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 To make a better understanding of this section. Please read Our Philosophy section before this  

Basic Description of our meditation method
You will have discovered in our philosophy section that our emotional Ego mind is clouding our ability to see and understand who we are.

What is ego mind?

The ego that is your mind and body is the manifestation of God’s life in this world.
Ego mind is your individuality, including your physical body, of which the ego mind is the master.
The ego mind existed as the basic survival instinct based on the necessity for food, clothing and shelter.

These days this basic survival instinct extends much further than just survival: it includes a competitive spirit not only to survive but to do better than others.
There is nothing wrong with having an ego mind, I have no judgment here.
It is only a problem when ego, characterized by unlimited greed, narrow vision, strong attachment and ignorance becomes the sole dominant force running your life because it is controlled by emotional energy.

It brings all kinds of misery, because it does not know where to go and when to stop. In our modern times, many people are living with stress, the main source of which is this unrestrained ego-mind.

Furthermore, the negative emotional energy caused by stress is like another entity living within you that will use all of your resources to survive by creating more emotion.

How do we reduce our ego emotion?

The main task of our meditation is to reduce the strength of our ego mind by eliminating emotional energy entity within your mind using the mind cleansing technique.

You will see the world differently when the emotional energy of ego is sufficiently attenuated. You will be able to detach yourself from your ego and look down on yourself.

Can we transform our ego permanently?

The answer is yes. We do not try to eliminate the ego.
Permanent elimination of the ego means the actual physical death of your body, and we don't want that yet.

After all, our ego minds “I” is born having a body in this world to enjoy this life - that is our purpose.

We should look after our ego, making sure that it is in the right proportion with a pure conscience. We only want a fair deal: not too much ego, a balance between  pure conscience (logical mind of the Universe) and ego.

True intelligence is when our ego learns to co-exist with our conscience. This means true harmony.

If you learn to meditate with us, you will eventually cross the event horizon, where you will be able to enjoy a short moment of the transparent ego world of pure energy, which is the place from where you came.

Many types of meditation exist, but you need one with a permanent transformation and one that suits this busy world.
Few people want to learn meditation if it takes 10 years, 20 years or forever.

Our meditation can lead you to cross the event horizon in 6-12 months. Our meditation centre does not seek for temporary relief of one’s mind.

We don't use chanting, mantras or music. We want true harmony of the mind and body, an enlightened ego, achieved through its unique mind cleansing technique.


Goals of YoungOne Meditation

To become Enlightened. To become truly happy and healthy.



Course Outline
The YoungOne meditation method is divided into three stages:
Mind cleansing stage: Cleansing your mind and belief system.

This stage is to cleanse your mind and eliminate your judgment.
It starts by erasing your personal emotions using the brick meditation technique that is hiding in your memories within your sub-conscious mind. With this cleansed mind, you will further improve by eliminating your judgments (eliminating your belief system or conceptual mind) so that you will become non judgmental.

Body cleansing stage: Cleansing your ancestral mind.

Once your mind has been purified, we will focus on cleansing your thickest part of mind that is your physical body.
This stage is to cleanse your body by realigning your cell's DNA structure to its original blueprint so that you have cleansed and purified your body (body is ancestral mind).

Awakening stage: Crossing the Event Horizon.   

You will be completely cleansed after two stages of cleansing your mind and body, and then we will guide you to the world of pure energy (crossing the Event Horizon, crossing the line of heaven or achieving enlightenment).
The final stage of our meditation will all be up to the individual's effort. Some will reach heaven very quickly, and others will take up to a year to attain enlightenment.
Time to reach and Crossing the Event Horizon, Entering the realm of God, Heaven or Nirvana at your own will anytime and everyday will be different from person to person (due to an ancestral difference). Based on our Mind Cleansing Technique and its experiences, normally requires studying time of about 200-300 hours in total (10 hours a day for 21 days or 2 hours a day for 100-200 days). Everyone who came here practiced our Mind Cleansing Technique has crossed the event horizon (into Astral plane) within a year providing they spend at least 1 hour every day.

The Final outcome of our meditation is to 

See Pure Energy with your own eyes
Rebirth of Ego 
Resurrection of Ego without attachment to this world
(New Ego without conflict)

It is illogical for you to go to heaven when you die if you have never been there
You can find and go to heaven when you die if you have been to heaven while you were alive.

The knowledge is not the power, it is only the conflict,

The true knowledge is you become the act of life that is knowledge itself naturally.

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