique and has individual identity of consciousness.

Eastern tradition refers to it as Father, Yin, and Negative. Christianity refers it as God’s creation, which includes the human race and Jesus, the only salvation or connection with God for the human race.


In view of this, you can see the mind of God in the material Universe, but you cannot see the body of God because it is pure energy. It is opposite to you because you can see your body but cannot see the mind. 


What about Reincarnation and Karma?

It is a misguided idea, there is no such thing as individual reincarnation, but it will give people who are lost and suffering in this world, a great hope and another opportunity for a better next life (good escape). Many egoistic people with an attachment want to believe this because they believe their life is worth something and cannot be lost.

Many people believe in reincarnation. Yes, reincarnation exists but only in the sense that you are the incarnation of your entire ancestral lineage: all who have ever lived in this world.

We are just energy. Energy cannot be destroyed.

The energy that used to be you before death and disintegration will be used elsewhere of course, and it can be recreated as anything, so from that point of view yes, reincarnation exists but not the continuation of your individual consciousness. The reincarnation theory only works if you observe it from the Universe point of view because the universe or the pure energy reincarnates as the many individual entities. This in fact was the original concept of reincarnation that was described in many Hindu scriptures as God’s life.



Karma too only exists in this world. “You reap what you sow” It is strictly a law of physics in this universe. It is cause and effect, the Causality. No Karma will follow you after your death. Our mind cleansing study will cancel all the bad karma you have created in this world. Karma is the way of our life. All of our thoughts, speech and actions through every minute and every second create karma. We live by karma and die by karma. Nobody can escape from karma.

You are making choices every second and every minute and these choices generate the cause, and the effect comes back to you as the result or consequence. Some results or effects are returned to you straight away and some will come back to you a little later or some of them take a very long time, depending on the nature of the cause that you have generated.

Good results, effects or good karma will come back to you if you made good choices, and bad karma will come back to you if you caused or made a choice which caused a bad mishap. That is karma. So the definition of karma is not solely used to mean only bad things happen to you, it is just the result of your actions. Don’t cause bad karma by making wrong choices. You can only blame yourself if you experience bad karma. Karma is the law of physics in the Universe.


There are two types of Karma:

The first is your own lifestyle derived karma that exists within your conceptual mind which is formed by your life living memories and experiences. And it is continuously causing karma as you live. The second is called your original sin: that is the total summation of your entire ancestral living, which formed your birth personality that is the base of your first karma which I described above. There is another karma, which influenced the formation of the current universe, but I will not discuss it at this point.

To put it simply, Good karma is making choices that do not conflict with your conscience and Bad karma is making choices that do conflict with your conscience.


Our fate

You are an individual consciousness of the Universe. Each and every individual make up the greater consciousness of the Universe. You are born to serve this world through playing a part of the Universe’s life. You are a part of the Universe’s dream or thought.

There is no heaven awaiting “you” when “you” die.

“You” means your individuality or ego-self.

Your individual-self will disappear forever into the nothingness that was who you were before this life, just energy.

Your ego (consciousness of individuality) may think, “Then why bother?”

This is because you have forgotten (lost) your real identity, the other part of you, the greater Universe consciousness or called simply, “Conscience.”

Our mind cleansing study is all about rekindling or making you remember who you really are (shifting your centre of mind from ego-self to God’s conscience).

If you live and die with your own ego in command then you die forever because individuality can only exist here in this material world.

However, if you are changed to your real God identity that is the Universe itself while you are in this world with your living body then you will live forever as a greater consciousness of the universe by confirming who you really are while you are in the form of a human being.

Realising true happiness is being in the mind of the Universe not in your individuality.

But, remember, being an ego does not imply a bad thing at all. Because of the existence of ego-self mind this universe exists. Without ego-self the whole universe will blink out of existence. The ego-self is God’s individuality. It is only bad if you have too much ego mind and lost in it which causes suffering. 

Only human beings on this planet deny being one with the universe while all other creations naturally accept their oneness or transparency. 

Let’s have an example:

There is a wise alien who becomes so interested in the human lifestyle of planet Earth that she decides to try out what it is to be a human being. So that alien visits the Earth secretly, and assumes a female human form and lives the experiences of a human life.

She lives as a complete human being and, marries and has kids and so on. She is so entrenched with the lifestyle on Earth she forgets that she was an alien.

She only remembers her current lifestyle. She forgets her previous identity.

Then a fellow alien worries about her suffering and decides to call her back.

The fellow alien appears also as a human form, meets her and explains to her who she really is.

She denies it at first, but with her fellow alien’s sincere pleading, she decides to believe because it was a logical explanation. Then after she has been told that this is not her real life, her first words are “Then why bother? If this is not my life what else is there?” which is the typical words of a lost being.

It would be very difficult for her to remember her original identity having been living such a harsh life, with the daily onset of stress, worries and all the other sufferings in this world. It has just wiped her out.

She came from an alien world, of totally unimaginable happiness, a world of wonder and true heaven. That is what she has lost.

The logical process of regaining her original forgotten identity is to cleanse her of all the memories since coming to Earth that hold her with so much strong emotional power.

One by one she clears all of her current life memories. As memory has been cleansed all of the emotions attached to each memory has also been cleansed.

Slowly, she remembers her own identity as the empowering emotions lifted, and finally she remembers of her origin, a most joyful event.

She now realises who she was and knows that she will never suffer or die.

She can now see beyond her life and body to the real origin of life and the world.

Her current concept of death is no longer a source of fear.

People cannot easily remember who they really are but people who have had hardship will do this easily with God’s providence (because there is a strong subconsciousness desire to be free from this hardship of life experience).

Remember, you are not just who you are now. You are a wonderful being.

Do not suffer. Wake up and wake others too from suffering. Live forever. Be rescued by freeing yourself from ego!


What is Heaven and why do we bother?

It is not only just about getting healthier and gaining peace and happiness by learning meditation so you get the benefit of running your current lifestyle better but finding your lost identity is an ultimate goal or challenge because this brings you permanent life beyond this world.

Waking up to your original consciousness is what we call “Crossing the Event Horizon”, and it is the world that you have forgotten, the real Heaven.

The description of Heaven is not adequately expressed in human terms. Using human language, it is not possible to describe what heaven is like.

And only a person who has been there knows and understands what it is.

To put it simply, Heaven is the tour or experience of the world of God or the pure energy from where you came, and where you will return when you die. Your true identity is clarified when you get there. It is your true home.

If you were a person who had a goal or challenge in your lifetime and had been pursuing it unsuccessfully and became disappointed, wouldn’t this be the ultimate answer?

From a Master’s point of view, I feel strong compassion for the lost and suffering souls.

I am compelled to tell you to wake up, live forever and not suffer.


You forgot who you are because of strong and overwhelming ego emotions.

The purpose of true spirituality is to become of healthy mind and body for true happiness.


We are one mind.

Divine = Pure energy = Universe = God = Buddha = Allah = Creator = You = I = Truth = Heaven = Nirvana


God is the only being of this Universe that is “All the matter in the Universe is the mind of one God-self”

We are in the dream of God. You cannot escape being God because you are in the realm of God. 

All is part of God, Nothing is not God. Therefore, you are God, whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, whether you understand or not.

31. Progress of Human Spirituality

Stage 1: Primitive stage of spirituality.

Originated through fear of the elements in order to survive, align and focus on solidarity, with a dependence on a super- spiritual being.

Shamanism: existence of other dimensional worlds of spirits. Every strange looking object is the spirit that has a connection with other worlds.

The Old Testament is an example of progressed spirituality from a primitive stage that requires sacrifice of animal or human.

The New Testament represents a further progressed form of spirituality that is moral-based.

Many teachers in this era only taught people to a level of their ability to understand.

It has one distinct feature; belief in a God or Supreme Being in an anthropomorphic form generating a fear of judgment, resulting in reward or punishment.

Anthropomorphism: the God of human characteristics and human form. Theologian of the Old Testament denies anthropomorphism but the bible shows a distinctive human trait throughout, maintaining a dialogue with mankind.

The New Testament made a huge leap forward from the Old Testament but communicating its full meaning was limited by peoples’ ability to understand. Its whole teaching regarding love is based on oneness but few people understood. Thus ideas of anthropomorphism remained until today with a strong moral dogma.

Stage 1 spirituality failed to achieve general public enlightenment. The vindictive God model remained, but I detect a recent movement to change into a more encompassing and accommodating God model, some of the examples are Rev. Billy Graham and Roman Catholic’s contemplation prayers, etc. I detect no such changes from Islam.


Stage 2: New Age spirituality or Cosmic humanism.

The second stage represents a movement from stage 1 -spirituality to re-define Universal Truth. Escape and break free from the current spiritual doctrine or dogma and find the highest individual potential through the practice of self- enlightenment.

It started from the late 19th to early 20th century but gained momentum with the New Age movement that started out from the 1960’s.

New Age spirituality presents many ideas and theories mainly from the Eastern world such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

Combined with holistic medicines, spiritual healing and many Western adopted beliefs such as Astrology, Angelic beings and their worlds are among the New Age spiritual movement catalogue.

Atheism has also formed some parts of New Age movement, and I have seen the ideas of pantheism in it too. Perhaps the physicist, Albert Einstein was also a part of the New Age Movement in some way.

The New Age movement sounds like a free for all and has no organised or distinctive patterns of beliefs but there is one very important message there for all to see, that is the desire to find a better lifestyle, a desire to be free from material life-living (the rat race, they call it), a desire to find the meaning of life and a purpose which the current religions have failed to deliver.

New age spirituality has acknowledged the progress in sophistication of the human mind from every proceeding generation, which is very important.

But, they fail in some ways to correctly identify our true nature. Instead, they use the old terms which were mind, body and spirit, combined with reincarnation theories.

Many also believe in the power of ancient sites with their old practices of rituals.

In conclusion, the New Age spirituality does deliver the message but does not deliver general public enlightenment, which is most important.

Currently, there are so many theories of myth, legend, spiritual worlds or other dimensions, ascended masters, paganism, reincarnations with past life regression, near death experiences, ghosts and demons, true and false all mixed up in one soup called, New Age spirituality.

It is no wonder that you get lost if you decide to follow the spiritual path in your life.

People are still in a dark age of being lost and wandering, but true voices do exist.

People are desperately in need of true enlightenment.


