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Our General Philosophy is Healthy mind is Healthy body. The Heaven is no-where-else but here, so we do need a healthy body to live in this heaven otherwise it will only be a hell.

 Stress is One biggest killer in modern time, Managing Stress is the key to a healthy mind and body. If you lived in hell for so long you don't even realize that you are in the hell hence suffering continues...

Stress changes people, It hides your own beautiful lovely personality, instead It turns you into generally all similar stress personality that is ugly , angry and negative.

Many people clashes with each other with only stress personalities and causes untold damages in our human relationship and stress brings out any defect or weakness in your inherited gene to full bloom.

If you are physically, psychologically ill or have diagnosed chronic diseases, It is most likely you have the problem with sub-conscious mind. Our meditation method can be a help while you are treated with our Naturopathic medicine. In most cases, you won't even need any medicine once you are deeply into our meditation.

Try our Stress mix (herbal liquid) for the stress related problems, It will manage stress derived problems easily.


Cancer, What causes it? 

Origin of Cancer in terms of modern medicine:

In our body, many thousands of cancer cells appear every day.
The reasons are cosmic rays from space, man-made electromagnetic radio waves and many complex chemicals oxidative damages to the cell by pollution during our metabolic process, which causes cell division error in our DNA of the cell.

All the cells in the human body have their own fixed function and the predetermined life but the cancer cell has little or no regard to those orders in our organisations of the body.


Therefore, many of these cells have almost unlimited and disorganised growth, and it interferes with our organ function directly or indirectly.

Usually, cancer is not the main cause of death, it interferes with other organ functions by pressure, fusion, blockage or destruction, change of blood chemistry and eventually causes a whole system failure that is the main cause of death.

That is why we call cancer is the degenerative disease, it causes a person to suffer for a long time with agonizing life in pain.

To counteract these phenomena, we do have many supervisory protection systems in our body but the main one is our immune system.

Our immune cells and particles go around in and out of our system, it marks and destroys cancer cells so it stops the proliferation and adherence of cancer cells to organ.

Cancer cells adhere to organ and/or proliferate because slowly diminishing ability of the immune system to recognize and suppress cancer cell if these immune systems get weakened or stops for whatever the reason when it is severely compromised.

Sometimes the even immune system itself has no abnormalities (in diagnostic tests) but cancer cells proliferate.

Our modern medical technology has no clear answers for the reason why our immune systems get weaker or stops altogether. 

Cancer would only be like flu to treat lightly if we know why it happens clearly.

I finally got an answer for what is causing the cancer after I have been searching for more than 20 years. 

My findings of origin of cancer and treatment:

I spent time for the cure of cancer in different ways because I recognized that modern medical research has spent an astronomical amount of money to find the cure for cancer and failed for last 60 years.

What I have spent time researching for cancer was a completely different approach, it is called the study of the Quantum Physics, and I don’t believe modern medicine would easily accept it as a valid way of dealing the course of cancer, because it is energy manipulation.


Our research of modern physics has made many amazing discoveries in recent years, if the way it is going, we may soon discover for the complete cure for not only just for the cancer but all the known chronic diseases.


To make long and tedious technical explanations short, my research had approached cancer and other chronic diseases from the energy point of view,

It makes the whole problem so simple and straightforward that anyone can understand the whole theory behind this amazing discovery.

The whole matters in the universe are made of just energy and the cancer is also just a lump of denser energy manifestation. Therefore, all you have to do is cut off the source of cancer energy then cancer will naturally disappear because there is no more supply of energy to cancer or any other chronic diseases,

Inversely, therefore, if you do not stop the supply of cancer energy then naturally cancer will may come back every time despite all the modern care of Surgery, Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy.

What I have developed is the technique to stop or cut off the energy supply to the Cancer.


I have 3 ways of supporting Cancer treatment.

1…. Cleanse your body completely using my natural ways of detoxifying technique (especially heavy metal detox).

2…. Complete change of environment (mentally and physically).

3… Self-visualization healing technique (Meditation) to change and realign your sub-consciousness (Energy manipulation technique).


Above 3 ways of healing was very effective for the road to complete recovery from all known chronic diseases.


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(West meets East, both philosophies combined)

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