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Welcome to YoungOne Meditation

Home of Mind Cleansing Study for True Enlightenment

To Live World in Peaceful Mind with Healthy Body

We are here to complement Buddhism and Christianity with Scientific Knowledge 

What is True enlightenment?
Enlightenment is a state of knowing one’s true identity that is who I am, what I am and the purpose of life. And most importantly, true purpose of the Universe's existence.
A cleansed mind and body will lead you to a realisation that you will attain the supreme freedom, supreme happiness and supreme knowledge.
However, the current spirituality is carried down from old knowledge that was written down for the unsophisticated people of old era which became unacceptable for the modern people who have vastly superior complexity of brain structure that demands the rational and clear explanation.
There are many spiritual paths with old ideas claims to lead you to enlightenment but many of them are leading you into a delusional state with the requirement of enormous amount of time and other sacrifice without any assurance.
To attain True Enlightenment is a very simple and straight forward process, requiring very little time and resources. And you must be able to achieve that without leaving family, friend and the job.
The end result is a healthy body without any diseases, and living with peaceful mind within the society.
An enlightened person is only an observer, do not live in the life of emotional drama and knows he will live forever by becoming one mind with the Universe consciousness that is God.
2500 years ago, the Buddha always used terms entering the Void of Pure Emptiness (Sunyata) for permanent transformation. This same experience we call it Crossing the Event Horizon. 

We at YoungOne Meditation achieves this only in 6 months through special mind and body purification technique.
 It happens to almost everyone who followed our path.

Every student will have a daily event of Crossing the Event Horizon, which is a phenomenon of an individual consciousness is merging with the greater consciousness of the Universe (God).

Through this crossing the event horizon experience every day, every student are cleansed and recharged of life energy directly.
Living in this way, the centre of their consciousness is shifted gradually from an individual to the greater consciousness of God.   
Our true knowledge and technique has never have been introduced before in the entire human history and is the first time ever introduced into humanity on this planet.
Our true knowledge and technique is totally unique and revolutionary. Therefore, it is quite a shock to the people who are in with conventional spirituality. Because our teaching is an original, therefore it is fundamentally different to the knowledge of conventional spirituality.
That is why so many students who had no exposure to conventional spirituality do far better than the people who came from conventional spirituality, because they have no need to change the view of the world.  
So much so, we call ourselves reality study, not spiritual study.
Wake up Mankind! Be Evolved!

How long are you going to live in darkness with greed, conflict and suffering?


Enter the Wheel of Cleansing


To achieve Peaceful Life with glowing Health easy way

Are you ready to Evolve?
We can help you to change your life

Three Worries of Modern People:
Money, Relationship and Health.
We can help you to solve on these issues very easily.

Join the Meditation Class
Come to our regular weekly meditation class at Hornsby Centre or join the regular weekly Internet meditation class using Skype for interactive group meditation

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Are you born with extreme sensitivity, but nobody offered you to develop fully?

We are always evolving.
We are bringing highly evolved human beings into this world like you, but nobody is recognising your ability and offering you to develop fully.
Has your life been in suffering always as the result?
We can help you to COMPLETE your journey.

To achieve stable and solid Out of body State daily.

Our Meditation will transform and take you to the end of human evolution.

 You will be freed from the journey that has started from aeons ago.

It only takes about 6 months to 1 year of weekly guided studying from home to change you for permanent peace and health!


The Book "Truth Without Delusion"
"Instruction Manual for Enlightenment"
Written by Master YoungOne is out now!

Please click on "Read Introductions and book" tab to read the book


A mind cleansing technique that leads to self enlightenment based on a logical, scientific and the Universe view of the world.

The belief and living practice from self found knowledge derived from true enlightenment.

"Centre of Mind Cleansing Study"
For Ego Transformation


In Need of Enlightenment?
Enlightenment is discovering your true identity by a realisation with experience,

Most people come to realise, I or my identity is only within my physical body, which is in confinement with only limited knowledge and ability filled up by family upbringing, tradition and educations. It brings the feeling of insecurities, unhappiness and lostness.
Discovering your true identity will give you infinite peace and happiness beyond this realm of existence.

There is a sad child crying, angry, depressed and scared that you have left behind time, causing endless emotional energy to influence rest of your life.
People say knowledge is power but just knowledge itself is only a source of conflict. The true knowledge is a natural transformation of yourself in living according to the knowledge.

Enlightenment is thought to be only for the chosen people who inherited pure ancestral mind and devoting their entire life for the way of truth, but let me tell you, taking on our path, it is for everyone as long as you are a human being. You too can be an enlightened person easily in very short time.

We will teach you how to cleanse your mind to reduce your ego emotions and guide you to the path of enlightenment for permanent peace and health.

It only takes about 6 months to 1 year of weekly guided studying from home to reach beginning stage of true enlightenment.

Would you not try if this can change your life permanently to live in peace with glowing health?


Three important points about current religion and spirituality

1. Many people think God is a human being like or having human characteristic (Anthropomorphism).
- God is not anything like a human form. God has no gender and formless yet everything. God is a consciousness of the physical Universe.

2. Many people still promoting and teaching the judgement concept of Right and Wrong, Good and Evil which are based on the survival of the fittest, which is the vertical power system that originates from animal instinct.
- Transform your vertical system of pride that rule or submit into a horizontal system of respect, empathy, cooperation, diversity, interdependence, responding instead of reacting, love and compassion.

3. They do not know how to change or transform the people.
- Just threatening, showing the direction or result of good example is not the answer. You must have a logical, scientific, gradual and broadly appealing system of teaching method to transform the people.


Free Seminar:
In our Hornsby Centre: Every Saturday 2 PM.
Internet Seminar on Skype: Every Saturday 4 PM.
Please book for the seminar in advance.

Seminar booking: please send mail to or call us 
Regular Weekly Mind Cleansing Study Classes at Hornsby Centre:

Preparation Class (Level 1):                         Wednesday 7:30 PM
Mind Cleansing Class (Level 2):                    Tuesday 7:30 PM
Ancestral Mind cleansing Class (Level 3):    Friday 7:30 PM
Universe Cleansing Class:                             Saturday 7:00 PM 

All members are welcome to use the Centre for meditation on all hours
From 10 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Sat)
YoungOne Meditation:
Tel: 02 9482 9867 or International +61 2 9482 9867,
Address: Suite 3, 284 Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby, NSW, 2077, Australia.

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