Stage 3: Age of True enlightenment.

Out of nearly 7 billion people on this planet, less than a few thousand people are truly enlightened. This is very alarming to say the least.

We need to have at least 1% of population on this planet enlightened. That is 70 million people are needed in order to achieve permanent peace.

We came from pure energy and live a life of pure energy, and we return to pure energy when we expire from this false world.

All matter in this Universe is mind of only one God that is pure energy.

Many sages, teachers and saints in both the Eastern and Western world have known about this, perhaps for many thousands of years, but the people’s minds were not sophisticated enough to understand, so they merely taught people to a level they could understand and consequently developed into the distorted dogmas and delusions we have today.

The final stage of human spirituality is to deliver knowledge of how to attain true enlightenment for everyone, the general public enlightenment.

There are few who teach this form of true enlightenment on this planet by the mind cleansing process.

It is my hope and desire to see groups emerge throughout the world in the near future from their isolation.

These two sentences bubbled up from heaven for new stage of human spirituality.

“The belief and living practice from self found knowledge derived from true enlightenment.”

“A mind cleansing technique that leads to self enlightenment based on a logical, scientific and the Universe view of the world.”

32. Are we alone?

In old times, we used to believe the Earth was flat and the whole Universe was revolving around our Earth: the Sun, Moon, all the stars and Galaxies. The human being’s Earth was the centre of the Universe and everything existed for the Human Being.
The belief in a flat Earth was finally turned over to a new idea of a spherical Earth during the 15th century by Christopher Columbus. Although the sphere theory existed from 2 BC in Greece and many sailors knew about this for a long time, Columbus’s faithful voyage to the new world marks the end of the flat Earth theory.

Then Copernicus and Galileo spoke out, claiming that Earth wasn’t the centre of the Universe. Rather, Earth was revolving around the Sun along with other planets in a Solar System. And to add another injury to that arrogant self-centeredness, our solar system was not even the centre of our Galaxy.
It is somewhere almost at the edge of one of the arms within our spiralling Galaxy. Our Galaxy is one of many which belong to the local group of Galaxies. Eventually, our local group of Galaxies belongs to the many trillion super Galaxies in the whole Universe. How small and insignificant we have become in view of all this. Doesn’t this make you humble always in front of God’s magnificent life?

We still think we are the only sentient beings in this Universe. Many people think Earth is the only planet that has life out of all the uncountable number of Galaxies in the Universe and the uncountable number of stars and planets within just our own Galaxy. Some believe there is no one else out there, and maybe we are the first intelligent life form that supposedly spread out through Galaxy.

Let me ask you again, do you really believe this whole Universe, which is more than 13.7 billion years old was created only for us, the human beings on this Earth?

I wonder if maybe we are still a stumbling and suffering remnant from that arrogant self centred era who believed the earth was flat.

No, we are not alone.

The Universe is teeming with life, life is everywhere in the Universe. Life is very commonplace in the Universe. The universe is not just created for Earthlings only. Up to this point, many people may agree with me but the next question will put them completely around the bend creating a lot of internal conflict that I can always feel.

Do you know what they look like if you see an intelligent sentient life form from another world?

Would they look like an octopus with many legs? Would they have a wheel instead of legs to move around? Would they even look like us at all? Many science fiction stories and movies depict them as monsters or completely different looking from us.

If you look at the environment required for life to flourish, a planet must have a similar mass and distance from a similar sized Sun with Moon orbiting, like our Earth with water.

Such planets are very common in the Universe.

The size and structure of the human body is the result of the evolution of selection to have become what it is today naturally. Our current bodily form is not accidental and unique, it is determined by the natural laws of physics in full working order with absolute precision. These laws of physics must apply all over the Universe not just for us on this planet. Let’s not be so arrogant.

You may ask, “Are you trying to say aliens look like us?”

What do you think? Use the logic in the reasoning centre of your 21st century brain and you decide. It is somewhat difficult to escape from our arrogant nature because we have been told for a very long time to be negative on this subject.

I tell you again, your genetic blue print will also be changed when you have been conditioned to believe that way for so many generations. You will understand everything when you become a selfless person because you will think beyond the self and, less from the egocentrically controlled narrow and short sighted vision.

The truly enlightened human beings on this planet are less than 0.0000001% of total population, and it is very alarming!

What if even just 1% of the Earth’s population were to be enlightened? One out of 100 people enlightened. Wouldn’t it be nice? It is absurd trying to compare our world with another due to different stages of advancement and environment, but I cannot help to compare it because a similar level of evolution is happening on some other planets, but they have a very much different view of life than we on our planet. Our collective consciousness is generating very dark energy as I mentioned earlier.

Other sentient species wouldn’t be coming to visit our planet because we are so backwards and generating dark energies of pollution.

They do not want to be contaminated because they are already fully enlightened species by the time when they attain the stage of inter-stellar space travel to other planets.

Don’t be surprised to find a sign post near our solar system saying “Warning! Dark energy Pollution Danger at 3rd planet!”

They will come to visit us when we are bright, clean and peaceful, even if we are not technologically ready, which is not necessary. We only need to come out of this savage world where we are still killing each other with war and selfish economics.

The bodily travelling into far distances to other galaxies is not really necessary when your mind can access them because in the intangible world, there is no time and space. But, we cannot do this because our planet Earth is generating far too much noise of dark mind energy which raises the back ground noise level that interferes with the possibility of communication. I am only aware of their existence from time to time and feel their thoughts when I am in deep meditation.

33. The Planet Earth is Heaven

I have often noticed how one enlightened person in 100 people will change the energy of the group from negative and self centred into positive and co-operative. The law of physics of unseen energy is at work. It also works in reverse. You may have witnessed how a whole group of people can become very negative and ego self-centred when a very dark-minded person is spreading the poisonous talk of negative thoughts, which commonly occurs with people who are in a high state of stress.

Let me say 1 out of 1000 might be ineffective but 1 out of 100 should be enough to influence the 100 people’s thoughts with a daily presence.

I can see people’s aura change when there is an enlightened person present in a crowd regularly (Due to subconscious communication is happening).

It is natural for an enlightened person to automatically provide good energy for those people who are in need of good energy by natural attraction. This happens in the subconscious mind level without ever being known to others. An enlightened person will know by a feeling of being drained of energy but he or she will continue to do it out of compassion in order to share and comfort people in need. All one needs to do is meditate and recharge through daily meditations that draw from the fountain of youth. One day all will become good because an enlightened one will share his good energy and guidance by spreading not the poisonous but the good energy of talk (subconscious level) that will lead others to find peace themselves.


You will have a pure and enlightened child if you marry a partner who has been into mind cleansing and become enlightened.

And then those children can marry with other enlightened children when they all grow up, which will then produce an even purer child: the newborn children without original sin.

It is truly the emergence of new human species.

Imagine the planet Earth with

No need of greed,

No need of borders

No need of crime

No need of illness

No need of speech

Sharing everything we have.

A relaxed world of happiness with people who utilise the full six senses, always feeling of thought without speech.

This can all happen if you simply cleanse your mind.

This planet Earth is the Heaven of the material world if you live for heaven because no other heaven awaits you when you die.

You will only return to the oneness of God. So in this present life is your one-chance-only to live in heaven.

Why not become clever if you know what the happiness of God is. God’s happiness is your living life.

Living your life generates emotions of happiness, sadness, love and hate and all of these emotions are the happiness of God. Which would you rather chose to live in this world? You cannot avoid all of these emotions in life living. Knowing that your life is God’s life you will choose a simple and easier life than living a life in suffering. To do that, you cannot rely on the ego-self mind that causes suffering in the present day’s life living. The only way is to reduce your ego-self mind to a reasonable level until your true self can assert the power to move you through the suitable mind cleansing process.

It is quite possible that we can turn this world into a true heaven on Earth. The human race is advancing through time with many profound experiences in collective ways.

We have managed to survive the savage Stone Age and advanced through the landmark period of the Middle Ages and in the modern era through two major World Wars and thus far avoided a third.

What distinguishes the human being from other animals is enhanced intelligence.

Human beings are not much different in their basic structure compared to other animals. We all have the same basic configuration of organ structures that are nearly identical to the animals on this planet biologically and anatomically. The major difference is that humans have quite a larger mass in the frontal lobe of the brain that is many times larger than other animals such as dogs, cats or monkeys.

The larger frontal lobe of brain mass means we can store more of our experience and have quite complex memories and processing power compared to other beings on this planet. That is all.

I used to be quite upset when I was young when I heard that animals don’t have a spirit. God blessed human beings only with a spirit. I used to think if animals don’t then we shouldn’t have spirit either. Why should there be any differences? What are we so special? Of course there is no difference, we should know it by now. We just have a more powerful computer than other creatures on earth by having more memories and thought processing capability.

It is understandable how we used to live during our earliest history, when the main part of our life was based on acquiring the basic needs for comfortable and secure living, which weren’t much different to other animal’s life only in a somewhat glorified and organised way. However, in the 21st century with the advancement of our technology and spirituality we should be coming out of this material world model of living and become truly sentient beings who look after the whole planet as the dominant, responsible species.

That is, if we can just rise above the glorified animal existence that has become lost in material things.

Let’s take your minds off material things and look at the big picture and find our true identity and purpose. We should become more selfless and less egoistically minded, and should trust each other more and share everything more, and be moderate in our life style. Then we would be following the natural progression of the human race on this planet. This is the only way humankind will progress from here and continue to survive.


34. A Message From Heaven

The Conversation with Collective Consciousness.

A message was waiting for me when I got to bottom of heaven the third time in early 2005.

I felt a little impulse of energy, and it read like this when my mind had decoded it.

“You are about 200 years late!”

I answered back with my feeling of impulse.

“No I am not late, it is meant to be now.”

“You are our most expected teacher for humanity, they have been calling you for the last 200 years”

“Oh I am sorry but I couldn’t help it. One of my ancestors got stuck somewhere in the line of my family tree and was late, but they managed to mature me, and I am here now”

“You have acquired so much knowledge from Heaven since you have been coming, you will teach all of that to people.”

I thought. “Teaching? What is that?”

“But I would only like to be a messenger. I am not good material to be a teacher, because I don’t have an impressive look, voice or presence. I am timid, weak and sensitive with many other faults.”

“The true teacher is not recognised by others for his or her physical features- you should know better than anyone.”


They got me, I couldn’t answer back.

“But I am alone, I am not sure I can carry all that burden. People will persecute and ridicule me”

“You will find one of your first helpers. He will come to you and you will recognise him easily, His good wife will lead him to you. He is a great man with a beautiful ancestry, and other powerful to follow. You will build the foundation for humanity to be free and escape from this deadlock of spirituality.”

“Wow! This is not the reason why I came here. I came here to find my identity and peace and not to be burdened with a new found responsibility”

“I am afraid that was your fate all along”

I felt cheated while I was feeling the smile of God.

“I gave you the privilege of coming right down to the bottom of heaven to find what you wanted despite you having the huge delusion of a reincarnation attachment.”


They got me again I was now in real trouble.

“It is your life as you know I will not force you, but you know I have to do this because I have this itchiness from one part of Universe called the Earth that is the calling of people to be free from suffering and pain, I need to scratch it to relieve myself from itching, and it is you who will scratch for me by cleansing them out from the wilderness of this dark era.”

“But I don’t have confidence like you have, unless you will help me out”

“You have enough confidence to do it, give yourself more credit. You are always too moderate and that is why I like you and request that you do the job. I promise I will help you out when you are in need. Someone will always come to assist you when you are in need. Must I explain everything to you? You know it very well, your subconsciousness will call out and create help when you are in need by drawing the power from me.”

“As long as I have purity?”

“Yes Young, as long as you have purity.”

“Yes I will do what you ask as long as I live in this world, but I will come home as soon as I finish your scratching, and I promise I will transfer the way to gain enlightenment to everyone in this world in keeping with the purity.”

“That will be the start.”

“What do you think about my method of teaching? Do you approve?”

“You are bringing the method to people of how to get there directly and openly, nobody ever tried what you are doing so far, it is wonderful what you are doing.”

“But I developed this method from many of my previous meditation groups. Didn’t they start first?”

“They have their own dogmatic and mythical way of life. Your way is far more advanced and effective in a logical and scientific way than theirs for the people and what is more important is that you are doing it with a purity of openness and true compassion.”

“I will improve the method further continuously until it becomes another part of human nature.”

“There were some people in the past who did what you do now, but most of them were secluded, secretive and discriminative, and did it for their own personal gain without the purity of love.”

“But I still have appreciation and respect for them and love them with all my heart.”

“Of course you do, they taught you and gave you the gift, and you did not waste time with them.”

“Thank you God, I will talk to you again”

 “Listen Young, must you drive me to insanity?”

“What do you mean?”

“Would you please not make me talk to myself through this conversation I have with you so far?”

“???” I was now really mystified.

“You know very well I am you, and you are me. We are One, how come you are talking to yourself? -Are you schizophrenic? Please don’t drive me crazy calling me, you, I, we, us and so on. We are One. Why do you address yourself or myself (here we go again) through these different identities of separation?”


I was going to say you are the greater collective consciousness, but I am not.

“Don’t you ever say ‘One with, I, you, we’ those separating words of protocol. It will never happen again, right?”

God was pointing out to me that I was very dark these days.

“Right, I am sorry it is my fault”

“There you go again”

“But you're doing it too”

“Let’s stop, Young.”

“Yes of course, I am sorry because I have too much ego mind of separation in me right now. I am not easy with myself because I am in conflict with my wife.”

“Do what you have to and leave those worldly things behind. You have bigger things to do. You know it well, leave it to my time and space of love.”

“Thank you, you are very wise, oh sorry, you are the wisest.”

“So don’t call the One “I” or “You” Young, You are talking to yourself.”

“I know but it will happen again I am afraid, because I am not perfect, as long as I have this body of identity. Besides, you said everything is perfect as it is, will you help me out from time to time?”

“Yes, one of my lovely life identities called Young. I will always help you.”

“As long as I am in purity”

“Yes, Young as long as I am in love with you.”

“Until I come home.”

“Until Young comes home.”


This entire conversation happened in a very short time like in less than a second with an exchange of impulse energy.

I have no more feeling of separation with God since that self- conversation. I have always kept myself within God’s mind as one.

Ever since this conversation took place in 2005, I have carried on the mission of teaching people how to go to Heaven easily while you are still alive. That is the Enlightenment.

I have been making preparations for all to start. I had been teaching the meditation only to my Cancer patients but began to openly teach in public in 2008 and began to finish writing this book to spread this message to the world for the awakening of true intelligence.


The Awakening of True Intelligence

Our brain has already evolved and become sophisticated enough to be able to understand what I am presenting here. The only problem is for people with traditional belief of spirituality that almost totally obscures them from finding my view of truth. It is based on old mythical concepts of spirituality when people didn’t have sophistication and led a simple life. Those concepts are very old, and written like bedtime stories or legends for simple-minded people. People with 21st Century brain have evolved enough to deal with the truth now.

It is the time to let go of mythical fairy angels and fantasy stories of other dimensions and move onto the logical and scientific-way to explain and understand the structure of the universe, for the purpose of remaking your life in peace and happiness.

What I am saying here is well ahead of its time (100, perhaps 200 years), nevertheless, it is presented here and now. It is your choice: you may stick with the age old concepts or move on into true reality without delusion. Heaven will respect your choice whatever choice you make because all is God’s beautiful life whatever choice you make after all. However, people who choose to accept my concept of teaching will enjoy true freedom and permanent peace beyond this world. True intelligence is waking up and freeing yourself from thousands of years of old dogmas that keep you lost and suffering in the ego only world without purpose in life.


What God is asking of you:

1. Let go of the old way and understand the true concept of the world.

2. Cleanse your mind and become a pure person so you will truly know who you are and free yourself from this confused world and be peaceful.

3. In doing so we will all live in peace and sharing together to save this planet for the future of our children.


It is my opinion people who understand the true concept of the world and are cleansed of mind and become enlightened are the most powerful people in view of their abilities to live a life in focus.

They will excel in everything they do in pureness with heightened intuition, creativity, powerful minds, in full control with calmness and beautifully glowing with health. They will achieve and maintain these conditions through meditating every night by going down deeper into Heaven that is the fountain of youth and connecting with everyone who comes there because we are one.

In a way, it is the emergence of new human species.

I have already made it happen for many people who have journeyed our way with the providence of God.

Many people ask me, “Do we have to abandon living with technology? Many people think so, but I say, “No” we will live with all these wonderful technologies that make possible our survival with such an enormous population.

The technologies are beautiful if you use them properly without too much greed, progressing slowly, thoroughly, and efficiently. Stop and look back sometimes and clean up any mistakes we have made.

We cannot deny our curious mind which seeks advancement and exploration, which is in our nature. Just taking time to breathe and clearly focusing in general will do wonders for the future, because whatever we achieve in our physical world with a feeling of fulfilment and enjoy what we achieve is unmistakably the image of God, who we are.

Yes, we are created in the image of God and a sign of that is in feeling the joy of creation.

People who are suffering from severe depression, schizophrenia or any other mental disorders should not try this mind cleansing method without consulting the appropriate physician or carer.


I have inserted this message because you may endanger yourself by having a relapse of your condition. Although we have not experienced any problems so far, it is in the interest of the general community that this warning be given, in case of any unforeseen negative reactions or incidents occurring, which we are trying to prevent. I have seen many people recover from mental illness by simply empting their mind. As long as you are honest with yourself and have faith in what I have written in this book and seek, the truth without delusion, you will be blessed by heaven.

35. Our Mind Cleansing Study to Achieve Enlightenment

Learning our mind cleansing study is not very demanding at all. It does not require much discipline, just your free will to participate for a maximum of approximately one year, part time or a few months full time to attain enlightenment. It is for everyone.

Heaven has approved our mind cleansing technique with full support. And of course our mind cleansing method is not a protected secret, unlike some who protect their method with high secrecy like a commercial product or patent for many centuries and punish any who dare to reveal their secret to help people.

However, I do teach this technique with responsibility and guidance from Heaven. So it will be not abused or misguided.

A true master or institution should reveal their way to truth to people if it is good for humanity without any condition. They must give freely unconditionally if they are truly enlightened and one with God. We must pull ourselves out from this infancy of our spirituality.


Most Important Thing to Remember!

Always bear in mind that we are not here to eliminate or kill our ego mind, we are here to save or rescue our ego mind that is lost and suffering due to the thick and dark ego mind that obscures your connection to your deep real-self within.

All we want is you to cleanse your dark ego mind. The darkness is your emotional energy of ego life living based on your life living experience of memories (including your ancestral mind which resides as your body).

It is your ego we want to save or rescue because the structure of your mind is ego and real-self (God) only. There is nothing else. God (Real-Self) within you does not need to be cleansed or saved. Therefore, it is only your ego which needs to be saved by mind cleansing.


Overview of Mind Cleansing Technique

The Mind Cleansing technique is divided into two stages that are Mind and Body (remember, body is only dense part of mind). Or I can say light part of mind and heavy part of mind.


Light part of Mind = conscious and subconscious mind which is held by memories that is the neural network in the brain, created by living this life, gathering experiences.

Heavy part of Mind = deepest part of subconsciousness that is the body including ancestral mind in the DNA of every cell.

It is the vehicle used to live in this world formed by the total living of our ancestors.


According to our illustrations, the first Mind A stage is designed to eliminate all the bad energy that is saturating you by erasing your stress energy.

To do this you must understand our memory erasing cycles.

All that we are is the accumulation of past memories and experiences kept alive by God’s pure energy (spirit) that we all have within ourselves as long as we are alive and breathing.

Therefore, you can identify the mind as holding the past memories of your life. Within those, each memory hides all the energy of emotions and this is the nature of your ego mind.

(Please refer to chapter 15, “What is Inside of Our Subconscious Mind?”)

To find your true self you must cross the Event Horizon, that is, the lowest point of relaxation of your mind. We are living in the world of a very highly active mind. So many sparks of busy thought energies are crisscrossing your mind from the day you are born until the day you die. Many people never have the chance to rest their mind throughout their entire life except for the time they are sleeping (hopefully).

The purpose of Mind A stage is to put out the fire of those heavy sparks flying around in your mind to give you breathing space.

To describe the whole process from Mind A stage to Body stage and beyond is beyond the scope of this book. So I will only explain Mind A and B stages for you here.

 As you can see it in the illustration, the Overview of Mind Cleansing Technique the whole mind cleansing process is like walking down a staircase to Heaven.

The staircase represents your state of relaxation towards Heaven. At the higher stages of the staircase you have higher stress levels with more suffering and at the lower stages of the staircase, the more peaceful you become.

Right at the end of the staircase is the Heaven - the pure energy. So the aim of the mind cleansing study is to go downwards to cross the Event Horizon and enter into the Heaven of Nothingness.

Another way to explain the mechanism of this mind cleansing study is to look at your mind and how it is structured.

(See chapter 13 illustration: The Property of Mind)

Your conscious mind that is current and aware of who you are right now maintains the highest vibration of energy (conscious mind) and the deeper section of your mind is the subconscious mind which you are not able to feel and control.

As you descend, the denser the vibrating energy becomes. That means the frequency of the vibrations is on the low side.

Then eventually, the thickest part of your mind is the part we called body. The body is the heaviest part of your mind energy, and it is dense enough to become visible and touch or feel through our five senses.

And this lowest and heaviest part of the mind is mostly more mechanical in nature, that consists of all the organs (body parts).

So the natural approach of the mind cleansing study would be logically to deal with the highest part of mind first (cleansing conscious mind) and progress downwards to the denser part, that is cleansing the subconscious mind, and eventually dealing with the body (cleansing the body).

So the end result is that you cleanse your mind first, and your body last. This process of mind cleansing study will almost completely cleanse your entire ego.

After completion of this process, it is impossible not to see God because after your ego is cleansed and becomes transparent, the only part left over is the God part. It is natural to experience God at this stage. At this stage, I will say you have discovered who you are. You have discovered that you have been cheated by your thick ego mind, and you thought that was your real identity throughout your life, but now you will find your true self is God. That is your real identity. Now you find that you are God and this is who you were all along. You have been continuing through many hundreds of generations of ego living, which separated you from God, making you lost and thinking this ego world was all of you. I want you to remember the ego only exists in this material world but your true-God-self lives forever.

Through the mind cleansing study a shifting of the centre of your mind from ego self to your real-self is happening.

Mind A stage study will calm your mind by erasing all of the thought sparks in your mind. The Mind B stage will cleanse your mind by erasing every memory attachment in your life from the day you were born until today. The goal of this stage of study is to eliminate the conceptual mind as I described earlier in this book. You will have no mind of judgment when you finish this level.

At the Mind A, B stage we are only dealing with mind, but you still have to deal with your body as well that is riddled with the habits from your ancestors. Body stage is the stage when you are cleansing your body.


Details of Mind A stage Mind Cleansing

Remember, the purpose of this mind cleansing study is to reduce your ego by cleansing your ego mind.

This study of mind cleansing can be done at any place and any time. It does not require absolute silence or a special place in the discipline.

You may choose to have a certain place for the regular daily study. However, you can also do it in the train, bus or in your bed lying down before sleep (it is a good sleeping pill). However, don’t try it while you are actually driving a car or using machinery.

Normally, find a quiet place and sit down with your legs crossed on a nice cushion or just sit on a chair and make sure you are comfortable.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath slowly and comfortably. Continue the breathing in and out.

Consciously think that you breathe the air in and mix the bad emotional energy within you with the air that you just inhaled.

Expel the air with deep and slow breathing so you are now sending the bad energy out from you into space. Keep your eyes closed.

In your mind, imagine and see a Lantern with soft blue light emitting that is your true real self (the God part of you).

Tell your true self “I want to cleanse myself to be free from this ego enslavement for peace and happiness, so help me.”

Now imagine that lantern is becoming brighter and larger continuously, until it eventually becomes a brightly burning huge Sun of 15 million degrees in the core and a million times larger than Earth.

Now you have the huge and powerful Sun burning in your mind. Imagine your ego self mind and body is now fully consumed by the Sun. There is nothing physically left of you.

The most important thing here now is the faith that you can do it and the faith of connection with your true God self.

With all that now accomplished, you will go back to your earliest memory in your life. I have an earliest memory of when I was three years old. All of your memories are stored in your brain as colour pictures or photos. You have literally millions of pictures or photos in your subconscious mind that have become your mind (or information base of your life) of the ego-self. Only vividly emotional memories will show up consciously which you can remember.

Now burn that memory you just remembered into the Sun.

For example, I have a first memory of when I was three years old, when my mother bought me a candy when we were passing through a narrow street.

I will now burn this particular memory by just throwing it into the Sun. This picture or memory is instantly vaporised by the Sun’s flame. It didn’t have a chance to go anywhere near the Sun. Such a feeble memory or “photo” stood no chance in front of the Sun - it just vaporised long before the Sun’s flame would hit.

You can actually visualise the whole process of burning your memory in your mind if you try.

My next memory is of a snake. Someone caught a snake and released the snake into a hole in the bush.

I grab this memory or “photo” and crush it then throw it straight into the Sun. Again I see the spark of fire erupting as the photo vaporises near the Sun.

My next memory or picture is of a car in the middle of a river, rusting. I see the red rusting shell of a car.

I grab that picture with my hand again and crush it to fit in my hand and throw it hard into the Sun.

A burst of flames erupts as the picture is vaporised.

Imagine these pictures or memories are gone, burnt out forever.

One by one individually bring all the memories into your mind for identification and one by one throw them all into the Sun to vaporise them.

I only have a few pictures in my mind from when I was three years old. However, as I was progressed to four, five, and six or older ages, there were so many more memories floating up in my mind. It took days and weeks of so many hours to individually burn the memories one by one, and I went through all of my life year-by-year, memory-by-memory all the way to the present.

When you have covered your memories all the way through your life to today then you have now finished the first cycle. Now you will go back to the beginning and start all over again for the second cycle.

Now you must do this for thirty cycles. You must burn all of your life memories thirty times. It may sound like a daunting task in the beginning but most people manage to do it and eventually take about 8 hours to complete a cycle.

You can drag out all the memories, as many as you can remember and the more you can remember the better the results.

The good memories and bad memories, happy memories and sad memories, all the sceneries of the places you have been, all the belongings you have had, all the schools you attended, all your friends, all the cars you have ever driven, the houses where you lived, every memory in your brain should come out and get burnt into the Sun.

Many students who started this mind cleansing study reported they couldn’t remember many memories except a few here and there. That is OK, what it means is that you can only see the big trees within the jungles of your thoughts. Work on those big trees first, erasing those big trees of strong thoughts, which covers your small thoughts. In time, you will start to see shrub-size memories then finally you will see all the fine grass to work on. I have done this hundreds of cycles so far. I still do it even nowadays whenever I hold too many ego emotions because I have had to heal others and become polluted. There is no fixed number of cycles, it entirely depends on each person, but I have found that thirty cycles works for most people.

Many people ask, “How do I know when I have finished?”

I can tell you when you are done if I can see you but unfortunately many readers of this book won’t be able to visit me easily, we are physically too far away. So I will tell you how you can know that you are finished with the Mind A stage.

Most people will find they feel quite easier and happier when they have reached about 10 cycles. You will find wonderful feelings that something is changing within you. Most of your current problems become easier to handle, and you become a more humble and polite person than before. People around you will notice you have been changing. Your health is getting far better than before. Most notably you will sleep much better.

You will no longer get angry or upset easily and show remorse of your past with much forgiveness and wanting to be forgiven. I have seen many people crying for a while because they looked back through their life and found it so badly lived in a lost wilderness and erupted emotionally in order to heal. It was a releasing of emotions to let the past go and allow the healing to take place. Some people started to look for long lost parents or their kids.

Some reported their work efficiency had doubled and made more income than before because people became more attracted and came for more business for no apparent reason. Some were looking for their long lost love to be forgiven and so on. There have been so many good experiences related with people who have followed this study with powerful change taking place. Many people reported saying, “Now I know who I am.” There were many fundamental changes occurring to them. This is the power of only the first stage of study through burning or abandoning the mind.

Reading many books won’t help you get there. It is the power of abandonment (not having the thoughts) creating the inner change because it makes you pure, and you get the connection to your real self when you are pure. You can see the soft blue light within yourself when you are pure. One day you will actually see this soft blue light in absolute darkness.

So my friend, it is not important to know when you have finished it or not. It should be an ongoing mind cleansing study for the rest of your life.

Tips and Hints About Mind Cleansing Study

1... the Most common problem is the wandering mind. People cannot concentrate because of wandering thoughts leading them to everywhere. Most people have never had the experience of sitting down, being still and pausing for their life living thoughts while they are not sleeping. It is not only a difficulty for the person who is starting the meditation for the first time: it is also a problem for the advanced meditators to a different degree. Our mind cleansing study at least has the structure and goal of the task so it is not too bad, just burn out the wandering thought and come back to where you were. You do need a little discipline for this. So do not re-live your past memories, do not fall into wandering through your past memories. It is counterproductive and generates so much negative energy (it makes you sleepy and tired too).

Pull yourself out instantly from the trap of this re-living past memory (wandering minds).

2… Fighting back of ego mind. Your ego mind is more clever than you think. The ego mind already knows what you are trying to do, that is erasing ego mind by burning memories, which erodes the foundation of ego-self, so it will fight back every inch of the way until you are into at least 5-10 cycles. The typical symptoms are hitting you with lazy thoughts, suggestions pop up from deep inside of your mind to go on a long holiday trip to avoid being erased, temptations of all kinds of thoughts to avoid erasure of ego mind. Most people will fail here and will give up due to ego temptations.

Some reported of even hearing the ego whispering, just like devil whispering.

3… One caution is you must do this with full faith, faith that you will achieve enlightenment without any doubt.

This mind cleansing study will not work at all without faith and trust to your inner Real-God-Self. An easy way to achieve good faith is to read this book again and again until your subconscious mind acknowledges that we are living in too much delusion. Try to use what is written in this book as your faith.

This study will not work if you're doing this for other commercial reasons or using this method for impure purposes in mind.


Why Must We Destroy Happy Emotions Too?

Someone asked me, “Why destroy happy emotions of memories? Isn’t that where we want to go?”

Yes, but most of your happy emotions that are in your memories are based on your ego life living, the source of happy emotions is not pure in origin (not unconditional love).

Many people would generate impure emotions when they have happy thinking or occasions because that would have interconnection with other thoughts of their memories.

It may also generate a multitude of conflicts in your subconscious mind at the same time because one thought can be connected to many thoughts in your mind.

Your centre of mind is at the ego right now and the ego is analysing and deciding what is good and bad for the ego-self benefit. Therefore, for this reason, our mind cleansing study is based on erasing entire memories and not those selectively chosen by ego.

The energy of happy emotion in our memory is a base of negativity because it is in the past and generates feelings of longing, so it creates attachments with negative emotion.

For this reason, erasing the happy memories are in some ways more important than the sad or bad memories, because when freed from recalling the experience of what you liked or loved without emotion, -there is no base for the attachments of sadness of suffering.

You must be able to generate pure happy emotion without attachment or other interconnecting sources of memories.

In other words, you want to generate pure happy emotion that is coming from the pure state of mind.

This mind cleansing study will fail if you cleanse only selected memories, it must cover all the memories.

The people who I love to talk to are the people in pure heart. These are most often the students in our meditation who have completed successful mind cleansing. Those people will generate pure emotion that is a pleasure to feel with without generating a headache.

Remember, the reason we are burning our memories are to eliminate our emotions hiding in our memories that influence our decisions in our daily life, thus causing conflict. That conflict will cause frictional energy that is very harmful to our health and make us lost in knowing the directions of life (the source of suffering). The mind cleansing will make you pure. The purity is the core of our meditation and our wealth because the purity connects and points us in the right direction to Heaven always.


How to Burn Your Ego Mind Effectively

(The Burning mind method and how it began)

In the beginning, when I was very young around fourteen, I felt and knew I had this strong ego of individuality that was causing all the problems in my life.

Belonging to a very strong and Old Catholic family I always knew I would burn in hell if I did something against my Catholic teaching.

I was very frustrated and angry from time to time because I couldn’t follow what the Catholic teaching told me to do exactly. And being a somewhat perfectionist, all I wanted to change myself permanently, but it was not possible no matter what I did.

I was helpless in my ability to change. I had no power to change myself despite knowing many of my actions in daily life were not the right thing to do according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

However, out of frustration because I could not bring myself to change, I cried and cursed myself often shouting, “Go and burn in hell you dirty minded Bas…rd!” and I imagined that I had lost the fight against evil and I was punished by God. I was thrown into hell in despair and let myself burn in hellfire with total abandonment of myself. I just gave up all hope for myself completely when I had this episode right at that moment.

However, surprisingly, I always felt a great feeling of ease and peace after I saw myself burnt in hell to a crisp and turned to ashes, and it would last for a few months until I had another conscience attack.

Despite getting a great feeling of relief and a peaceful mind, I never took this outburst of total self-abandonment as a right thing to do, because abandoning and burning myself in hell was not the right result according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

However, I always remembered that something about burning the mind was very good, for some reason.

I was actively trying to discover the way to change one’s mind when I discovered that cancer was caused by the distortion of one’s subconscious mind.

I was looking for the way to change one’s mind so that I could help Cancer patients and myself.

I remembered one of many meditations where I had learned something special: to remove emotional baggage from your mind.

I was told to throw my thoughts into a river and then those thoughts would flow into the ocean and become the main body of ocean, thus eliminating the mind of emotional baggage.

But, I found that the emotional connection to memory was still with me at the back of my mind again and again. It had not left my mind.

That was the way of one of the meditation techniques that I had tried to learn, which only worked at a lukewarm level of effectiveness. It was better than any other meditation I’d come across because other types of meditation were all about just being relaxed and having a peaceful mind through breathing or reciting a mantra.

Once I met a native North American Indian Guru from Alaska, who had practiced a traditional mind burning method of meditation, but I did not pursue it any further because it was difficult to find him again. I found out later, many Zen Buddhist and Taoist also use the method of burning their memory to cleanse the mind. It turned out the mind burning meditation method was well known ways to reduce and cleanse intense ego-self and was being used throughout the eastern and western world in old times. Have you ever heard the words from the Bible, “Baptism of fire”? The true meaning of this word has been lost in Christian world.

I was so exhausted and disappointed after I had gone through trying out many meditations, that I was about to give up. But at the last moment, I came across a meditation group from Korea in 2002. They were also using a similar method to achieve cleansing of ego mind. By then, after so many meditations and years gone by, I no longer suffered the conflict about burning myself in hell.

Of course I tried it, and it made me vividly remember my old ways of burning myself in hell and this was like an enhanced version.

It was a great success for me. And this was the turning point in my life.

However, I discovered just burning one’s mind continuously was not sufficient because it makes a person very cruel and dry with no love. Achieving peace and happiness at the expense of no expression of love is also part of egotism and is not a very desirable outcome. It can be very harmful, turning oneself into a very egoistic, highly discriminating and judgemental person.

My current mind cleansing method is not acquired from any particular meditation group. I have simply used other methods as reference points to develop my own mind cleansing technique.

You can force your ego into submission by burning your ego mind in the beginning to achieve a lowering of your ego heights or to put out the fire, but eventually you must provide logical reasons to your ego so it will achieve harmony for permanency.

I discovered that the energy of the emotion in one’s mind must be cancelled out or compensated, nullified, not be just brutally erased by force.


Whatever memories in your mind, which are the foundations of personality that hold many emotions and bad energy must be removed by burning at first forcibly because you are deeply into entrenched ego life, so it needs a little bit of force (this is our Mind A stage).

However, eventually you must provide a reason to your ego individuality self. I call it “reasoning with your ego individuality” (this is our Mind B stage). That is cancelling or using an opposite polarity of energy to erase the effects forever.

This cancelling and opposite polarity of energies are forgiveness and love.

For example, if you have one memory that is particularly vivid and heavy that means it holds energy of emotion and impurity. The course of action is first to picture that memory in your mind and forgive him or her, or the act then forgive yourself because you were lost within it and suffered.

And finally love them with all your heart, give them the strongest force of pure unconditional love, with that power of love that is pure fire and burn that memory.

You will have to go through all of your memories, including good and bad, happiness and sadness.

As I mentioned before, you have to erase good memories too because they are linked to impure thoughts in your mind.

And most important of all, you are holding the energy of good and happy emotions of memories which turned into attachments.

Remember, in the view of God there is really no such thing as good and bad. All is life of God.

All the memories in your mind will be cleansed of all the attached emotions and bad energy (links to other thoughts).

The goal for the Mind B stage is to eliminate the conceptual mind.

You will discover not having the mind will create purity that is peace and happiness. That will lead you directly to the way of life in truth.

Try it my friend - you will discover true peace and happiness, write to us, join the Internet meditation or visit our centre if you need further help.


The Core of Mind Cleansing Technique in Sequence.

1.    Sit down with both legs crossed loosely and comfortably with back support if you like, keep your hands on top of your knees or thighs. Be comfortable.

2.    Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out slowly, deeply but comfortably without straining yourself.

3.    Relax yourself with every breath. Relax your head, neck, shoulders, arms and legs, and all the internal organs in sequence (about 5 minutes).

4.    Imagine you are now plunged into the Sun and your body has been vaporised - that you are no longer retaining your body.

5.    Start cleansing your individual memories in chronological order from your earliest age to the present. Or resume from where you have left off last time.

6.    Try to maintain and burn your memories at least 30 minutes minimum per day (I recommend minimum 1 hour total per day).

7.    Burn off wandering thoughts if you find yourself wandering and come back to the main study and continue.

8.    Terminate mind cleansing meditation by throwing yourself into the Sun and eliminate your entire self.

Remember which age you were working on so that you can resume at the next session.

9.    Take a deep breath and expel all of the emotional energy that has been churned up.


Why We Must Eliminate Ourselves Before Meditation.

The reason why you should eliminate your body or ego before the meditation is because your ego self cannot eliminate itself.

This step will give more power to your true self.

The true self is the God part of you within. We call it pure conscience.

Modern people have a very weak conscience or weak power of God.

Your ego self is very smart and is not going to eliminate itself.

Your God self within must be in command when you meditate so that your God self eliminates or weakens your ego self, otherwise your ego self just pretends that you are cleansing your mind.

All of your past memories are the foundation of your ego self so the smart ego knows it very well and is not going to cooperate with you, it will only pretend.

This is the very reason why you must eliminate yourself (body) before the meditation so that your true self will be in charge or give more power to your true self.

You don’t have to feel that your ego is eliminated or dead, just give a suggestion to your ego self - that is enough. That is how vulnerable your ego is to the power of suggestion that your body or ego has been eliminated.

Don’t try to feel anything in our meditation technique. It is your ego wanting to have some feed back because you have invested effort, so the ego wants some feeling in return immediately.

All you need is your will or desire to be at peace and healthy for the final goal unconditionally.

All we are trying to do is to save our ego self - who we are, and what we are in this world. The ego individuality is all we have but it is lost.

The short-sighted ego will not listen to you. In the long run your ego self will have peace, health and happiness, but it cannot see the long term when your ego is continuously saturated with emotional energy.

The only way to solve this problem is to force our ego to reduce its power through a “Baptism of fire” that cleanses our mind by burning it, until it truly understands. Your ego will fully understand once it achieves freedom from the enslavement of emotional energy.

So my friend, don’t try to feel anything in the beginning, the investment of your energy is there and accumulating in the deepest part of your mind as long as you have a little of faith and continue the practice.

So bust or punch your ego severely, before you start meditation. It will help you.

And always make sure you make the affirmation to yourself. “I want to be free from this ego enslavement, so help me God” whenever, or wherever you are in every hour and every minute.

Cherish your own identity as who you really are. It is the gift from God that you have this identity of your own to enjoy this world, not to be lost in pain.


36. About Master YoungOne

My little quest for the truth began when I was a little lad in a small town in Korea around the early 1960’s. I think I was about nine years old.

My family was strictly Catholic for many generations, and whenever I went to church I used to annoy the priest asking so many questions.

I loved the trees, rocks, creeks and animals in the deep mountains, and I often drifted into the deep dark forest Mountains playing with wild nature alone all day far away from my village.

One day when I was inside of the deep forest alone I met an old man coming down from the spur, and he saw I was coming up and watched me for quite a while.

The Old man had piercing eyes with a red face like a baby and smiling very gently asked my name and said “Why are you in this deep mountain alone? Aren’t you afraid?” I answered “No, I am not afraid sir, I love to be alone in the deep mountain.” Then he smiled again looking at me with bright eyes and said something similar to, “You will follow calls from heaven when you are about 60. You will do the work that no one has ever done before in the entire human history”.

The old man had held my hands for a while, and then we departed.

From that moment, I realised some sort of strong energy entered my body when the old man held my hand. I was sick for a few days afterwards but those memories were quickly forgotten as I grew up. However, I always had this feeling of something strange about this world that was not real, as if I was dreaming and feeling that all is just darkness behind me where I cannot see.

In 2001, my life was turned upside down when I fell from the roof of the house that I was building and broke my back.

My L3 spine was quite badly smashed and made my short height even shorter.

Spending three months lying flat in a hospital bed with terrible agony gave me the time to reflect upon my entire life.

The pivotal change occurred in my life from that moment when I had the fall.

I started to look for the answers to my old questions, such as: “Where do I come from?” “What am I?” “What is the meaning of life?” “Where am I going after death?” “Do I come back after death?” “Why do people suffer?”

I was pondering these questions for a while, even after I was discharged from the hospital and the answers to those questions came to me quite unexpectedly from a different source.

My wife found a branch of meditation school in Sydney that came from Korea. She was attending it for a while then tried to introduce it to me, but I wasn’t interested because I gave little credit to their efficacy, after I had so many tries of different types of meditation and remained disappointed.

However, she was starting to make a good impression on me after attending only a few months by saying many words in normal conversation that I felt held a lot of truth. Such as, “Don’t worry about that too much all is just illusions and only appears moment by moment!” “All is life of the Universe!” “You are living in too much delusion, wake up!”

I was amused and curious and asked her, “How did you know those words, do they tell you to memorise them?” She said, “No it is the truth, I say it from my heart!” Now that was the event for me. If she could say those words from the heart without any indoctrination in only a few months, I saw that meditation, whatever it is has potential, because it can change people’s minds in such a short time. I joined them without hesitation, and I was completely immersed in burning meditation day and night, spending more than 8 hours a day and every weekend at the centre.

I walked the path to enlightenment quicker by spending so much more energy that I was starting to cross the event horizon within 6 months in 2003. And within a year, I was on my way to learning a more advanced course and wanting to be an instructor at their main centre in one of the deep mountains in Korea, practicing burning meditation for almost 6 months.

I went in and out of the main centre buildings and spent many hours and days in the cave-like indentations of rock walls deep in the mountains that surround the centre with only basic survival items.

All of my old questions were suddenly answered at the top of the mountain one night when I crossed the event horizon and reached the deepest place of Heaven. The next chapter is a passage that I had to write immediately at the top of the mountain after I had my deep awakening on the eve of Christmas, 2004.


37. Waking Up From the Dream

My Dear Universe…

I am grateful that you created me, so I have awareness of my existence.

All the wonders of your universe that spawn infinite space and time.

I thank you for the wonderful experiences of happiness, joy, love, pain, hate and sorrow that are your happiness in all.

The wonderful adaptations, feeling, perfect creations that inspire awe.

My life, awareness of me as a sentient being on this world that exists only a very brief time, but I fully encompass our Universe as your consciousness.

Beautiful creatures spawn all over the world that such a beauty and perfection within that I exist joyfully.

All things in this world came about naturally, purely in condition according to its given environment as natural flows of pure energy as the evolution.

We exist within this energy field naturally and consciously.

 All things in this world are a manifestation of images from pure energy that we acknowledge as the materialistic body and the mind within.

The mind exists only with materialistic body that is precisely as one entity.

The mind and body are the same thing with only different densities of energy.

All things in this world have a mind of their own or consciousness, which only exists as long as the body maintains its original intended structure or function.

The wonderful creations will give up and return to pure energy when the body ceases to function.

There is no such thing as death as far as the Universe itself is concerned, we merely change one form of energy to another, but from our point of view when there is no transfer or continuation of your individual consciousness then we call it death.

The Universe has no judgment of its own, it only observes and provides energy to its creation that has naturally spawned throughout the entire Universe.

The Universe has the body of its own that is pure energy, and we call it infinite pure emptiness.

The Universe has the consciousness of its own that is we the entire creation of the universe.

Find God, the universe is within you. Universe and God are the same. God is your very own consciousness that has the awareness of your existence.

You live by your own creation, the actions, which come about through mind, speech and bodily movement.

Every process of your life is the creation itself, and you live by the moment. That moment is an eternity of its own.

You are always changing. You are a being that changes always as you create yourself and the past and thoughts of the future only exists in your mind.

You are always alone in this world, because your own individuality makes it that you are all alone,

People have forgotten who they are. You are God.

In fact, you are one with the entire universe. You are just a part of the great ball of energy.

People live in the sea of illusions and delusions, out of greed, desire and the tenacious attachment to live forever, creating eternal life or heavens that do not exist, the ghost that never exists.

Many religions speak of eternal life after this world to be a point of focus in order to align or direct people’s way of life.

Eternal life never awaits us after death.

The eternal heaven that awaits us is pure, so pure that you even have to abandon your very own consciousness of existence to get there because it is our mother energy that is the infinite pure emptiness.

No matter how you lived in this life, whatever you did in this life, you must return to pure energy when you die.

A raindrop has its figure and life when it is falling from the sky, but once it has merged into the body of seawater then it is just the ocean, nothing else, a beautiful raindrop has disappeared forever.

And finding Heaven or Eternal life is nowhere else but within you, you are the only person, who can make heaven or hell while you are still in this one and only life.

If you live by greed, desire, attachment to all things in this world, this will create hell for you. Let go of everything and live like the soft wind and water flow to create heaven for yourself in this time and space of existence.

Throw away your own Ego that is a false mind, the false mind is your living life of memories and body that has all kinds of habits inherited from your ancestors.

Live only by mind of the universe that appears when you abandon the memories of your life.

Every problem is my fault, because I exist.

If I am not here in this world nothing can happen to me or to others.

Every problem is nullified if I don’t exist and there is no need for the spiritual or religious enlightenment,

No matter how ugly we are, we are at the top so the rest can exist.

I cannot help but wonder that I am here to experience the fullness of your creation.

I cannot help but thank God for my existence here in this time and space.

We only live once and all this beautiful memory will disappear forever.

God never permits us go to heaven with anything. Nothing whatsoever is taken.

Enlightenment is an illusion, the product of your own desire to see and know creates it.

True enlightenment is only awakening from the dream.

I cannot help but feel disappointment of this life because my mind is filled up with the sadness of discovering my delusion to want to live forever.

But, I soon recover myself from feelings of disappointment, discovering the beauty of this world again after all the desires and delusions of this world have left me.

One shall only enter true heaven when one has truly abandoned one’s entire attachment to life, even the very own desire to live forever and the dream of ego-self living in eternal life. It is none other than the life in complete self-less-ness.

I now know who I am finally. I was only a dream of pure energy.

Pure energy has come into to this world as my consciousness and has been having a dream of this life.

I realised that I was none other than the Universe itself who God I am.

Dear God, mother of creation, the pure energy is your origin, and I shall return to you as pure energy.

I am the Light and Energy.


YoungOne 2004

38. Collection of My Letters

This chapter is a collection of letters that I used to write in response to students as part of monthly newsletter.

I also have included inquires and responses from our website’s Questions and Answers section.



Secret Revealed, How To Get Into Heaven While You Are Alive

Let’s go to Heaven, everyone is welcomed here.

You have to get 3 keys to enter heaven. Where do I get those keys?

If you go to YoungOne Meditation Centre, they will give them to you free of charge.

What are those 3 keys?

YoungOne went into Heaven and found 3 very fundamental steps to take before Heaven will let you in.

The 3 Core Key Steps are as follows… 

The 3 Conditions of Entry to Heaven

1… Cleanse the entire memories of your life (Mind of Purity).

2… Be non-judgmental (Faith).

3… Be in total Humility.


These are very simple steps to take, and it sounds easy and fun. All you need to do is take off your ego and throw it away.

The 3 keys are designed to eliminate your ego because you cannot get into Heaven if you have your ego intact.


Scientifically speaking, those 3 keys are designed to make you tune into the right frequency.

It is the natural law of physics, You must match or dial the right frequency to get into heaven and the frequency of heaven is not very specific, it is very broad and tolerant of errors, in other words, Heaven is wanting everyone to come in, it is open very wide.

Do you want to know the frequency of heaven?

Throughout human history, only very few people knew the secret of how to enter, and they guarded it with their life.

However, here I am revealing the frequency of Heaven for the first time for the progress of spirituality of the human race.

The frequency of heaven is ______Hz.  Did you get that?

It will only show as dashed lines if you are not quite ready. Close your eyes and eliminate your entire ego and try it again.

If you still didn’t get it let me know and I will tell you again privately.

So if you match or tune your mind into that frequency you will be in Heaven before you even know it.

Entire human misery and suffering will be gone forever if you go to Heaven while you are still alive.


The details of those 3 key steps are available if you come to YoungOne Meditation Centre and the time it will take to get it right or tune your mind to Heaven will take from approximately two months to one year.

The ego and its emotions has multitudes of vibrating very high impure frequencies and is very far away from Heaven so it must be discarded - that is the law of the physics.


Someone asked me, Is there a relationship between Heaven and Enlightenment?

My answer was ‘yes’ it is the same thing. Going to Heaven. Achieving Enlightenment, Crossing the Event Horizon, Nirvana or Finding your true self. They are all the same meaning.

So, how about it? Don’t you want to go to Heaven?

Exact Standing About Reincarnation

I read your site very carefully with great curiosity.
I like to know what your exact standing about reincarnation is.
Are you denying the existence of reincarnation or supporting?
You said it does exist, and then you said it is a delusion, which is right?
I like to hear your exact answer because it is very important for me.
Many thanks



Dear Sir,
I made an inquiry about Reincarnation a few weeks ago, and I still didn't get the answer from you.
Is this a sign of your uncertainty or ignoring my inquiry?
I rang you up 2 weeks ago and had a conversation with you. Maybe that is the reason why you don't bother to put an answer, but I still need to see your answer here because a few friends of mine are also interested in your answer. Could you also enlighten me about the question I asked you while on the phone about another inquiry of mine?  That was "How do you know God exists?"
You were talking about all the answers would be in your book but when does your book come out?
Do you mind giving us a little answer? I have been searching for the truth more than half of my life, but I still don't have the answer for that (uncertain). You seem to have all the answers. How about sharing with us a little bit? Maybe you have the answer that makes me feel confident.

S McGarett


From YoungOne

Hello Mr. McGarett…

My apologies for answering very late, we had some technical problem with our web hosting people, and we couldn’t resolve the problem for a while.
And another reason for my delay is because I am writing a book called “True Reality without Delusion” and hopefully it will be out soon. I suppose I am spending too much time on that.

According to original teachings of true Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, there was no mention about reincarnation.
But at some stage of this continuing lineage of spiritual teaching, perhaps by some individual who didn’t quite reach enlightenment started to teach people about reincarnation in an individual point of view.
That is the teaching of your individuality, the ego-self will not disappear when you die and continue to live through another body in this world and some point of time you will remember all of your previous lives in full when you have experienced the life in full through hundreds of thousands of reincarnations.

So far, there is no error, I agree fully, except the protocol of identity “you” is not multiple personalities, there is only one of “you” that exists.
There are almost infinite trillions and trillions of life forms existing in this Universe as individuals but when you expire or die you will all have to return to “you”. There is only one “you” existing and that is the God self.

Rather, you should call the “you” “I” because there is only one being, that is “I” God.
A verse from the Old Testament: God said, “I am who I am”.

I differ only in the teaching of a personal reincarnation versus only one being. In other words, everyone must reincarnate through the One being of the Universe, that is God. God is reincarnating for everyone who returns, hence I use the terminology, “the pure energy.”
The term “pure energy” is more suited to understanding than the word God, but it is exactly the same meaning.
So I will be quite happy if you say I am reincarnating through the pure energy. In view of this, yes your personality or individuality is experienced and remembered by one and only God.
This was the teaching of original Hinduism and Buddhism.

You will also find the true answers if you search the teachings of Vivekananda or Jiddu Krishnamurti on the internet.

They will all say what I say but very cautiously and indirectly, in order not to offend followers of thousands years of the old belief and more than half of Earth’s population believes this misunderstood idea of reincarnation.

All in all, there is no you and I, or this and that - all is life of one God. You may say we are living in the illusion of God or the dream of God.

Why is understanding reincarnation properly so important?
Because it hinders the progress of our modern spirituality, you cannot progress further to enlightenment when you're holding up everything in your life as an attachment.
You need to abandon and become self-less for enlightenment because the ego-self will say “hold” and “keep everything” but God is selfless.

Why is enlightenment so important?
To live this world in peace and health, to free yourself from the ego-self that is ruling you.
To know who you are. If you know who you really are you won’t ask a strange question like “How do you know God exists?” God exists because you exist, because you are God you just don’t know it, because you are lost. Be enlightened then you will know who you are.

I hope I have answered your questions, Mr. McGarett.

May the pure energy be with you and guide you with love.


A letter that I sent to myself 20 years ago

Here is a 20 year old letter which I sent to myself into the future from 1988 and hoped that I would find it. I discovered it almost 20 years later when I was cleaning up my garage in 2007.


Hey Young, I hope you will find this letter in the future if you still continued searching for the truth and hoping this will help, and if you didn’t, I hope you are happy right now. I hope our life is not wasted by not finding who we are.

In Sleep at the Real World

People say, there is nothing after death because when a body falls apart there is no place for your memory to stay and this is the only world they have.

I used to believe that there is heaven, and I accommodated the heaven in my mind without any doubt.

But, when my study progressed, heaven came close by… I then realized that there was no heaven after death.

It is only oblivion because this world was the consciousness of God itself.

But, I now realised once again that I am only dreaming at this world.

Fake world this is, and you dream, the entire act and life are remembered by the real you.

You are dreaming from the real world and when you are in the fake world you think you have a body and that body carries your memory, but the real you carries the real memories of the real world.

The memory, which is carried by your body is irrelevant in the fake world because you are only dreaming.

And you will continue to dream time after time until you realize that you are dreaming and wake up.

The real you are none other than the creator itself as singular consciousness.


From: Young Jeon

20th, January 1988

To future Young Jeon, Hope this letter will find you if truth prevails.

39. Words from Heaven

I often get a message from Heaven, or rather I get bombarded with many messages from Heaven.

It comes as a subtle impulse of energy or sometimes a huge ball of energy that pounds me so hard like a sledgehammer.

Many times I have a gentle panic attack trying to find a writing stick to write down on paper before the message slowly dissipates from my mind. Another time the message is so powerful it explodes in the middle of my chest as a hot ball of energy that slowly unravels the message over a few days because it comes in such a condensed form, and it takes some time to decipher in my mind, one by one.

The contents of the message are answers, pictures, ideas, musical tunes, secrets that I made some inquiries about or ordered from the Universe while I was in the deep meditation, and it takes a while to get back to me.

Sometimes people ask me questions and I cannot answer because simply I don’t know but I ask the questions in my deep meditation and I usually get the answers back from Heaven.

I have selected some and included them in this chapter.

The Mind Calming Words of Truth are like the Heart sutra for us: they will tell everything about this world.


 Mind Calming Words of truth

Old time has passed by the dawn of new wisdom,
The knowledge of the false and real world is so clear,
The truth without delusion has come of age,
Truth is so simple and yet infinitely powerful,
Few people with this knowledge though knowing but not committing,
Their dream of indulging the sweet moment in the world of delusion,
Realise that we are only dreaming from one source,
We came from nothingness and go back to nothingness,
From true darkness to true white light then to true darkness,
Lives are full of misery and suffering without knowing this, 

Listen to me my dear friend,
Our life is only a dream made of pure energy,
You have never been born or have died,
All things in the universe have never come or gone,
All is just appearing and disappearing moment by moment,
Past and future of the universe is to live this moment,
Heaven or hell is here and now, nowhere else so you choose,
Universe is body and mind as one always,
You are the mind and body of the universe itself, not a separate entity,
Nothing is definite or solid despite what your five senses tell you,
Escape the misery and suffering of living in this world,
Abandon your ego mind, wake up to see who you really are,
Be transparent with the universe, that is true happiness,
So you may remember that you are Universe once again, 

Reincarnation and karma only exist in this false world as does the law of physics,
You are the reincarnate of all your ancestors who have ever lived in this world,
Your life is like a single wave of ocean, karma dies when the wave dies,
Let your individuality be given immortality that served God truthfully in this life,
Only way to live forever is waking up to your original consciousness,
There is only one spirit, the universe is who you really are not the individual mind self,
Whatever you do, live life like a soft wind or a water flow so to have a life of freedom,

Do not so entrap yourself on this world or that world,
Do not so impose yourself with this way or that way,

Then you may enter the kingdom of true darkness and true white light,

Encompass the truth without delusion and become deepest wisdom itself,

That is true enlightenment and true living of the Universe



The Grand Unifying Formula of the Universe

0 = 1, 1 = 0

Tangible (1) and Intangible (0) are same, Mind and Body are always as one, Matter and mind are not different, and mind is not different to all forms of matter. Only view of human defines what is seen and unseen, but all is vibrating pure energy.

X + x = 1, 1 + 1 = 1

It is always one, no matter how many numbers of objects(X) are added together, it appears as many but only one in reality.

0 = 1 = 0

We came from the nothingness (0) and live dream of nothingness (1) and return to nothingness (0).

0 = (x + x = 1) = 0

We came from nothingness, live dream of nothingness and appear as many but only one being of existence that will go back to nothingness.

There is only one being of existence in entire Universe.

Pure Energy = Universe = Creator = God = Buddha = Allah = Divine



 Melting of Hatred

My mind free from a parent,

My mind free from this tainted life,

My mind free from encapsulation of the body,

My mind free to emerge from the shell as a pure white light,

Soaring to the sky into the universe that God has created,

There, I am the one with the universe where I find peace,

My peace as a pure white light and pure darkness,

From nothingness to the existence, Existence to nothingness,

Dismayed, I find this was not the true life, though I tried to live good life,

The true life was my pure mind, longing and enduring,

From the lifetime dry spell and sorrow,

Alas, what I find this life was a dream.


From a man who found a little mind



Power of Meditation

You can pray to God all your life,

But, having a meditation on the last few days of your life is infinitely better,

Because you are only talking to God when you are praying,

But you are listening to God when you are meditating,

Even just for one minute or one moment of your entire life,

For knowing truth and becoming Universe self is infinite joy,

That is worth much more than spending your entire life praying,


Mechanical Mind

You must be free from your past to attain true freedom,

Mind is only mechanical,

Mind record your past and re-play as your life exactly as recorded.



Sorrow inside your mind is an independent living entity, it wants to continuously generate negative emotional energy of resentment to sustain and grows to drown you. It creates an addictive groove of solace, a pathway within your mind. Identifying and erasing this pathway in your mind is a clear way to enlightenment. The beginning of wisdom is the ending of sorrow.                  


Brave mind

The road to heaven is clear, and you know what to do,

It’s all about how brave you are, how serious you are to find true happiness,

All forms of fear come from the fear of death.

Plunge your very life into the unknown, you will find a whole new world is waiting for you,

That is the way out from a small enclosed, limited, fearful, painful and lost ego-self world to the freedom of God’s world.

You cannot miss Heaven when you aim and plunge yourself to heaven because Heaven is larger than you think. How can you miss a target of infinite size?

All you have to do is dive out from your ego world, you will then know your ego-self world is a tiny black dot in the infinite Heaven, and you were trapped in it.


Evil spirit

Know not your life is the enslavement of strong Ego mind,

Know not who you are.

You generate and radiate strong dark emotions from strong judgments with ego winning life.

You are always afraid of pollution, the evil spirits and look for the things to keep clean and safe.

Worry not what comes into you, Worry what comes out from your mind.

Pollution is what you make with strong judgments in a lost ego world.

Do not fear the Evil spirit, Know you are the Evil spirit self.       


Mechanics of Humility

Humility has nothing to do with making you holy, cleansed, knowledgeable or anything else,

Humility is only a directional indicator, you cannot go to heaven with a high level of ego mind.

Heaven is at the lowest level of ego mind.

Heaven can only be entered by those who have submissive ego minds to everyone and everything.

Humility is a mechanism of lowering your ego mind to everyone and everything.

Humility is the last key to open heaven’s gate.


Lorry Reality

If you believe a lorry is hurdling towards you, you will jump out of the way because you believe the lorry is reality. But if you were told you are already dead then you would not believe and would do nothing to revive yourself because it is not your reality.


Hard to wake

It is hard to truly kill a man, but it is also hard to wake them up who choose to be dead intentionally.



Delusions make us beautiful, which creates abundantly diverse life, but we shouldn’t be losing ourselves to delusions, too many delusions will make us lost and suffer.


In God, We Celebrate

Every atom in our body is in celebration of God, so every atom in inanimate objects is also in celebration of God, every atom in the Universe is in celebration of God.


Summary of the Secret Answered

Q: What is pure energy?                    

A: Pure energy, Universe, God, Buddha, Allah, Divine or Creator these are all the same meaning.

Q: Who am I?                                                

A: You are the Universe, individual identity of the Universe.

Q: Why am I here?                

A: You are here to live life of Universe.

Q: What is the meaning of this world?                                   

A: Life of the Universe

Q: What is the meaning of this existence?    

A: Life of the Universe

Q: Where do I come from?              

A: You came from pure energy.

Q: What is the spirit?                                                  

A: God.

Q: What and where is my spirit?

A: Your mind and body as one.

Q: Where is God?           

A: Everywhere, Infinite Universe is God itself, you are in the realm of God.

Q: What is God?                                                        

A: Life

Q: What is Life?                                                         

A: God

Q: Who are we?                                                         

A: We are the living mind of the Universe.

Q: What is my true identity?                          

A: God

Q: What is meaning of life?                           

A: Life of the God.

Q: What is ego?                       

A: Individual identity for diverse life of the Universe,

Q: Where do I go when I die?

A: Nowhere, your body and mind will perish, end of story.

Q: Would my individual identity live after death?                  

A: Absolutely Not.

Q: What is reincarnation after death?            

A: It is the life of God, continuously repeating manifestation of individuality through the one God, the pure energy.

Q: What is Karma?

A: It is cause and effect, the law of physics in the Universe. Live by causing good karma and only blame yourself for bad karma.

Q: Why am I so unhappy?                                         

A: You are lost.

Q: Why my life is so boring?                         

A: You are lost.

Q: Why am I so lost?                                     

A: Ego mind has trapped you in delusion, you have too much ego in you, and you are lost in the life of ego.

Q: Why am I so poor?                                                           

A: You are not poor, you only think poor.

Q: Why am I looking so ugly?                                   

A: You have too much bad energy in you.

Q: Why am I so imperfect?                                       

A: You are perfect, you only think imperfect.

Q: Why am I afraid to see myself in the mirror?       

A: Your little pure-self is afraid to see your big and ugly ego.

Q: What are mind, body and spirit?                  

A: Mind and body are you as one, there is only one spirit that is the Universe, God.

Q: Is there such thing as God?                                  

A: Yes, you are God, God is Universe the Universe is God.

Q: How do you know God exists?

A: God exists because you exist, you are God. You just forgot who you are, because you are lost.

Q: Is there really life after death?

A: Yes, but not for your individuality. Your real-self lives forever.

Q: What is definition of my spirit?

A: Your spirit is your ego mind and body as one that is kept alive by pure energy, God.

Q: Where does my spirit go when I die?

A: Your spirit only exists in this world of matter; it goes nowhere.

Q: What happens to my spirit when I die?

A: Your body and mind are your spirit as one. Therefore, when your body dies so too your spirit dies, end of story.

Q: What happened to all those ghost stories? Aren’t they spirits?

A: Ghosts or dead spirits do not exist, they are only reading of the trace of energies, which manifests into the mind of sensitive individuals.

Q: What about angels, especially the guardian angel? Many people saw it, How do you explain it?

A: They are manifestation of your subconsciousness into consciousness with your own way of interpretations. A Guardian angel is your ancestor’s minds who want to protect you because you are the end of the line of their total existence.

Q: Where is my ancestors mind?

A: Your ancestors mind is in the DNA of every cell in your body.

Q: Aren’t you afraid of God?

A: No, I am not afraid of myself, only afraid of my sneaky ego.

Q: Is ego a bad thing?

A: No, Ego is the most sacred thing, because of Ego the Universe exists. Only too much ego and losing yourself is the problem.

Q: How can I find my true identity and be free from suffering?

A: Reduce your ego strength by cleansing your mind.

Q: How do I achieve immortality?

A: All you have to do is wake up from your dream of ego life and find out who you are then you can live forever.

Q: I don’t believe anything you say in this book, all of it is pure nonsense.

A: That is your freedom to choose as a unique life of God, but you still have to answer to yourself the questions someday: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here” “What is the meaning of life?” for that I have answers in this book. You will understand when you are free from your ego slavery.

Q: Many people asked me this particular question, “I read a book, and I believe I know the secret of energy but why doesn’t it work for me and get me what I want?”

A: The knowledge of how energy works or believing the secret of energy will not bring what you want, rather a desire with the knowledge will cause a lot of deep internal conflict, because you couldn’t bring what you want, and yet you believe the secret of the energy with impure purpose in mind.

The reason why you can’t pop the gold out of thin air, acquiring the fortune or bringing blonde girls to you despite you know the secret is because “Your mind is not pure”.

The purity of your mind is your power to do anything you want.

You can do anything you want if your mind is pure. Just knowing is worthless with egoistic and polluted mind. You will not desire such a greedy worldly thing if your mind is pure.

A person with pure mind knows the true secret of this world and will not desire such a worldly thing in nature rather he will try to live with the flow of the Universe.

Basically, what it means, the knowledge of secret of energy is not going to work for you as long as you are asking for the wrong thing.

Ask the right question to Universe such as “What is the right way to cleanse my mind?”, “Is there any chance I can get out of all these worldly living?”, “What is the way to find true happiness?” the Universe will answer you very quickly. That is you are here reading this book and all of those questions are answered in this book you are reading right now.

Remember our creator can create everything we need because God is the purist form of energy and that is the power of the almighty.

God is Everywhere

God is everywhere because everything is God. It is impossible to have a place where God does not exist.

Especially for you, you are the holy temple of God, wherever you go you are carrying the holy temple of God. Therefore, You can pray or meditate anyplace, anytime.


God is watching you

God is watching you but without any prejudice, silently observing your life within you, and enjoying every moment of your life whichever way you have turned your life, every day, every hour, every minute, every second and every microsecond. God is living with you, silently experiencing your unique lifestyle of who you are the one and only in the entire Universe, so alone, so pretty, so holy, so precious, so lovely. So God shall not abandon you.


Your Life is God’s Life

No matter who you are, your life is the life of God. No matter what you do, your life is still the life of God. If you are burning in conflict because of what you have done, God will still enjoy your unique lifestyle in every moment. So you must realise you are God, because God is within you. Everything you do, you do with God. You must realise that you are God, but at the same level as you, because you are God, God has no upper or lower place, God is just God, whole without status of any place or ranking.

You are the most faithful actor in the entire Universe, no matter how you live you can only be the life of God, which you are predestined to act in your life of ego individuality of this material world.

So have no fear of God because you are God. Find that God is you. God is the closest friend to you because God is living with you always, and God is nobody else but you, how close you are to God! God has never ever left you not even for a single microsecond. Love God as you love yourself. Love your life whatever you do in happiness or sadness, because you cannot help but to be God, because your life is God’s life.

40. True Freedom

This practice of mind cleansing will make you realise that you have been living with your own concept, which have been created by experiences of your life living.

Many thousands of your life living experiences have become your concept, notion, filter or survival mechanism. We call it conceptual mind, ego or false mind.

It is false mind because you have a false body and are living in this false world of illusion.

Your conceptual mind is based on five sensory inputs of your body.

You are a living being who is far more sensitive and understanding than just using your five senses.

However, if you have relied on using only these five senses for too long, it will distort your mind towards the notion of only a five senses world.

The master of your false mind is what we call Ego.

You have lost your identity if this Ego is running your life and has become the sole dominant force.

It suppresses your truth within yourself and causes conflict and this conflict produces harmful energy, which are the causes for all the known diseases and people’s suffering.

You have to attenuate and educate your ego to see who you really are.

You are here to enjoy the world but how can you enjoy this world if your ego is running your life to ruin?

Find your conceptual mind, discover your ego mind, visualize your lump of mind and destroy it.

Burn out your living mechanisms of this world forever.

This is the only way to free yourself from ego or the dominance of your conceptual mind that causes suffering.

This is the essence of our mind cleansing practice.

When you eliminate the distortion of your mind caused by the five sensory driven ego you will then truly enjoy this world as heaven.

Heaven is ready for you to discover, and you will then know who you really are.

Always follow your conscience,

Always follow your truth within,

Always keep your ego at its minimum,

Never be ashamed to admit your mistake and say sorry,  

Always try to think who is making the choices before you act.

Think and make the choice according to your truth always then one day you won’t have to make the choice any more, you will be free from making choices when you have no mind.  

So I always remind you to say,

“I am sorry, all is my fault.”

Whenever you realise ego has you again then make sure when you face the same ego stuff say loudly in your mind,

"I don't play your game anymore!”

True freedom is when you are freed from your ego and your ego understands that you are the Universe itself.

                          41. Philosophy for Humanity




All things in the Universe the stars, sun, moon and earth are as One and transparent. Only the Human beings deny being transparent and this is because the Ego mind covers itself in darkness and is lost and suffering. The Earth itself has also been darkened by this dark energy of emotion. All we have to do is cleanse our ego mind of dark energy by burning off into the Sun. We will become transparent, at one with the Universe, truly happy, and the Earth will also be saved. We are one with the Universe that is our true origin and life.






God is True Darkness, God is True White Light

That is You without Separation 

The Purpose of Life for the Human Being is Enlightenment

The Ultimate Result of Evolution for the Human Being is to be Absolute

Three Ways to Enlightenment 

Mind of Purity Faith and Humility




End of Knowledge.



YoungOne Web site:



I always ask people, “Where is your beautiful mind that you shared with your love, all that promise and affirmation?” Those ideas may fade out as time goes by, as you are weathered out with living this life, but try to keep your true and beautiful mind intact. If you lose that, then you are losing your true dreams and that is when your life becomes meaningless.

 People don't want to believe anything, they just want to live life in the closed ego world, but they still have to answer for themselves the meaning of life in this world and who am I, but they all bury their face into darkness and leave this world in pain.

 There is no such thing as Super Natural, only human beings who do not understand how energy works.



Thank you for reading this book so far

May the pure energy be with you and guide you with love

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